Talk about fantasy, fact and fiction, and things to come…

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Art

Things to come include primarily a post on porn in which I discuss two things…one being my whole “porn is what you make it” statement and an answer to a the question “what are the right reasons for being involved with porn”.   Should be ready to go by tomorrow at some point…ah yes, it is one of those heavily pondered things.

In the meantime, pull up a seat, sit a spell, smoke if you got ’em, and let me spin a yarn  (and please pardon my Southern Appropriation).

As some of you know, I write fiction.  A couple of folk have followed along on some of my seemingly never finished stories…I know Octo liked the one about Det. Richmond…I like that one too…it will get finished some day.  I know a couple of other folk have followed along with the Martell Series, which is long and odd and full of strange and often horrible things, and I know some folk have been waiting for the next installment of the Nadia & Aria series (im)patiently…soon, soon…I will not leave you hanging.  I also have some folk reading a non-fiction bit of silliness that has been fun as hell to write and is invite only, and yeah, more of that to come too. 

But I want to talk about fantasy, fact, and fiction here for a minute.  In the fiction I am working on most here currently, Nadia & Aria…well, there is a lot of violence.  A lot.  Its a supernatural/sci-fi action tale.  Three of main characters are female (nadia, aria, and jax), and they are all similar in some ways, very different in others, but one thing they have in common- to varying degrees- is that they are violent or capable of violence.  There is no sex in it at this point, but violence?  Yeah, in spades.  All three of these women are strong characters with reasons to be violent, but violent they are.  Writing them, for me, is cathartic….but it is fiction.  What they do?  How they act?  Well yeah, I love writing it, I imagine it on a movie screen in my head…but I would never actually condone their behavior…even if they all do have reason to act the way that they do.  Two of them are doing so for survival, even…but would it be something I would ever sanction in real life?  Absolutely not.  Because you know what?  That shit is wrong.

In my longest on-going series of stories, the ones about Martell and that whole crew?  There is some seriously sketchy shit going on, y’all.  Plotting, lying, assasinations, sex, violence, sexual violence, murder, all kinds of unsavory shit.  There are some serious “bad guys”-and gals- in those stories.  Truly sick and evil people.  And yep, because I like a loathesome female villain as much as I like a male one, the sick and evil is spread around equally. 

I also know, or at least truly believe, that if that series was written by a man, people would find it a hell of a lot more disturbing.  It would be assumed that, penned the way they are, that some of the more violent / degrading sexual scenes were things a male writer was getting off on.  Truth be told, some of the more violent /degrading sex scenes I also get off on.  Not the “worst” of them, but some of them?  Yeah.  But they are fiction.  Yes, they are spawned from my imagination and are extreme extensions of my own sexual turn ons and fantasies, but they are not real.  No real humans involved.  And I sure as hell would not want to see things like that occur with real humans.  Hell, half the characters are not even fictional humans.  But writing those things, those characters, those scenes?  For me it is cathartic.  It’s all imaginary and even when erotic, make believe.  It is ugly and harsh, and sure enough, I have an ugly and harsh side.  But the worst of it?  That is where I exercise it- in fiction, sometimes in art- where no one gets hurt.  It’s a release with no expense to anyone else. 

I mean, if I have a shitty day, I love to unwind by signing on to City Of Villains and just run around and have my character kick the crap out of other animated characters and be all badass and evil.  I desire doing that, I have no desire to lace up my spikey asskicking boots, grab a gun, and go do the same thing to real people.  Likewise (to be perfectly vulgar and blunt) when I am in a highly, highly aggressive sexual mood, I can write out a sex scene in the Martell fiction…spend some alone time, rub one out, and smoke a cigarette.  I have no desire to actually go out and do horrible extreme things to a non-consenting person.  Hell, I would not ever want to do half that shit to a consenting person. 

And I think most people who write that way?  There might be some really dark mojo and desires going on there, but the line in the proverbial sand between fiction, fantasy, and fact?  It’s plain as day.

And on that note, I leave you with what I think is a damn sexy drawing, and humm, that in real life, I don’t mind at all so long as the setting is right and permission has been granted.

boob copy

  1. TrinityVA says:

    I mean, if I have a shitty day, I love to unwind by signing on to City Of Villains and just run around and have my character kick the crap out of other animated characters and be all badass and evil. I desire doing that, I have no desire to lace up my spikey asskicking boots, grab a gun, and go do the same thing to real people. Likewise (to be perfectly vulgar and blunt) when I am in a highly, highly aggressive sexual mood, I can write out a sex scene in the Martell fiction…spend some alone time, rub one out, and smoke a cigarette.

    This. Yes.

    My new job involves helping people who really need a lot of aid, and many of them are very needy and not very thankful. I’m fine and patient with it but when I get home I need a break. So… I’m all out of Good by then, y’know?

    I’m one of the good guys until 5. After that… all I want to do is escape. That means enjoying or making aggressive and violent art, exercising as hard as I can to things like this , etc.

    • Ren says:

      Yep. I hear ya. In daily life I have to be a nice normal reasonable person who is considerate and offers basic (if not more than basic) human respect to the people around me. So, after doing this all the time sometimes, you know, I totally don’t want to do that or be that way…and thus, I find outlets for that sort of thing, be they utterly in the realm of fantasy or with consenting informed adults who, hey, are into that.

