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It works in reverse too…

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Art, Assholes, Humans, Television

So, yes then…

I watch a great deal of tv, even Spike.  A show I watch on Spike is “Ink Master”, for while I dislike Dave Navaro as a person, I like the art, I like tattoos, so on.  Well, tonite, they sent home one of the most solid, consistent, and IMHO, top contender artists, Jamie D.  Why, in part, do I think they sent Jamie D home?

Well, while he has been tattooing for 17 years….he has no tattoos.  And dresses really straight.



That there is Jamie D.  He looks more like a lawyer, yeah?  Maybe an accountant?  This eve, before sending him packing, the judges ripped on him for NOT having ink.  I even get the “never trust a skinny chef” har har thing, but…

Really?  People who have ink get judged all the time, and there they are judging him for NOT having any, despite him being a very, very talented dude.  He even stated yes, he wants tattoos, but is very picky and is waiting for the RIGHT design and the right ARTIST, and faulting him for that?  REALLY?  The man can do some killer tattoos.  Sending him home?  Yeah, I think part of the reason was?

His inkless skin.  And that ain’t right.  So yeah, that shit, it works in reverse.



Ren Declares War on Her Dog Owning Neighbors….

Dear Neighbors who own Dogs-

I watch you, you know.  When I have reason to be outside and y’all are out there walking your dogs, I watch.  Because see, I know cause we got no big yards in this area, you are out there walking them so they can do their business.  I also know in this county it is flat out illegal to not clean up after ’em when they do their business.  And see, I have no dog, so those of you who do not obey the law and allow yer dogs to just do their thing anywhere and do not clean up after ’em?  That pisses me off something fierce.  So sure enough, I keep an eye out.  I look to see if you got yer plastic baggies or pooper scoop contraptions and if you do in fact obey the law and actually take on the responsibilities of the pet you decided to get.  As of yet, I have not caught a single one of ya failing to do so…yet I know some of you are, when I am not watching.  How do I know this?  Because for someone who has no dog, I sure seem to end up with a lot of dog shit in my front yard….as do my non-dog owning neighbors- and I seem to see a lot of it in public areas…like in front of the mailboxes down the street…like the pile of some selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate jackwagons dog’s shit I stepped in yesterday while running down to get my mail in a damn downpour…which made it so I wasn’t really lookin’ like I usually do because hey, I am apparently surrounded by selfish, arrogant, inconsiderate jackwagon dog owners.  Now see, as a person who does not own a dog, or even for people who are good dog owners and obey the law, I gotta say not only am I sick of yer pets mess,  I am real fuckin’ sick of you.   None of us- yer neighbors- deserve to have to clean up after your pets, or should have to put up with both your pets shit and your shit in common areas of the neighborhood.  Kids play out there, you know.  People gotta get their mail, you know.  Folk go for walks and runs out there you know….so what makes you so fuckin’ special that you get a pass on cleaning up after an animal you took on and took responsibility for and the rest of us just get to…step in it? 

Now I have promised folk no shooting.  I will not empty an AK into your car, however, if I ever find out who you are and you happen to oh, leave your car open while YOU run to the mailbox, or have the window down on a hot, muggy, VA summer day, I just might empty my cat’s box into yer vehicle- clumping litter and all- because I think it would only be justified and karma levelling for YOU to have to sit in, smell, and clean up shit for a change… after all, apparently you really need the fuckin’ practice.

And as a side note, is it really smart to get between your seemingly stays to herself, quiet, nice but rarely leaves the house without a huge firearm case neighbor and the mailbox where her important things like bills, NFL merchandise and montly copy of  “American Rifleman” arrive?  Really? 

Heh, I will find you, and the first time you leave yer car open, its on, peckerwoods!


In Other News:

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Assholes, Awesome

Wow, how did I know Gail Dines and Robert Jensen were lying sacks of shit?  Oh yeah, their lips were moving!  Remember WAAY back when Stop Porn Culture promised the world That their Fair and Unbiased “documentary” THe Price of Pleasure was NOT for Profit, NOT for entertainment, and ONLY for educational use????  Huh.  Then why is the fucking thing in my Net Flix Insta Watch Choices????  Nah, no profit motives there, eh?


And guess who took her little test and got her little certificate for a Concealed Carry Permit?  Wooha!

