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Hugo has a post up, ten things men should know by the time they are 30.  I’m meaner than him.  So here we have it….10 things women should know by the time they are 30- Ren Version…

10:  Unless you can beat the holy living fuck out of the male of the speices or you  gave birth to a male of the speices, never expect they will ever actually respect you in a manner you wish to be respected or treat you equal in a manner you wish to be treated equal.

9:  Women cannot have male friends unless they have women in their lives they actually love and love them back.

8:  It doesn’t matter what you look like, you will always find one thing- at least- about your appearance to hate, and that shit will drive you insane, so take time to look at the things you do like about your appearance.

7:  Diamonds are not a girls best friend, firearms are.

6:  If you cannot change a tire, you are a fucking failure at life even if you have a PhD and while someone might come save you..really?  A tire?  Such things should be mandatory in highschool so learn and teach your sisters!

5:  Live up to no ones expectations but your own, whatever they might be.

4:  Everyone has regrets, do not let yours become your rulers.

3:  Always have three plans for everything, two you can share, one you keep all your own, after all, if the shit hits the fan, that plan may be all you’ve got.

2:   Everyone deserves some happy good and fun, even you.  Never think otherwise.

1:  Its brains and iron that get you through life.  Other things might get you to 30, so cultivate the first two before you get there.

As you may or may not know, I love this show.  A lot.  Now, it seems out there, everywhere from blog world to itself, people have a lot of opinions on the show.  Some love it, some love and hate it, some love to hate it, some hate to love it, and some just hate it (and to them I really kinda wanna say, if ya hate the dang show, why watch it?).  As I type season two is drawing to a close, two episodes left, and they promise to be…intense, and we as viewers have learned that in this show?  No one is safe.  Thus far into season two, they have killed off two main cast characters, one a young girl (Sophia) and one an older man (Dale) who more or less functioned as the (often over protective) voice of humanity amid the remaining group of survivors.

And while in Season One the story was more about the group of survivors defending themselves from the Walkers (zombies!), in this season they really went where I was hoping they would go and have started to really dig into some good stuff- the fact that other humans, other survivors, just might be (and probably are) more dangerous to the group than the zombies are.  Oh hell yeah…because that shit right there?  That’s the good shit…and when the Zombie Apocalypse Comes, I reckon it’s not me and my Zombie legions you’re gonna have to worry about…okay, I lie, yes you will have to worry about the Zombie Legions….but the bigger, meaner, nastier, more horrifying threat and danger would undoubtedly be…Other People.  After all, a Zombie is just going to make you a zombie or eat you if it can get to you, other humans? Especially desperate ones running around looking for supplies, shelter, and god only knows what else after the collapse of civilization?  Oh boy…far more creative, driven, and dangerous…and they can think, plot and plan, unlike a zombie!  So yes, I personally am thrilled that in Season Two, that threat is being addressed, and promises to provide plot and tension as the show goes on…after all, the Title of the Show (and comic), the Walking Dead?  It doesn’t refer to the zombies, it refers to the survivors…

I also know a lot of folk have been disappointed in the lack of action this season.  You know what?  While I love action and guns and zombie carnage and all that stuff as much as the next person…I also like the plot and character development and interaction between the characters.  Yes, some of it has gotten old for me, like Andrea and Dale’s angst, or the Shane, Laurie, Rick love triangle…but other stuff?  Like how Carol is an actual character now, and the Glenn/ Maggie story line, or the conversations between Group Leader Rick and Farm Owner/Man of God Hershel?  Or the night and day personality swings of Daryl?  Good Stuff IMHO.  Heck, the knock down drag out fight between Shane and Rick in S2E11 and the argument about roles between Laurie and Andrea in the same episode?  Good stuff!  And Karl?  Holy crap…Karl, son of Rick and Laurie, the young boy who nearly dies early on in  the season, who Otis got sacfricied to save, who Shane, Rick and everyone are so heavily influenced by, what, with keeping him safe and tending to his well  being?  Oh man that kid is state of crisis boy, and has now learned that fucking up and acting…like a kid…in zombie world?  That shit gets people killed!  This is good stuff!  The group being torn about What to Do with Randal is good stuff (though I will admit that after he admitted to Daryl what the group he was coming from was like –i.e. scary humans- I wanted Daryl to beat him to death with his bare hands- and I for one think Randal participated just like everyone else in his crew and tried to lie to Daryl so as not to get beaten to death), but yeah, this is good plot IMHO.  This, as much as the action and guns and zombie carnage makes the show good, and its important to the show in order to make it good.

