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Posted: October 31, 2009 in Personal

Am going to go carve pumpkins.

I am going to pass out candy.

I am going to put on a costume and go to a club with Vladimir.

I am going to have fun, and hopefully for a couple of hours forget about what shit heads great sections of humanity can be.

In this thread, which is a long one, the absolutely disgusting has occurred.  SheHasNoName has asserted that porn has caused as many deaths amid women as occurred in the Holocaust.

That’s right.  She is saying porn is responsible things on par with the death of roughly 5.9 million Jews, 2-3 million Soviet P.O.W’s, 1.5 million Romani, 2 million Slavs, 250,000 disabled people, 15,000 homosexuals, and other assorted “impure” peoples.

I asked her to prove this.  Which of course she cannot because it is a flat out no holds barred lie that she used for anti porn dramatic effect figuring that no one would call out the pure vileness of her statement.  Guess what, she was wrong.  And aside from James, that whole lot over there is either letting this slide or supporting her.  Her come back is that proving such things would betray the confidentiality of these (apparently) MILLIONS AND MILLION of women.  And then fucking Laurelin chimes in and basically tut-tuts me for wanting proof of such an utterly wrong accusation. 

This lends me to think these people are not only anti-porn, but anti Jew, anti Soviet POW, anti-Romani, anti-Slav,ableist, homophobic, and anti realizing what a fucking moronic and horrible statement that is.

I do not care how down with the cause or ignorant of history people are.  If you are going to compare pornographers to fucking Nazi’s who killed millions of people you better fucking be able to prove it.  Godwin or no Godwin, that is some seriously fucked up inflammatory shit, and I say that not so much as a woman who is not anti porn, but as one who is Jewish, Slavic, a student of History, and who has relatives still living who know just how horrible the Holocaust was. 

Where is the fucking infamous empathy now? 

And statements like these totally call into question any and every other thing SheHasNoName says in my book.  In fact, they launch her right into disgusting meatsack lying asshole territory for me. 


watchmen_comedian HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh shit.  This is fucking priceless.

I was soooo right.  Anti-porn Radical Feminism is the biggest fucking joke ever.

I mean, check this, you know, from a rad fem anti porner who gets to decide when rape is rape and all and so cares about the women and stuff…

“LOL porn actors and pornographers do not get to define the issues, or set the parameters in any discussion of rape or porn, on my blog. this is not a democracy. and its not a debate.

people who literally depend on the sex industry to survive (and others who exploit it to get rich) are not able to be honest about the negative aspects of the industry. they are not going to bite the hands that feed them. i get that, but their denials and justifications and rationaliations will not be published in this space.”  FactCheckMe

I bet dollars to donuts that the words of someone who works in porn (i.e. me) that were left in comment form there (the second one I made) will not see the light of day? 

Hee. Hehehehehe.  So fucking afraid they are of not being “the only voice”.  So afraid of dissent, or gee, even the words of Other Women that do not fall in line with their own.  So presumptive and terrified of challenge….so, ahem, authoritarian and paternalistic.  Whoops! 

Oh boo hoo, but yet they care about those poor, poor women in porn…except when it suits them not to, then they can actively ignore their lived experiences and words and all.  After all, they must be….liars. 

Now, seriously (or not, these jerks are just too fucking priceless and funny, in a sky is falling stupid way) considering just how wonderful these lovely paragons of sisterhood and woman pride and all treat porn performers who do not sing the right tune, explain to me just why the fuck I should give a rats ass if porn affects them negatively?  I mean, if I do not rate as a human with the same human rights and voice that they seem to think they deserve, why the fuck should I care if they get treated like humans themselves?  What, because I am supposed to be the bigger person here or something?  Guess what?  I’m not.  You treat me like shit, censor my lived experiences, call me a liar, rationalize everything because I am saying shit you do not want to hear because it fucks with your crusade?  Well then, sister, I do not give a fuck what happens to you.  You act like that I am past caring if your boyfriend who watches porn is stupid enough to assume that means anything goes and pressures you to have anal sex.  Yeah, I still think he is an ass…but gee, you could be lying about all that pressure, it might not be your authentic voice, you might be feeling pressure from the rad fem thought collective to talk about just how bad something is (when it isn’t) or make up horrible tales so you can stay in with the group.  You might be deluded and all. 

FFS…oh gee, we care so much about women and pornography….but fuck, you can’t listen to or believe the women who are in it unless they have a horror story.

You people are a fucking joke.

The only reason I bother is because some people are still dumb enough to listen to you.   

Problems with being a skeptic…

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Pornography

I have said before here that like Agent Mulder, I want to believe.