You might wanna take a cattle prod…

So yeah, been out and about reading about Occupy Wall Street and other assorted Occupy events, and frankly y’all, sounds like my idea of hell…a bunch of loud, dirty (often apparently drunk/high) radicals and hippies screamin’ and yellin’ and beating on drums at all hours and yep, according to reports from NY to CA, pissing on the general citizens lawns and embezzeling money from themselves (ah, the irony!) and well, basically a buncha stupid shit but, along with all that joy, there have been reports from various “Occupy” events in places like Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, ect., that some of the women at these events have been groped, sexually assaulted, and raped, oh, and some girls too…and then the organizers of these events are encouraging these women NOT to report it to the cops, cause well, cops are BAD and how will THAT make the “occupy” people look?  And hey, they are being nice and making condoms, special “occupy” ones even, so why do these women gotta go ruin the fun and the groups rep???   After all, what’s more romantic and special then screwing some dirty, stinking, been shittin’ and peeing in the park (or on a citizens doorstep) possibily drunk and or drug enjoying protester in yer tent in a rat-infested socialist/anarchist/feminist/anything other than capitalist make-shift commune?  Nuthin’!  Am I right?  (Rolls eyes extensively).  Hell, I even like camping, but come on- and generally when I do so- my horrible camping jokes aside- I don’t worry about getting raped, grabbed, or wakin’ up to find some dude I don’t know in my tent sniffing my feet…(ahem, yep, it happened to someone at Occupy Vancouver).

And what’s kinda funny to me, in that sick twisted way of mine- as I pop around bloganistan, I see Very Few mentions of this BS on feminist or lefty blogs…plenty of handy phamplets and Go Get ‘Em advice and encouragement, but only a few things like “holy shit these folk are living in squalid conditions, threatening violence, beating each other up and oh yeah, raping women and girls”…

WTF people, really now?  Hating on Wall Street or not likin’ cops or politicians or whatever, yeah, I can see that…pretending like this shit ain’t happening?  Really?  Are ya fuckin’ kidding me? 

Hell, my advice, if yer headed to one  these things and don’t like my previous Girl, Get  a Gun advice, at least look into a cattle prod…

I’ll be here with my firearms and hot water and shower and bed, waiting for the Zombies before I go all survivalist….

I am no fan of the Second Amendment, inasmuch as it tends to be the refuge of bumpkins and yeehaws who like to think they are protecting their homes against imagined swarthy marauders desperate to steal their flea-bitten sofas from their rotting front porches. ..  Gene Weingarten, Washington Post

One, obviously this bastion of modern intellect and humor has never had anything flea infested.  If he had, he’d realize putting said object outside makes sense- one, gets the flea empire outside, and two, first good freeze will kill the little fuckers but good.  But anyway, all that ranting I do about how folk make fun of, ahem, those people, and how it’s damned okay fine woohoo and if, oh, they pulled that shit with, ahem, other subgroups of people, they’d get crucified?

Ayep.  Exhibit A, right there.

He has also obviously never been a 5’2″ 100 pound woman either.

So, screw you, Gene.

Sincerely- A Yeehaw

this gal.  She may or may not have a rep for settling things with her fists, she may or may not have a record.  You hear that she and some friends, all gals too, of varying similarity to her- from very to not at all- decided to go out for a gals nite; have a beer, listen to some music, maybe play some pool- low key things of that nature.  Whilst out said gal is hit on by someone.  This someone is not polite about it and will not take no for an answer, even puts their hands, uninvited, on this gal.  So she decks ’em.  Hard.  Like possibly police involvement hard. 

Did the person deserve it?  The getting decked?  Yes or no?


Okay, now, say the person who got decked by said gal also happens to be a woman?  Of the lesbian variety.  Does this change things?

And then tries to have not only assault but gay bashing/hate crime charges brought up on said gal.  What then?

Said gal counters with sexual battery charges, everyone walks away clear….

Now, lets change it up a bit.  The  folk out for the evening are dudes.  Of any color or class or mode of dress or what have you.  And one of these straight boys is in the same situation and reacts the same way.  Does that change shit? 

I don’t think it does at all in my opinion.  My opinion is as follows:  Unwanted sexual advances, be they made by straight folk or  gay folk are JUST that, and just as I would oh, stand up for or cheer on a gal who decked a dude who pulled that shit….I’d prolly be on the side of ANY person, regardless of sex or sexual preference, who stood up to, even decked, someone who was making unwanted sexual advances on them- and I sure as shit don’t believe them doing so is a hate crime.  A pack of sneo-nazi skinheads beating up a gay person or a person of color just because they are gay or not white?  Hate crime.  A pack of gangbangers beating up a gay person or a person of a different color just because of that?  Also a hate crime.  Hell, ANYONE beating on anyone “just because they are – insert color, gender, sexual preference, so on- hate crime….