And I know folk, me included, sometimes get honestly frustrated at some of the stupid shit the characters do on the show- making poor decisions that leave them in danger, not handling things that left unhandled end up biting them in the ass (I suspect not handling Randal will be one such decision), not being on guard and ready for full out assault  (from zombies and other people) at all times….and yeah, this frustrates me too.  There are times I find myself yelling at the characters while I am watching.  “Just leave him there, Rick!”, “Dale, what the hell are you doing walking out there all alone?”  “Glenn, get outta the well!”, “Hershel, barn full of walkers is a bad thing!”  But all that said, and something I think I ponder when watching this show that I guess others who watch do not is…well, well, these characters?  They are humans.  They make mistakes.  They, even in the Zombie Apocalypse, have some morals and hard decisions? Well, hard decisions are hard.  They also are dealing with high stress issues, like, oh, your kid getting shot, or turned into a zombie, the deaths of their families, lack of food, sleep, and other shit we all take for granted.  Even the hard asses like Shane and Daryl have these issues.  Shane did not want to shoot Otis, he had too.  Rick, Glenn and Hershel did not what to kill those guys at the bar, they had too.  Daryl was holding out hope Sophia was alive and went out and nearly died trying to find her.  For us watching its easy to say what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong…thankfully none of us are in places like they are where it might not be so clear as to what makes sense.  I think people also forget that the majority of the characters were in no way prepared for this.  Sure, Rick and Shane are cops…from a small town Georgia Sheriff’s Dept.  Daryl Dixon- who does on almost all levels seem to be the most capable character, has a ton of hunting and survival skills (and apparently interrogation skills as well), but he is a rather poorly socialized, awkward occasional drug user as well.  The others?  Let’s see, housewives, a lawyer, a kid, a pizza delivery guy, a vet, some farmers, a retired guy, and well, they’ve never said what T-Dog did for a living, so…not military guys and gals, not doctors, not engineers, not Doomsday Prepper sorts…just….people.  Hell, they are lucky in that they have two guys who are good with guns (Rick & Shane), a guy who is fast and sneaky (Glenn), an almost doctor (Hershel), a guy who is an ass kicker with survival skills (Daryl), a skilled horsewoman who ain’t to shabby with a baseball bat (Maggie) and a place with food and water (the farm).  Oh yeah, and they just lost their second mechanic (Dale).  And they have people who do want to learn to survive better!  Such as Andrea, Karl, Maggie, Glenn, so on.  To me, this actually makes the show better.  I mean, if I wanna see folk who are like “oh, zombie apocalypse, we’re good and know how to handle everything”, well, I can play/watch “Resident Evil” or laugh my ass off to “Zombieland”.

So yeah, I do love this show, even when the characters are idiots.  Because the show is about the people, not the Zombies…and people fuck up and do dumb shit sometimes.  I’m just real glad Andrea didn’t kill Daryl, and Glenn made it out of the well alive!  And, okay, Shane may be a dick, but maybe people should listen to him on occasion…

*I also like Talking Dead, the talk show on after Walking Dead…its fun when they have the cast members on…funny stuff IMHO.

(And check out this picture of Hershel…I also love this show visually, look at the signs on the bar wall there framing him while he is holding the gun…see, I notice shit like that…)



i post a lot with music…but here is a band I admit to liking, so sue me…had some life shit as of this week that made me realize TODAY, is the FIRST DAY, of the rest of my life, and I kinda like the weather….

Enjoy, even if you don’t really like the band/music, grok the message! (yes I know there is a 1985 version by sly fox, which I also like, but…this one is..angrier)

hell yeah!

and yes its me, and yes any art in it i drew and yes the six armed Kali naga drawing is my back tattoo and yes, i  did make her look scrawny like me!!!!  And yes, I look vastly different with red, black and blonde hair… blonde bad, red or black okay, even black and pink and white dreads!  And do not ask about my Agent Smith obsession, just…don’t!


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nah, it ain’t another dog poo post….

Okay, so Hugo writes something over at Good Man Project.  Ren reads  (I can read you know! I can also annoyingly refer to myself in the third person!)  I think he kinda over does it, cause frankly, I’ve never found someone saying “hey” to me on the street- even if they are male- akin to a rape threat or harassment, but I’ve never been raped.  Some fella following me for a block being creepy?  Totally different…but you know, that’s not a daily occurrence, saying “hello” is.  Anyway, discussion ensues, some of it laughable, and since I went to bed early then woke up like two hours later and wasn’t able to fall back asleep, I laughed…

But yeah, I then prolly stepped in it in the comments too because I apparently failed PC101.  I just can’t help myself sometimes, it happens.  But see, I am sorta of the mind that if someone has been harmed in some way by a person who is in some way other, be it a woman who was raped by a man or a person who was mugged or otherwise harmed by a person of another race….its natural to assume for awhile, they just might be paranoid/afraid of/ made nervous by…well, folk similar to the person who harmed them, even if those similar folk had nothing to do with it.  I think that is something that logic and rationale aside happens.  Fear is a powerful and fucked up thing…and assuming it only applies in some cases, like a woman being afraid, ect., around or of men, plural, after being assaulted by one of them is just…asinine.

