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It works in reverse too…

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Art, Assholes, Humans, Television

So, yes then…

I watch a great deal of tv, even Spike.  A show I watch on Spike is “Ink Master”, for while I dislike Dave Navaro as a person, I like the art, I like tattoos, so on.  Well, tonite, they sent home one of the most solid, consistent, and IMHO, top contender artists, Jamie D.  Why, in part, do I think they sent Jamie D home?

Well, while he has been tattooing for 17 years….he has no tattoos.  And dresses really straight.



That there is Jamie D.  He looks more like a lawyer, yeah?  Maybe an accountant?  This eve, before sending him packing, the judges ripped on him for NOT having ink.  I even get the “never trust a skinny chef” har har thing, but…

Really?  People who have ink get judged all the time, and there they are judging him for NOT having any, despite him being a very, very talented dude.  He even stated yes, he wants tattoos, but is very picky and is waiting for the RIGHT design and the right ARTIST, and faulting him for that?  REALLY?  The man can do some killer tattoos.  Sending him home?  Yeah, I think part of the reason was?

His inkless skin.  And that ain’t right.  So yeah, that shit, it works in reverse.



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What do I do?

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Art

I take it out in art….really, look, NSFW….and I do it well!

Not my music, but,,,my art….and am I am one of those people who believes lyrics can say a lot.  yes, I really am THAT charming!

hell yeah!

and yes its me, and yes any art in it i drew and yes the six armed Kali naga drawing is my back tattoo and yes, i  did make her look scrawny like me!!!!  And yes, I look vastly different with red, black and blonde hair… blonde bad, red or black okay, even black and pink and white dreads!  And do not ask about my Agent Smith obsession, just…don’t!


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Zombie Ren, Supreme Commander of the Zombie Apocalypse Legions,  encourages you to stay in, eat candy, watch horror movies, and hide your brains, flesh, and other zombie feast worthy parts from plain view…


Happy Halloween, Y’all!

I am a fan of ink.  I admit this freely.  I am also a fan of art, which I admit freely as well.  I have always loved to draw, and as far back as I can remember, I wanted to have tattoos, to put art that was somehow special or meaningful or interesting to me on my body.  I got my first tattoo when I was 20 and in college, a rather primitive and geometric looking spider, done on my left calf.  It’s fairly small, and I got it done at Bill Clayton’s Tattoos in Fayetteville, NC.  Others soon followed: a spiral design on my hip bone, a black hand print between my shoulder blades- I had heard three was the decision making point, the line that was the one people crossed or did not cross- the magic number that decided if one was addicted to ink or merely a person with a couple tattoos….three came and went, more tattoos found their way on to my skin; the Arabic symbol of the Hashishin and a naga form Kali on my back, a black, three-leaf clover, a bar code, and the Egyptian god Set on my arms, a set of crossed claw marks and why yes, Magneto from the X-Men, on my legs.  Stars under my collar bones…and yes, there are still tattoos I would like to get:  a scorpion and the Scorpio zodiac symbol, the Roman Eagle, the symbol my SCA persona has as her standard…hey, I can still get ink because I still have skin….and should the Broncos ever win another SuperBowl within my lifetime, there are plans afoot for myself and the inkless Brother Evolution to go get the Horse together.  Each of my tattoos, well, I have drawn them out on paper myself, made them look as I wanted them to, then taken them to the artist for putting on my skin.  Everyone who has given me a tattoo says I’m a great customer…I don’t flinch, I don’t whine, I don’t do anything other than sit there, very still, even though it does hurt.  The one time this was not the case was when I got the Kali done…the woman who was doing it for me saw my Magneto, and also being a huge fan of comics, asked me if I could draw Marvels Thor for her….so while she was inking me I was drawing Thor.  She finished my tattoo then proceeded to put my rendition of Thor on her own leg.  I thought that was really pretty awesome.  I liked her a lot, and did get other work done by her afterwards.  Her place, by the way, she owns it, and it is Ancient Art, in Orlando FL. 

I have gotten tattoos with friends, we’ve gone together to get our ink.  I’ve gotten them with people who were pondering getting ink and wanted to see just how bad it hurt first ( I am not a good person to gauge that by, however), I have gotten them with SCA buddies and college dorm mates and life long friends.  And each one, as silly or strange or even offensive (like the bar code) might seem to others, well, they are all special to me.  I like ink, I like art, and I like my tattoos.