Someone decking someone else, gay or straight, because they are making unwanted sexual advances?  Not a hate crime.  Period.  And any scum ass douchebag who tries to pull the hate crime shit on that sorta thing?  Totally deserves gettin’ decked a few more times.

a buncha goddamn fascists…

So, being a fan of the ink and all, I have been pondering a lot of new ink lately.  I do still have skin after all, and you know, because it really is fitting, I was pondering oh…that there design sitting right here on the post.  And NOT even as a political statement, but because, well, yeah.  It’s very me really.  And I like it.  And it was woo, me angry with a pen and a piece of paper made.  BUT, you see, apparently, that would be a very, very bad idea.  Never mind I vote and pay taxes and while I might look like one of those spooky backwoods militia types I’m not actually, and well, hell, apparently I am already fucked.  Why, you might ask, am I possibily already fucked?  Well, apparently the FBI has been going around to various tattoo parlors askin’ questions and passing out flyers and encouraging tattoo artists to “help out” against terrorism.  In short, they are askin’ these folks to report to the FBI when folk who look odd, are maybe pissed off at the government, or are getting “questionable” ink come in to get tattooed.  Oh yeah, and if they smell kinda chemical or have burn scars and bright colored stains on their clothes…definately rat out those fuckers- cause those bastards/bitches are prolly buildin’ bombs.  Hell, read the shit for yerself!

Thusly, I repeat, I am fucked.  Not only do I dress like a scary redneck, I do often stink chemical and have One Hell of a Burn Scar.  Oh yeah, and since I paint and shit a lot, uh, stains of many colors on much of my shit.  Never mind I’ve never built a bomb in my life…I dress like a spooky militia person, burn scar, stains on my shit, sometimes stink like chemicals,  already have some fuckin’ wierd tattoos…dude, Watch List Time for Me if I get ink?

I seriously have to ask: What the Fuck? Seriously???

Last time I checked, this was the United States.  Freedom of Expression and Speech?  Freedom of Religion?  Personal Privacy a right?  It’s illegal to tap my dang phone without suspicion and a warrant, but I can be fuckin’ reported for the way I dress, what I smell like, having a scar and getting non-pretty girlie kinda angry ink?  Never mind I’ve never been in any gang in my life, never made a bomb, I do art and clean a lot so I always smell like a chem lab, happened to get burned, and like aggressive ink…this makes me and anyone like me a prospective terrorist?  Does this scream violation of personal freedoms and constitutionally insured rights to anyone else, or have I just been drinkin’ the libertarian cool-aid for too long?

Oh Fuck, I am also a Libertarian!  I am so screwed.

Now granted, pretty much any tattoo artist I know who is worth their salt would never rat out their clients, but still, this is insane.  Any dude who has ever been in prison is now a suspect.  As is anyone with a burn scar or missing limb.  Hell, how many war vets does this smack with “potential terrorist”?  How many people period does this make “sketchy” in the eyes of the almighty Fed?  And yeah its me and I am gonna say it, it kinda sounds like this move here is targeting well…white folk.  ALL gangs have tattoos they use, get together, all that, but I don’t see “be on the look out for MS-13 or Crip gang tattoos” in there anywhere, do you?  Hummm.    And hey, FBI, if you are reading this?  Most gang folk?  Of any sort?  Tend to have their ink done In House, and not at some Tattoo Parlor, and btw, a lot of tattoo parlors are-up until real recent-  Cash Only Businesses, you morons!

And the irony here is really thick to me.  I mean, this whole thing is coming about because the Fed is apparently afraid of neo-Nazi, right wing, home grown terrorism….so how do they go about “fixing it”?  By acting like right wing, home grown, somewhat Nazi-esque agents of the government?    I mean hell, back in WWII the Nazi’s made undesireables wear signs and tattoos to mark them as other and dangerous and slated for death.  Looks like we’re deciding that “by their ink you shall know them” is a good idea…wardrobe, scars, smell, attached limbs, and sense of comradery as well.

It makes me wanna puke.

I was only idly pondering getting that tattoo before.  Now its a definite.  And fuck them if they wanna call me and all the other people out there who are pretty much harmless to them terrorists for it.  This is Still the United States of America, whether they have forgotten that shit or not!



Part One:  “All women are bitches, why don’t they like me?”