Today I want to, but I am feeling skeptical.   Its one of those things where in context and all, before I take someone at face value and such, I really want some back up, some proof.  I want names named and all.  The where and when and whatnot is over on the current porn threads previously mentioned.  A woman, I presume, has shown up and said she did porn.  Okay, I believe her.  She mentions how she was repeatedly abused while doing so.  Okay, considering how any jerk with a camera can make porn these days I believe that too.  She mentions being locked up, held down, raped repeatedly, and how if she spoke out about it, she was just attacked again-and how all of this happened to her in the mainstream legal porn industry.

Which is where the skeptic comes in.  Its not that I don’t want to or even don’t believe her- but I have some serious questions.  The CA porn industry (which, sorry, is THE legal mainstream industry), what companies?  What producers? Film or Net? Who was responsible for or allowed this  treatement of her?  Who did it?  The reason being if this did happen in mainstream legal porn, well shit, that needs to be called out in order to put a stop to it post haste.  Names need to be named so that other women do not go in to work for these people.  And the argument she makes about how if you are not famous and you say anything you will never work again or will get harmed….well, that may be true for some people at some point- but if you are no longer doing porn…and oddly enough, not famous little old me, I am pretty sure that a great many of the people I know involved in porn, if I were to go to them and say “You know, Director X locked me up, held me down, allowed me to be raped”….they would be all over that bastard like flies on shit because people like him are not only animals- but bad for business. 

So yeah, my initial response is to believe a woman when she says “I was”.  The “mainstream-legal” industry thing complete reared by skeptic gene.  I’m not even now saying I don’t believe, but I need to know more.  Not because I think she is lying about her treatment, persay, but to know if she actually means Mainstream Legal rather than some asshole with a camera. 

And I sure as hell want to ask, but I know I would be skinned alive (theoretically) for asking.  I might anyway.  We’ll see. 


OMG, fluff

Posted: October 28, 2009 in The Funny

As some of you may or may not know, I used to live in Denver, Co.  I moved.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Denver (and not just their football team), however, there are reasons to leave.

This photo was taken by my aunt this morning-in Denver- I say the critter looks like he would not mind leaving Denver either…

IMG_3454It’s 70 here today…

(aka, the anti-christ also comes in pink!)

If I ever write a non-fictional book- that is so going to be the title! 



Posted: October 28, 2009 in Personal

I am up.  Heading to the gym in a few hours with Vladimir to hit a spin class (might as well actually go to at least one before I take the class for a certification in it, right?)  The weather here is complete crap, rainy, cold, generally gross.  Getting some shit done (like laundry, bane of my existance) before I head out for that.  Then later I gotta hit the arts and crafts store for some shit (including, hopefully, a frame for the item that would be, and now is, mine.) Then some artsy type shit will commence…I have things to finish before Halloween and the time is rapidly waning. 

I love Halloween, it is probably my favorite holiday.  I am going out to a club w/ the V man come saturday.  One of us is going to be a Roman, and it’s not me.  I am gonna be snarky even in my halloween costume, because it is just in my nature to be so. 

Other than that, not much goin’ on.

You know what is really a joke?

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Rants

Yep, after a brief respite the blog mascot is back….

watchmen-comedian1And yep, some people surely wonder and speculate about my affection for the Comedian, but I fail to care. 

And yep, sure enough, it is supposed to be the I’m not talking about it subject here but I fail to care about that either. 

I have come to the conclusion that Radical Feminism (not necessarily all radical feminists, but the idea and movement within the feminist movement) is a complete fucking joke.  I’ve read, I’ve listened, I’ve watched, I’ve observed, hell, I’ve even interacted.  Via all that?  Well, there is the conclusion I have come to.

Taking down the men?  They are so not prepared for that.  Making men change?  Why the fuck would they?  Why would anyone on top, in charge, and in power willingly give that up to a group of people who pretty much openly hate them, find them stupid, think of them as animals, and want payback?  There is no benefit there at all.  Considering things said and accusations made against men…why the hell would men suddenly decide “oh, this is a good idea, let’s just turn over the mantle right now?”  And further more, how could men ever expect that radical feminists would treat them like fellow human beings with thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses and all that other good human stuff- you know, as equals- when it seems that within radical feminism- it is impossible to even do that to other women?  Women, who are “fun” feminists or not feminist at all or just somehow are not down with the plan often get treated like shit.  They can be treated in an aggressive manner, or a passive aggressive manner, or subject to ageist/classist/elitist bullshit, or just get patted on the head and told they are not smart or deep or aware enough, they can be told to examine…then examine some more, then examine once again just to make sure.  They can get called sick, or demented, or vile, or treacherous, or all kinds of other things and treated like crap….but then there,there, Radical Feminism is all about women and hearing and caring and doing for them.