But they do come with consequences.  My mother, for one, comes from the school that tattoos are for military men, convicts, and bikers, and I am none of those things.  When it became evident to her that I was not merely going to stop at the odd spider on the calf, the spiral on the hip bone, and the hand on the back, she made a great attempt to warn me about how having so much ink would play out, how I would be judged for it.  She was even willing to admit that it did seem to be socially acceptable for a woman to have a flower on her shoulder or a dolphin on her ankle…but tattoos that could not be hidden, on places like ones arms or collar bones?  Well, she found it to be…tacky.  She once voiced the concern, as we were sitting around the pool at her house in FL, that no one would ever know that I really was a loyal and decent person because they’d be scared by or turned off by my ink.  I never bothered to tell her that hey, I just as soon people not approach me and think I was nice and all that crap, and well, anyone who was gonna judge me flat-out and straight off the bat because I had tattoos was not a person I would want to hang around with anyway.  When we all went out to Colorado for my cousins wedding- in which I was a bridesmaid- she was very aware of the fact that the dress would not cover any of the ink on my upper body- and that I had no intention of trying to cover it.  Turned out that no one but her really cared, and my race car driving male cousins immediately ran up to me after the service and showed me their own ink…all of them sporting race helmets with crossed pistons underneath, ala a Jolly Roger, with their racing team name arched over the top.  Something that is undoubtedly special and meaningful to them, and designed by the youngest one of the lot.  She was enraged (as were other people in my family) when I got the bar code, seeing it as a huge insult to my Grandfather who also has a number on his arm, albeit for a far more horrible reason.  This rage was chopped off at the knees when at  family BBQ my grandfather noticed this tattoo and said it was nice not to be the only person at the gathering with numbers on him.  Then again, he always did have my back when it came to being the black sheep of the family…Nowadays, my mother has become resigned to the fact that I have ink, and not much she has to say about it is going to change the fact.  Upon seeing me, she immediatly searches for new ink, and if she finds it, there is merely a resigned sigh. 

But you know, I cannot bear to tell her, in some cases?  Her insight and thoughts on the matter were right.  There are a lot of people out there who, misguided or not, have certain opinions about folk with tattoos, and are perfectly willing to judge them merely by their ink alone.  And I am not even talking about people with tons of prison or gang  ink or sexist racist shit splattered all over their bodies.  I am talking about anyone with ink at all.  Ive been turned away from straight jobs because of it, and hell, even been told I have too much ink to work in various strip joints or hired for various porn/nude modelling work.   Even though there is a huge market for “alt girls” in the sex biz these days…well, aside from the ink, I am too tan, too buff, and not nearly pierced up enough to be an “alt girl”.  I have had people look at my ink then look at me like I am something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe, assume because of it I am a criminal, or a junkie, or some biker’s bitch, or unintelligent and uneducated.    I have heard countless people say that folk with ink, especially women, only have it because they are seeking attention…

And you know what?  That, at least in my case, could not be further from the truth.  My tattoos are not “pretty” or “cute” or “inviting”, they are not colorful.  They are pretty well-done, but I am not so sure a six armed half snake half woman wielding swords and axes is adorable or an open invite for conversation.  In fact, I think of my tattoos more like armor and a warning label; something that just might say if you are of the mind to judge me by them, maybe I really am everything you already assume me to be so perhaps it is just best to stay away. 

And I have noted, as Kim mentioned in her epic post, that even though tattoos have become somewhat commonplace, they are still far more socially acceptable for men than women.  And I do not have half the ink she does.  You don’t see a man with a lower back tattoo (and they do exist) getting told he has a “tramp stamp” or a man with a tattoo along his side being told he has a “ho handle”.  But people automatically assume women with ink are sluts (even if they aren’t), nevermind the lower back IS the perfect place for a woman to get a tattoo if she wants one-it is precisely because women PICK this spot that tattoos in that area now have their own special little name.  And as Kim said, how do you think a woman who has a tattoo there, something she probably loves and thought hard about and endured the pain (and spent the money) to get feels when she hears her art refered to as a “tramp stamp”?  How do you think any woman with tattoos feels when it is assumed, because she has them, that she is just so easy and okay with making decisions she might regret later?  It’s almost laughable if you are a grim twist like me.  A dude with a lot of tattoos?  People assume he is a tough guy or a bad ass or someone you best step away from.  A woman with a lot of tattoos?  Well, she’s an easy piece of trash.  Nevermind both the inked up man and the inked up woman have endured the same kinda pain getting their ink and endured the same kinda bullshit from other people for having it and probably both love their art and find it meaningful and special…at least he gets some sort of respect with his, and she gets the exact opposite.  It seems with not even something so once upon at time as counter-culture and “different”, and now mundane as, ink, can the sexes be equal. 

And its funny, because now when people ask me about tattoos, and they still do, and I try to be nice about it even though I have been asked about mine a billion times before, my advice and conversation about it has changed a bit.  It used to be the simple “yeah, it hurts” kind of thing.  Now I will say, if the person is a woman, they might want to think long and hard before getting something on their arms, or that will show in a backless dress, and if they are prepared to have the art they love called a “tramp stamp”  or have people assume they are skanky trash because they have tattoos.  A woman I know wanted to have the name of her son who had passed away tattooed on her, but decided against it because she did not want people asking her why she had a mans name other than her husbands tattooed on her body.  Smirk.  Hell, any dude who wants to say sexism is dead should try flipping bodies with a woman who has tattoos for a few weeks and see how that goes.  People make assumptions about folk with lots of ink period, but as seems typical, women get it more and worse.