For instance, and I will admit it outright, once upon a time I was physically assaulted by a male person who was a different race than me.  Not sexually, not even very successfully, but yeah, assaulted.  And there for awhile afterwards, because the incident was scary for me, well, folk who looked like/reminded me of this guy made me nervous and I was afraid of/cautious around them.  Was that their fault?  Hell no, they weren’t the guy!  But still…its how it was for me for a while after the incident.  That knee jerk fear of folk who reminded me of that guy went away, but gee, you know, I did have it there for a bit.

Was it wrong of me to feel like that? Well, logically and rationally, it prolly was…after all, I was reacting oddly/paranoid of folk who had done nothing to me for reasons as simple and beyond their control as a resemblance to someone who had wronged me.  But fear and such are not logical, rational things….and saying in some cases (woman who was raped by man) its okay and justified and in other cases (person mugged/harmed by person of another race) it isn’t…

Well, I call bullshit…PC or not.

Guess I need to go clean my boots.

or, well, that I have learned in my 40 years on this planet….

The Denver Broncos actually are trying to kill all their fans via OT inspired cardiac arrest….
“My Name is Earl” really is pretty funny…
Some chicks dig .45’s
It is entirely possible to sew up annoying heavily bleeding wounds with a bent needle and dental floss!
You can in fact relocate a shoulder with a doorjam or a tree
Never, ever, ever say “What else could go wrong?”
The NRA’s Christmas cards really are kinda pretty
You can find the same flannel shirt that LL Bean sells for 60$ for 20$ at WalMart
You can spend a whole sunny month planning a camping trip, and the second you try to set your tent up, it will start raining
Cats don’t have owners, they are the owners
If MN had nicer weather, it would be FL, and I would never wish that on MN
Spanish may be the second non official language of the US, except in my neighborhood, where it is Korean

I’d prolly have less headaches if I chopped off my hair, seriously, I think its on steroids…
the Sig p220, and the braid! It's outta control!!

*If they look the part and live in the right places…

First, I gotta say, you make three posts in a row involving firearms and I guess people start to look at ya funny.  So today, no firearms, and back to some posting I promised.  So yeah, let’s get on with that then, shall we?

It was prolly more than a month ago I read an article about a program up in NYC that had been set up to help out disadvantage/at risk young men- you know, provide them with choices other than crime and gangs and drugs and such.  It seemed that the focus group of this program was Latino males age 12 to about 20.  And I am not going to poo-poo such things, I think if we are gonna spend money on programs,  any sorta program that helps kids and young adults avoid trouble is a good thing.   Yet still, reading about this program, for young Latino males, in NYC, stuck this little hook  in my brain, and it would not go away.

So I started digging around, looking into this sort of thing, these kinds of programs, finding out more about them:  where they were, who they were for, how they were run, who paid for ’em, things of that nature.  Results of that digging?    Well, results have lead me to believe that we, as a society, seek to help our most disadvantaged and at risk so long as they look the part and and live in the right places.  You see, a  great majority of these programs are in large cities, are geared towards black and hispanic populations, and tend to be far more prevelant for young men/boys than for young women/girls.    Many are government funded, others are private and rely on donations from the public (often a few very wealthy folk)- which may play into why they are mostly in cities, after all, the government tends to pay more attention to big cities (more money, more businesses, more voters, so on), and well, big cities also tend to have more folk wealthy enough to donate to/fund private run organizations of this nature.  If you look around, there are plenty of these sorts of programs in places like NYC, LA, Pheonix, Chicago, Philly, San Diego, Dallas,  Atlanta, Miami, so on…BIG CITIES .  You even find them in not so giant metropolisis like Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Buffalo, so on.  But they are, without a doubt, a city thing, and geared towards a certain section of society: boys and young men who are black or Latino.  Heck, even in NYC, it is far easier for a man to find a bed in a homeless shelter than a woman…after all, many times women have children with them, and shit, that gets expensive!