      As you and I have discussed before…some people “get” this sort of thing, others just don’t…and I think that is just the way it is and no amount of wishing, wanting or explaining in an effort to reach any sense of understanding…well, I just don’t think it will work. I used to really try, and sincerely hoped it would….but I am really beginning to think that just ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Ernest Greene says:

    Oddly, my work requires me to be harshly competitive all day, which may account for why I don’t get much pleasure from any competitive sport or game in my off hours. Which isn”t to say that I have no aggression left over for enterttainment use. It’s just a different kind of aggression from which the competitive element has been removed.

    Other people geting it? I think some will on thier own, eventually, because the ideas are already in their heads. Of course, some will make a semblance of a life out of denying the validity of those ideas for themselves and everyone else. Others will eventually embrace them because they’re too powerful and authentic to reject.

    But most people? The same desires may be present somewhere in there, but they’re never going to dig deep enough to meet that part of themselves.

    Perhaps we’re all better off with the statistical distribution as it is.

  3. ginmar says:

    Did you do that drawing? Wow.

    I’m getting so disgusted with the basic dishonesty going on that I don’t know what to do. To address ND’s comment elsewhere….NObody can speak for all people in this profession, or that, or so forth. It’s not possible.

    • Ren says:

      Yep, the boobie grabbing art is mine. I like drawing naked people. Imagine that? Women however seem to be much easier for me to draw.

      And agree, it is impossible, but I’m pretty much done repeating myself on that one. Not worth the aggro.

  4. octogalore says:

    I do hope the Richmond story gets finished someday!

    Nice drawing — very evocative.

    The kind of fiction I like is much more graphic, raw, violent than anything I would ever do or want to do IRL. It’s definitely cathartic.

    I like, about your fiction, that you have a good balance of alpha and beta for both males and females. Although I don’t think life always imitates art, I do think people pick up patterns from what they read that can have an influence.

  5. winter_lights says:

    You know, I’m almost… maybe the inverse of what you’re describing here.

    With my job, I feel like I’m surrounded by assholes all the time, so in my recreation I tend to want “niceness”.

    On the other hand, during the period of time where I loved my job, my tastes were the same. Still, I can relate to what you’re describing even though I end up somewhere different.

    (And I also play CoX, but even my ‘villain’ characters are heroes as far as the story I’ve given them is concerned. I just can’t come up with villain concepts that I like.)

    I look forward to your “porn is what you make it” post, since I get the feeling it’ll relate to something I’ve been thinking about and trying to come up with a way to explain.

  6. Ernest Greene says:


    First of all, as an editor, let me say my previous post was inexcusably sleep and riddled with typos. I was in a hurry and violataed the cardinal rule of not hitting the button without proofing first. I consider myself self-reproved.

    Now then, on to the question posed.

    Well, I don’t really think of it that way, but if I did, I’d definitely prefer to believe I’d won whatever engagements I’d had that day. Who wouldn’t? But unlike the shark-tank of porn work, my sex life is not a zero-sum situation.

    I’m sure I should have made this clearer, but when it comes to sex, my aggression arises out of entirely different motivations than those powering the competitive struggle in any part of the entertainment business, which overall argues for Darwin’s view that the fittest survive, though fittest at what is hard to define in this context.

    My recreational aggressions are a form of affection accompanied by entirely different emotions. I couldn’t connect with those if I were feeling too distracted by anger, frustration, or even overexhuberance by what happens on the clock.

    Something Nina and I share is a sense of – gasp! – entitlement in this department. We pay a certain price for the career choices we ‘ve made, and I wouldn’t say it’s a small price at that. But as sex professionals, when we decide to clock out, we give ourselves that without allowing interference from the ordinary satisfactions and frustrations of the porn life. We earn the right to do that by what we give at the office.

    TMI I’m sure, but it was a more complicated question than I thought when I frist read it.

    The literal bottom liine is that I win some and I lose some at the office, but at home, both of us win whatever game we play.

  7. Ernest Greene says:

    frist? Damn!

  8. Steve says:


    Thanks for the update to the new URL on your old site. I read and lurk and value your opinions.

    Thanks for being a voice


  9. Bob King says:

    Now, this is the sort of writing I want showing up in my sidebar. 🙂 And lo, it will.

    As for tastes in stories, sex, violence and catharsis – well, I try to be a little careful about that. I’m speaking for myself here, I tend to be suggestible and am strongly influenced by the virtual and actual company I keep, whatever the context.

    So I keep my ethics in my pocket even when I’m playing a game, writing a graphic novel or drawing intentional porn. Besides, if you focus on the ethics – half of the plot is written for you, and that’s the part I hate doing the most. 🙂

    Love the artwork, would like to see more of it. Aside from the boobies, I love your rendering style.

  10. Congratluations for moving to motherfucking WordPress! Welcome to the 21st century!

  11. FaeTeardrop says:

    that pic is beautiful….i had to borrow it for my tumblr….if you don’t mind 🙂 i will delete it if you so require….made doublely sure that it’s credited to you 🙂 this is the link if you want to check it out

  12. Aspasia says:

    No idea why this post didn’t show up in my reader. Strange. Anyway, I still need to read your Martell series if for no other reason than the name. 🙂 Love that House.

    The picture kinda threw me for a second because I couldn’t see what the hell was going on. But THEN I saw the sexy and yeah…nicey nice! Oh and this, “That is where I exercise it- in fiction, sometimes in art- where no one gets hurt. It’s a release with no expense to anyone else”, exactly the reason why we need art and more importantly art without censorship.

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