Be that as it may…I still love my tattoos, and I love art, and yep, sure enough, its been awhile since I got some ink and with everything else that has been going on in my life, I figure I’m probably justified in treating myself to a new one sometime here soon.  I already got enough that I get all the bullshit that goes with having them, so what’s a few more…still got empty skin after all.    Heck, I even know Kim knows a great artist, maybe I should make my way up to her neck of the woods and spend my tattoo money on an artist who I know is good and hang out some with another inked up gal who knows how it is…maybe I’ll even get a tramp stamp…after all, by then, my lower back will be used to needles and I might as well put something I love over a part of my body I have come to hate. 

::Raises her red bull::  here’s to tattoos and the tough ass women who have ’em and put up with everything that goes with ’em.

woah…I am behind…

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Art

I still totally owe the world a post (with pictures) about Shen and my trip to Baltimore for my B-day Night out…lets just say, I am now certain one needs silver bullets when in Maryland…

But, my T-Day Apocalypse was a success, and I have been in an art mood, and thus drawing…kinda anime style stuff this go around (shocking I know) and I have come to the conclusion, whenst drawing my favorite fictional characters of the moment…I am really glad only ONE of them has a shit ton of ink.  That’s the hardest part…drawing the tattoos….

art for the day…

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Art

“Astrid”  (ren, circa 1998 or so)

As the end of…

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Art

2009 draws near…

All I can say is “good riddance”.  I’ll probably do some epic wrap-up post, but I will save that for when I have more energy and desire to do so.

In the mean time, I want to talk about another thing that is near and dear to my black and twisted heart…

Rachel Cervantes has an interesting link up to a post on the dehumanization of women in photography.  Not granted, some of those images are just outright fucking horrible no question, and I have never had much love for a great many of the PETA adds, however, I myself have been in a photo or two where “being seen as fully human” was so, not at all, on the agenda.  And while the idea was not to make me look like an animal, but rather a…machine… I have come to the conclusion I have very, very mixed feelings on this whole issue and what, exactly photos that portray woman as something other than human might be saying.

Some of them, without question, are intended to humiliate and degrade and make the woman seem weak or defenseless.  Others, however, while they may make her seem “other”, I am not so sure weak or any other such thing is the intent.  I mean, sure, I’m not wearing a whole lot in that there photo and even less is even being done to “recognize my humanity”, but I am not sure I would want to run into me in a dark alley either, you know?  And frankly, even Grace Jones in a Cage makes me wonder, because she looks like if anyone gets too close to that cage or she happens to get out???  She’ll rip them apart.  I even get that on some level a lot of folk object to the idea of women being compared to animals or machines on principle because the it is denying their humanity…but well, humans are animals…and as far as the animal kingdom goes, we really kind of suck, so I think at times the comparison is not at all a bad one…

Then again, that’s just me.  Being compared to apex predators and steel and gears will ALWAYS rate high in my book.

Thoughts on the matter, oh denizens of the Internet???

Strange statement via the Webz

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Art, Sports

“Sport is for people who don’t know how to be creative.”

I find this to be a very strange statement.  Why?  I guess because I never figured that a love of watching or playing sports automatically rendered the creative side of the brain dead or dormant, and thus those who are involved in athletics or watch sports un-creative.    Aside from myself (who loves sports and also loves to write, draw, paint, dance, and make costumes) I know a lot of people who engage in both sport and creative activities.  I know a guy who is good writer and also likes basketball a lot.  I know a woman who is into watercolor painting, singing, theatre, and rugby.  I know a dude who writes his own music, writes and films his own movies, plays several instruments, and also loves to surf and skateboard.  I ran track with a gal who was quite the middle distance runner but if you set her loose with a propane torch and some metal, she would come up with some really cool and different sculptures.  I knew a ton of folk in theatre who also ran, or played soccer, or softball.  I got three varsity letters in sports in highschool, played two sports in college, and still managed to win awards for writing and art and be in several stage plays.   And personally, I am not sure how you look at something like this, or this, and do not see just how sports and creativity often really do just go hand in hand…ayep, all the way from the Olympics to a TV dance show…sport and creativity in concert and all.

Oh, wait, I get it…those sports are different?  Maybe?  Something?  I mean, those aren’t NFL football or futbol or basket ball or hockey or…whatever, eh?  Hummm.  Well, I believe there is some creativity there too.   People don’t think of doing stuff like this without some creative mind processes going on.

Who knows, maybe I just get annoyed when people assume jocks or athletes or sports fans are cretins whom are incapable of creating or appreciating art or being creative people or thinkers.