Except the ones who can be mocked and ignored.

What a fucking joke.

And sometimes I wonder if the thought that Radical Feminism is so widely unpopular amid both men and many, many women is not because non-believers are stupid or unaware or just not whatever enough but because those people, especially the women, see straight through the crap and spot another way of shoving shit down peoples throats standing right in front of them?  It might be wrapped in different packaging, but strip that away and it is all the same. 

At least now I can sit back and laugh.




Posted: October 28, 2009 in Humans, Pornography

So very, very wrong.  Now granted, I am not a man or a feminist, so this isn’t to me, it’s just about people like me…you know, cause apparently we cannot read or anything like that…

One, pretty sure this gal has never been on a porn set.  Two, where the fuck does she get off saying there is no “real” consent out of women like me, and we’re all being raped, all the time?  WOOHOO two fucking points for some fine feminist dehumanization and othering there!  Also extra bonus points for doing the Gail Dines move of assuming to know the thoughts and feelings of performers in porn without ever talking to them. 

I even said I was done with this shit, but you know, I just can’t be.  I can’t have the PERSONHOOD of people in porn erased by a bunch of fucking moral know it all crusaders who think they know best, no matter their political bent. 

So then, Femonade Gal…tell you what….why don’t you come here and tell me all about how I’ve been raped, and how many times, because I do porn….especially when I say “No, I haven’t been.  Ever.” 

People like her so piss me off.



Posted: October 27, 2009 in Humans, Pornography, Sex

Okay, there are two now.   The second one I read this morning after making my Oh FFS post about the night my dude friends living room became Sparta and you what, I’ll admit it… I laughed.  And not in a ha-ha funny way but in a “wow, I obviously live on a totally different planet than these women live on” way. 

I have come to the conclusion that such things must be absolutely true.  I am not sure which is planet earth or whatnot, but yep, totally different planets.  Granted, most of these women would prolly not be in a dudes living room when it turned into Sparta, or in some cases, at all, but hey, stick with me here…

I’ve never been quiet or shy about my thought that sex and aggression can be linked, to varying degrees, with some people.  Some a lot more than others.  I fall into the “more often than not” category.  I tend to view sex as a sweaty, physical, primal, visceral thing  (not “dirty”, but certainly all those words I just mentioned).  I tend to think it is best when it is aggressive.  I dig that.  And my like of that sort of thing is notable and prevalent in any form of pornographic/erotic material I make; be it art, fictional writing, or yep, good old porn.  The “vs” theme is rampant.   But you know…

I don’t always see or have the female as the one who is defeated?  I rather like things to be a win/win situation in that regard.  Now, if you are of the mindset (as many of the women over there seem to be) that whoever ends up with a penis in them is the person who lost….well then…I am not sure what to tell you.  If one views that as a sure sign of defeat….well, then we really, really are not from the same planet.  I am sort of in the mindset that if the objective of the “fight” was sex, then the penis in them part actually is a sign of victory since well, that was part of the point in the end- to have sex (the het PiV kind, which is well, what I like, so what I put forth in my erotic/porny things).    Hell, I mean anyone who has ever read the Martell stuff…shit, just because she often ends up with a penis in her, Zero is hardly an oft-defeated little victim now, is she? 

And since I have determined that I am not from the same planet as these women, I will add the following.  In all the “horrific” things mentioned over there where the women are so obviously just being defeated…dp, gangbangs, gagging…whatever….well, it is evident that the thought that no woman could ever welcome or enjoy that sort of a physical challenge is the rule of the day.  No thought that a woman, after having engaged in all that, might stand up, smirk, and say “You threw your best at me and I am still standing whilst you all are sucking wind with cramps and just want to go to sleep.”  Endurance factors in not at all when considering victory in “versus”.  Outwit and Outlast are apparently reserved only for “Survivor”.   And me, I guess, but hey, it is obvious I am not from the same planet. 

Then again, in their defence, these women so alien unto me….well, one of the things the Patriarchy-as it were- has thrown at women for a long time is they are not supposed to be aggressive or competitive, especially with men.  When it comes to that- well, I think a certain Tool There Of has done far better in shaking off that message Than Various Others Have.   I’ll be aggressive and competitive with whomever I like so long as they consent to it, thanks.

And yeah, I do think it is hot.  Even when I don’t “win”….I still win. 

But of course there is no possible way any other woman out there could ever agree with me on that, right?