So, then I did some more digging and found some interesting stats, and really, not a lot in the way of programs, government funding, private funding, or even mere interest in such problems for these issues- at all-in the actual areas where they ARE issues!  Aside from downgrading these folk as not important enough to HAVE programs…  For Instance:

The States with the Highest Rates of Teen Pregnancy Are:

New Mexico
North Carolina

Hummm, you notice a theme there?  Aside from maybe California & Texas, and maybe Florida?  Which are  HUGE states full of cities, but also gotta ton of rural areas too. Oh yeah, and well, pregnancy happens to…females…

How about Unemployment?  I mean, this is an issue everyone can prolly agree is a big issue.  And these programs address it a lot, providing people with job skills and work ethic and alternatives to crime and all those things…programs that seek to empower young men, and to a lesser degree, young women, to enter and be a productive part of the work force.  And yeah, well all know the economy is crap, but…

States with the Highest Unemployment Rates are:

South Carolina
Washington DC*  (district, not a state, but it’s up there anyway)
Rhode Island
North Carolina

Once again, Cali on this list,  FL and even DC too, but humm, a few over laps there, yeah?

How about the stats on High School Drop Outs?  That one might play into this whole deal too, yeah? That putting young adults and kids into disadvantaged/ at risk zones?  So here we go for that one, states and stats style:

States with the Highest Drop Out Rates:

North Carolina
South Carolina
New Mexico

Then I even kind of took a different tack, since I am sort of on the subject of at risk and disadvantaged… so how about suicide rates?  I mean, for someone to kill themselves, shit has gotta be pretty dire I reckon.  As a general rule, one is gotta be pretty dang depressed and lookin’ at a glass that is more than half empty to take themselves out…so, I looked into that. First thing that caught my eye is the leading group of folk who off themselves is white men, followed by white women.   But lets look at the states and stats on that one too:

State Stats for Suicide:

New Mexico
West Virgina

Hell, look at  that, Nevada for the win, or lose as it may be!

And then I looked into some other stuff, watched some documentaries on the History Channel, the Health Channel, A&E, things of that nature, where I learned that well, it’s not LA, or NY, or Boston or Chicago where drug use rates are jumping through the roof.  It’s…Ohio.  Where the abuse of prescription painkillers and heroin use has hit afterburner levels of increase.  Ohio.  Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas- dramatic increase in the use of everything from methamphetamine to heroin (and most prevalent amid white folk).  Alcoholism?  Very big deal in places like Alaska,  Nevada (again), Wyoming and North Dakota- and seemingly most prevalent amid white folk and Native American folk.   Oh, and for the record, the state with the highest rate of illiteracy is Mississippi I do believe.  And you know what I noticed?

None of these places are NYC,  and no one, from the government to private citizens, are paying too much attention or spending too much money trying to, oh…fix this? Help out?  Do shit to help these disadvantaged or at risk people?  Now, I had my resident Devil’s Advocate suggest the reason for this is because well, the government is focusing on trying to keep young men and boys outta gangs and turn ’em into productive citizens…to wit I responded, the widely regarded most dangerous gang in, oh, the world? MS-13.  Whose  US headquarters are in…ahem…Manassas Va.  Not LA, not NYC, not Chicago, or Detroit, or Phoenix, or Dallas.  Yep, right here in good ole Manassas Va.   And ya know, Manassas is not swimmin’ in the programs designed to keep kids from going bad, and it ain’t a big city either.   And the world does not begin and stop, alpha and omega style, with young men who are at risk for joining gangs, yet there seems to be very little out there for anyone other than them.  I also noticed, well, not to much interest at all in stopping white dudes, Asians, Native Americans,  or…gasp…women/girls from joining gangs (and they do, believe it or not-all those groups of people in our society have/join/belong to gangs!)

I am also big on playing Devil’s Advocate myself, but I honestly think this time, it ain’t the Devil’s Due I am advocating.  I dunno if people need to yell at their congressmen, or rich folk in town, or speak with their votes, or go to their churches, or what…but damn.  Look at those stats y’all.  Nevada sounds like one of Dante’s Circles of Hell as far as this shit goes, and (ahem) so do states like Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, so on.  States that are not necessarily swimming in big cities or big money (casinos aside for NV).  I mean hell, NY is not on a single ONE of those stat lists.  Nor is Illinois!  You know, where NYC and Chicago are!  And you know…cause you can bet I noticed it, a lot of these states on this here list (not all, but many), they are the American West/ Southwest and the South.  And with the exceptions of Texas, Cali, and Florida?  Not swimming in cash, or…voters.  And it leads me to wonder…why is someones son or daughter -black, brown, white, yellow, mixed, or any other thing, in a NYC or Chicago or LA or any other big city area more deserving of help, of assistance, of programs than someones son or daughter in Nevada, or Georgia, or Mississippi?  Or anywhere else for that matter?  Why are people who are more at risk for joining gangs or what not taking almost universal precedent over folk who are at risk for dropping out, getting pregnant, having no job, or, well, killin’ themselves?  IMHO, they aren’t.   And while I am pretty far from a yay government- funded social programs for everyone kinda gal, it seems to me if we are going to have them, at all, we need to spread that love around- make it an equal thing, with shit out there and available to folk in urban and rural areas, for women and men, and for folk of all colors…because damn, it looks like Nevada could use a program like the one I read about in NYC a hell of a lot more than NYC could.

I think it comes down to a couple things, really.  Votes prolly has something do to with it….but I also think we, in the US, have poster child-ed (yeah, I made it up) a very specific type of person  (young black or Latino male) as our most disadvantaged and at risk members of society.  That imagine is not accurate, and not representative, and in fact, probably pretty dangerous all around for everyone.   A dude who fits that image is no more at risk or disadvantaged than a pregnant sixteen year old girl in Mississippi or a drug addicted out of work white guy in Nevada…and it is long past fuckin’ time we figured that shit out and used social programs to truly help our most disadvantaged and at risk members- regardless of what they look like or where they live.

* sources:  Suicide Stats, Pregnancy Stats, Unemployment Stats    Drop out stats

Television and other media: Words Most Dangerous Drug (Discovery), Heroin in the Heartland (Oxygen), American Meth (History),  Drugs in America (Discovery Health), The Worlds Most Dangerous Gang (Discovery),  Intervention Special: Epidemics- Florida, Ohio, Nevada (A&E) , Gangland: MS-13, Gangland: Gangster Girls (Discovery).

(One Crackers Humble Opinion)

Okay, I am sure this seems all ironic and hypocritical and all those good things since I am ranting endlessly about how one should not rag mercilessly upon Hillbillies, Hicks, Rednecks and White Trash (henceforth HHRWT), but face it, to some degree ragging on those different from one’s self is natural, and besides, hipsters are sooo coool they wouldn’t even care if some beneath them HHRWT was ragging on ’em anyway, right?  And I won’t be completely merciless…or maybe I will, not sure yet.  I do also realize that there are plenty of folk who already rag on hipsters.  Why yes, they do take their fair share of picking on, but often times, unlike HHRWT, the reasons they get picked on are largely within their control.  And believe it or not, Hipsters and HHRWT do occasionally have a few things in common: namely tattoos, cheap beer, and looking like they just rolled out of bed regardless of the hour.  Now, tattoos are a universal right for all humans in my opinion.  However, HHRWT drink cheap beer because it is cheap.  Hipsters do it because it’s cool, and even pay premium beer prices for it!  Also, you will generally find that HHRWT-when they look like they just rolled out of bed in the morning- rumpled clothes, messy hair, scruff on the men and screwed up make up on the women, its because they have just in fact rolled out of bed, regardless of the hour of the day.  Hipsters, males and females alike, will actually spend hours and exert amazing attention to detail to get that “I spent no time and put no effort into ‘This Look’  look”.  It’s amazing really.  I can look hungover and dishevelled real easy, so it stuns me when people put a whole lotta time and effort into it, and hipsters sure do!

Now, aside from the effort put into the no effort look, there are several other things I have found to be distinctive traits amid the Hipsters of the World.  They like bags.  Often ugly yet expensive bags, and carry them around almost constantly.  The men and the women.  Now, I know non-hipsters who do this too, but usually the bags are smaller and much cheaper, or not bags at all, but rather tool kits or tackle boxes.  Oh, and the occasional gun case.  Often in the bags, one finds an odd assortment of stuff, from cell phones to some off beat book of poetry to string to art supplies.  But yeah, sure enough, Hipsters love their bags.  They also dig skinny jeans, once again, men and women alike.  Those tight little things with low waists and narrow legs and shit that makes me wonder what the heck they would do if they got into a fight or had to run away from one.  Hipsters also tend to be big into music, but it often doesn’t matter if it is good music or not, so long as no one else has heard of it, and the second other people start to like it, its not cool anymore, or well, the hipster is cooler because they heard it first.  That attitude also applies to film.  They like floppy hair, like hair in the eyes at all times looks like it would drive me utterly crazy cause It’s Touching My EYES kinda hang in the face.  And mustaches, little  thin ones, a lot of hispter dudes have and like those…oh, and tend to blame HHRWT for making goatees uncool.  I  find it ironic that they tend to think they are ironic and pretend/put on this whole jaded or bitter  facade thingy because its cool, when in truth, a whole lot of ’em have never seen any sorta shit that should ever lead them to that sorta jaded/bitterness.  Then they bluster in that cool hip way about how a lot of folk who do actually have reasons to be jaded or bitter yet take it stoic or put a humor spin on it are “the real”  poseurs.   (Real poseurs, hahaahah). I have run across a few who find art made from human waste or bodily fluids-no matter how bad the art is- good, and think anyone who photographs a fucked up human body is edgy…yet none who have ever actually worked in the fields of medical examination, funeral homes, or crime scene clean up.   They are all about the liberal arts, tend to be iconoclastic towards anything that isn’t theirs- but tearing shit down takes sooo much effort- and are often very concerned with social issues…but I have yet to see one at any volunteer gig I’ve ever done.    They will rag on people who shop at Walmart, yet I wonder how many of ’em are wandering around in “cool shit” they found in a thrift store that has been donated by some HHRWT- who bought it at Walmart.  They are enviro-friendly and many are vegan-non-gluten-skinny folk, who like…PBR.   Some assume basic manners, like saying excuse me after burping or farting, are social constructs for other humans and they need not engage in such oppressive behaviors.    Oh, and I know for a fact that some of them like the idea of slumming in dive bars, so long as it is a “nice” dive bar in a not really dive-y area, because I made the mistake of taking a crew of people that included a few hipster girls who said they wanted to go to a dive bar to a REAL dive bar in a not fake dive neighborhood and they were NOT happy with me.   I guess the actual sawdust on the floor was more than they were expecting….we ain’t been drinkin’ together since…

…So yes, as  you can  see, there are plenty of reasons I can find to rag on hipsters, but, let’s get down to it:  The One Thing any HHRWT is going to take in consideration when it comes to choosing company to keep…who do you want on your side in a fight?  Or more specifically, if one is choosing between HHRWT or a Hipster, who do you want on your side in a fight?  Well…lets ponder that.  I want you to close your eyes and imagine, perhaps after drinking too much cheap beer with either sort, trouble happens.  Its not your fault, or maybe it is, but yep, for some reason, from Bad Moon to Bad Mood, there is gonna be a rumble.  You look around, and you have a few choices in who you can grab to have your back, or better yet, step in front of you, so who do you pick?

To your left, you have this guy.  To your right, this other guy.  See, first thing I note is actual muscle tone, which hey, muscles are handy in a fight.  Second thing?  Foot wear.  Boots are always good in a fight.  Also, you know, with the redneck guy there?  No one is gonna be able to choke him to death with his own bag strap, he obviously doesn’t mind getting dirty, and well, prolly a little crazy, just judging from his recreational activity there.   Which one do you choose?  Hell, I know who I’d be pickin’, and I sure as heck know who I’d be more likely to wanna share a victory beer with, but that’s just me.  Which guy do you want helping you escape an ass-kicking?

But lets say that there are no dudes even to help you out here, hey, gender inclusiveness for the win here at my house, so yeah, no dudes around to help you out in this fight you’ve suddenly found yourself in the middle of, so you have to go with a female as your tag-team partner.  So, realizing there are no dudes and you have to go with a gal in this horrible affair, you once again look around and your choices are once again on the left and right.  Pick quick, cause you know, getting punched in the kidney hurts a lot.  Now see, there is a level once again of practical attire I seek when attempting to avoid an ass stomping.  Now sure enough, both these gals are in flats, but for some reason, I know, no question, who I am gonna grab in case of an emergency in a rumble if these are my choices.   I mean, the one gal, she’s not gonna wanna ruin, bleed on, or get that dress torn off, it prolly cost more than I make in a month after all, and well, glasses.  Always sucks to have those broken in a fight, and once again, the fear of bag strap strangulation.  That other woman there?  Far more practical clothing and obviously, she’s not afraid to kill shit.  So yep, I’d be takin’ my camo-wearing sister there, how about y’all?  Shoot, in fact, I pick her over the dude with the bag, frankly.  How about you?

Now, this is the point where my previous possible promise of mercy may fall short.  As you have perhaps guessed from this post and others around here, I am not over all a huge fan of hipsters, especially those who make fun of HHRWT.  And I am really, really not a fan of hipster feminist bloggers who act like class does not exist unless it suits them at the moment, and even amid those hipster feminist bloggers -there is one I dislike above all others I am familiar with, one who really can dish it out but not take it, ignores class when it suits them to do so, and endlessly pick on HHRWT because, well, its okay to do that.  A gal who has ragged, as a hipster feminist big time blogger and all, on everything to gals with fake tits to those who pose in playboy to those who are not young and cute and perky and such, and then has the nerve to get upset and huffy when people of the sort whom she rags on get pissed about it, and that gal?  Well, she might be named Amanda….so I ask you people, when in a mythical bar fight and all, and you got two choices, one a Hipster Big Time Feminist Bloggy Blogger with awesome creds who is just sooo smart and funny…and the other a mean little asshole of the HHRWT vareity.  Remember, a theoretical asskicking is on the line here….

Eh, I go with the cracker in the black cowboy hat and camo pants personally, cause well, I go with her every day and all, and well, she wears boots instead of sandals…and plus, cool shirt.  But yeah, I know who I pick for that sorta thing, you know, the sorta deal where you gotta know who has your back and will keep an eye out and stand up for you and defend ya and such- things that are far more important than lookin’ like you spent no effort and music and what’s art and what ain’t?   Sure as shit, I go with HHRWT, ’cause even if you do pick on them or mock them, they just might lend you a hand because you needed it or asked.  Hell, it’s in their nature.  It kinda has to be.

A Hipster?  Hell, not sure I would ever trust one to do that, have my back or care more about someone getting their ass stomped than their cool creds or clothes. I’m not sure its in their nature at all.  And that reason above all is why Hipsters should be targets for disdain before HHRWT.  We care about who and what we care about, even if it ain’t cool.

So, I was loungin’ in my modern den of inequity (firearms & liquor welcome!) furrowing my crooked eyebrows and cursin’ the government for makin’ cold meds that contain pseudoephedrine behind the counter, one box per customer and requiring of ID and leaving of address…because I actually have a goddamn cold, people…so being me I made someone else buy ‘em for me.  After all, with my burn scar, sketchy tattoos and such I don’t wanna be seen, let alone documented, buying shit that oh, one might use for the production of crank, and I came to a wildly profound realization:

Y’all are gonna be in for a real shocker here:

I am one pissed off, burned out, angry, disappointed and bitter gal-which you all knew already I reckon, but then I got to thinking about the why for of that- aside from just being wired that way and predisposed to it- and truth is, much of my…ahem…loathing of my fellow human, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, or religion…comes about from what many people would consider little nit picks but they really aren’t, and in my most recent and amazingly laughable and frustrating trip around blogland, I have come to the conclusion that there is shit that I figure needs discussing and no one else out there, not the big shiny blogs, not the hipster feminist blogs, not the cool kids smarter, better, richer and worldlier than you blogs, not the males dealing with gender stereotype blogs, are gonna do it.  So I guess I  have to.

And I can almost promise a lot of the shit I’m gonna say?  Well a lot of those who read here aren’t gonna like it.  But, interestingly enough, I got an email today from a fellow blogger who said she and another blogger familiar with me were discussing me and my blogging, and what kept them coming back was that even if they did not agree with me, or if I pissed ‘em off, or I was caustic and hostile or whatever the fuck other charming thing I might be… I was honest, called it like I saw it, remained consistent, and did not alter or change my views like some wishy-washy dish rag lookin’ to win a popularity contest.  And you know what?  They’re right.  Besides, I ain’t never won a popularity contest in my life and I reckon I am not about to start now. The simple fact is, I don’t much give a fuck if people agree with me or not, because you know-sometimes I am just right and like it or not, folk are gonna have to suck that up and deal with it. Like it or not.  I am not afraid to call it like I see it, so I will.  And I am not afraid to say shit other people won’t and in truth, I am sick to death of pansy ass whiners who dodge any topic or issue that is hard to deal with or unpopular and won’t take a fuckin’ stand because it might tarnish their gold plated liberal creds.  I am even sicker of folk statin’ shit like it is word one handed down from some omnipotent being and utter fact then refusing to be challenged on it.   I see so much holier than thou gender is bunk feministy uber academia liberalese wanna be genius bullshit out there that is missing so many basics it just makes me wanna puke…so fuck it.  I am done.  Done bein’ nice and civil and sugar coating shit.  Done with not challenging the way people think and see shit.  Hell, apparently I had a knack for that back at the old joint, so let’s see if I can kick folk in the grey matter with a verbal steel toed boot here.  I am done with makin’ shit easy and  the rest of that crap.  If people don’t want to think, they can go elsewhere, it’s that simple.  So, let’s get to it people.  Let’s get to the dirty business  that ain’t easy and popular, and lets start with the biggest Elephant in The Room: Class.

I hear you now, “here she goes again” but guess what?  Class is the one thing missing from just about every fucking discussion on every goddamn thing out there. People love to discuss and debate race and gender and sexuality and all those things but class?  Oh no, we can’t touch that one with a ten foot fuckin’ pole, at least not with any seriousness, and you wanna know why?  Because classism is a dirty, dirty topic for dirty, dirty people and holy shit, it just don’t affect women, or people of color, it can affect….anyone, and everyone, including…white folk, and…yep, white dudes!  And they are eeeevil, so everyone just brushes class and classism under the rug and leaves it pretty much out of any discussion about anything and by doing so manage to make themselves look like self righteous fools who believe in fairies. unicorns and that everyone out there has dreams of sugar plumbs and PhD’s and can afford one or both of them. 

Well, here is a little reality and hardline for ya, folks.  Class can and does affect people just as much as race, or gender, or sexuality or any one of those other things people love to discuss.  Just like other so called advantages in life, being of, from, or in a higher class strata makes life easier for you, and just like other disadvantages in life, being of, from, or in a lower class strata can make life harder for you, and all the shit that goes with it- all of it- can and often does erase other advantages lower class people have in life.  Point blank, right there, between the eyes.  If people think you’re trash, they don’t much care what color you are, what god you worship, what’s between your legs or who you prefer fucking.  They simply disdain you, regardless of any other adjective that falls before the word trash.

And how do I know this?  Well, I know it, just like I know the sun rises in the morning and oceans have tides and the V8, enviro-friendly or not, kicks ass, because I have seen it with my own eyes.  I know from that great bastard of a teacher: experience.  The truth of that has been shown to me, again and again and again, and like anyone, I find proof in repeated case studies and experiments and via facts in evidence.  And even amid the low class, there is one group, a sordid, unsavory subset worthy of nothing but contempt, mocking and disdain, and that group is low class white folk.  White trash.  The lowest of the low.  The last bastion of acceptable hatred, the remaining dregs of human scum it is sporting to make fun of, the one group of subhuman filth the New, Modern, PC World reckons it is okay to rag on; without shame, guilt, or repercussion.  Hell, its funny to pick on those sorts, all in good fun and edgy and shit.  Hillbillies, Hicks, Rednecks, Trailer Park Trash, White Folk of a low socio-economic stations, they are fair game, the men and the women alike, and you can see these pariahs lambasted in everything from high brow indy theater to kids cartoons, and its all A-Okay.  Some of the old Looney Toon’s episodes have been locked away forever because of their insulting racial connotations, but flip on Nickelodeon and sure enough, you will see parodies of poor white folk everywhere.  It’s okay to pick on them-even in front of children, some of whom may be “those people”.  Why?

Well, they are…gasp…white folk.  And white folk, well, you know, they are supposed to have it all: all that privilege and power and money, nice things and good educations and the best things in life because well, they are white folk.  If they are white and blue collar or even worse-poor, well shit, they must have…done something wrong.  Be off somehow.  Fucked up.  They must be…well, inbred or dumb or lazy.  They must be drunks or junkies or the products of poor breeding.  Or Irish.  They, those super privileged above all white people-especially the male ones- they are supposed to, by legend and the annals of the Oppression Olympics and by sheer force and determination, have it all.  The White Collar I Won the Game American Dream on a Silver Platter: a quiche (fixed by a domestic) in every oven, a BMW in every garage, a double mochachino in every hand, perfect partners and 2.2 children, headed for Harvard!  White people are…special and lucky and rule the world right?  So if they don’t manage to oh, have the right house in the right neighborhood with the right look and all that right stuff white people are fabled to have…well, then there must be something wrong with those under-achieving loathsome scum.  They must be deeply flawed.  If they live in crap neighborhoods in crap houses (or trailers) with crap jobs and crap lives and problems, well, they obviously failed at winning the white privilege game and thus they are: trash.  Go ahead and rag on them, because even with all that white advantage (especially the dudes) they still managed to turn their lives into a giant shit sandwich and they deserve it.  They have weird ways and don’t fit in with the little white li(f)e and aren’t special.  They, more than any other remaining group of people, are fair game for anyone and anything and no hit is below the belt.  Hillbillies and Hicks and Rednecks and White Trash are the perpetrators of hate speech and hate crimes, right?  They are never on the receiving end, right?

Bullshit.  Turn on your television, or radio, or go to a movie, or read a book, or look at a newspaper, or hell, think of every joke about West Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Nebraska, Wyoming or Montana you have ever heard.  If you actually want me to cite specific examples, I can and will do so…I am a bit of a stickler for that.  And as the New American Nightmare, a Hick who not only likes guns, but has college degrees, I will say this: Everywhere I look -when people are writing about power, or politics, or gender, or feminism, or the sex industry, or just about any other fucking subject on the face of the earth they almost always leave class out of it, and they avoid talking about classism and its affects on white people like a rat with a broken leg would avoid a starving rattlesnake.  No one discusses this shit in depth. No one wants to be “that guy”.  It is the great white elephant in the room. 

That fuckin’ elephant is lookin’ at me.  I guess I am “that guy”. It’s part of the reason I am in fact one pissed off, burned out, angry, disappointed and bitter gal.  And sure as shit, I am just getting started…

Coming Soon: “We as a Society Seek to Help our Most Disadvantaged Citizens – If they Look The Part”, “Modern Feminism is for Women who don’t Really Have to Work for a Living: A Personal Tale”,  “Why Hipsters Should Replace Hillbillies, Rednecks and White Trash as Acceptable Humans for Mocking” and “Poor White Kids & Bored American Nobility- They all Just Wanna Die a Little Bit”  (not necessarily in that order)

*and yeah, totally love my 2 am with a cold self portrait!