So, since I am doing that whole lets take my mind off shit cause I am a goddamn burn out at the moment, I went out and read some blogs this evening.  As y’all know, I read Hugo’s blog, but damn if some of the comments at his place do not crack my shit up and make me laugh at (rather than weep for) humanity.  Without fail, at least once a week, the whole PUA (pick up artist) culture will be mentioned and all that stuff- the whole Nice Guys or Lonely Guys or whatever blah kinda guys who just seem to have no luck with the ladies, and thusly, some read books or pay gurus or whatever to hopefully increase their odds with women.  Now, I have actually read the holy bible of  PUA-dome, “The Game”  and learned a fair amount about some of this shit.  And actually, some of the advice in it is not bad.  There is discussion on how a dude can improve his self-confidence, take better care of himself, so on so forth, hell, yer basic self-help shit that might actually be useful.  Then there is the other stuff.  And well, the dudes who buy into some of it.  And frankly y’all, it makes my head spin.  You read some of this stuff and its like gee, no wonder you are lonely, and ya sure as hell ain’t nice, and when ya got that attitude about women-all of ’em- its no fuckin’ wonder you’re dating yer hand.   True enough, there may be sometimes where being a nice guy isn’t gonna get ya far.  Like when yer really a bitter whining douchebag claiming to be a nice guy, or only nice to hot chicks who may in fact actually BE outta your league, or when you figure being nice is some sorta strategy game to land yourself a woman.   I mean, a pretty basic theory would stand to be- if ya fuckin’ hate women even though ya think they are good lookin’ and would like to fuck them?  Ya ain’t nice, and most people, even us evil bitches who are so mean to all those lonely nice guys, well, if its thinly veiled to fuckin’ obvious that you think we are shit?  Chances are, we’re not gonna figure you are worth a damn second glance, let alone a relationship.  Not sure how that is some great mystery to some of these fellas really.  And sure enough, I may be a far cry from the typical modern gal in the current dating scene, but Jesus H. Christ and all his associates, I don’t reckon being a whiny, needy, bitter, petulant woman-hating jackwagon is something too many gals are gonna find an attractive quality.  Hell, I may be a slightly insane burn out, but I ain’t an idiot- nor are most women really- and douchebag is not a big selling point in the pursuit of romance! 

As for all the “Well, chicks only dig the alpha bad boy blah blah blah types”  you know what?  There may actually be truth to this.  Hell, it’s a subject I have beaten worse- the whole white knight bad boy so on so forth shit- than a dead horse.  And true enough, I have seen a lot of women a lot of dudes would prolly like to date go for some dudes who are Bad News, but you know what these fellas have going for ’em that Our Poor Beset Upon Lonely “nice” Guys don’t?  They tend to be confident, and often straight-forward, and they Do Not Fucking Whine.  THERE IT IS, RIGHT THERE.  THAT is the ATTRACTION.  They are not whiners!  Not being a goddamn whiner is a stunningly, amazingly, intoxicatingly attractive quality in a man!  And it is totally NOT the exclusive domain of “bad boys” either!  Plenty of men of all kinds have women in their lives and good love lives and girl friends and wives and sex and all that stuff because they are the anthesis of these so-called Lonely Nice Guys…and NOT whiners!  There ya go, great mystery of the world solved!  *

Part Two: Are you a Preacher or an Engager?

This one also comes from being out in blogland.  It seems there are two types of bloggers out there: Preachers and Engagers.  I have sorta come to the conclusion while I might read blogs written by Preachers, I don’t like their style.  Sure, they might post good shit, but that’s kinda what they do for the most part:  Post something- like it’s proof evident from upon high, then walk away and do not engage, discuss, defend, debate, or even just joke around when discussion occurs on their blog.  It’s like they have passed down the holy word to the masses and well, time to move on, cause their shit is irrefutable solid and not up for discussion.  This tends to make Ren a Grumpy Burn Out.  The other kinda blogger is an engager; someone who will post shit, then actually engage / discuss/ debate/ talk with the folk who comment on it.  They may not change their minds, but they are open to discussion, dissent, and conversation.  This kinda blogger I far prefer, and hell, it is supposed to be a social media kinda thing, yeah?  I mean sure, one can do shit their own way and by their own rules on their own blog- but I far prefer discussions over preaching, and try to be a more engager type of blogger myself.  Preaching after all, is for church.

* The exception to this is the chicks who TOTALLY go for the whiny tortured oh the world is so cruel heroin addict goth type artsy dudes-but them boys generally ain’t considered alpha or manly or any of that other PUA shit by anyone, even the girls who go for ’em….they are like the male versions of Damsels in Distress!


Posted: July 23, 2011 in Assholes, Humans

Okay, so, been poking around in blogland today- here and there as it were- and nobody has kicked my brain topic wise, but the over all feel of shit I have taken a look at today has…hence, see title of post.  Now, I will say frankly, that despite my actual dislike of them-in any flavor, color, or gender- I know a lot about various extremists.  I would even guess anyone who has lived/lives in the South who ISN’T one has looked into it a bit, cause you are gonna get accused of being one regardless.  Thusly, admittedly, what I know most about is white extremist groups.  Hell, I talked a guy outta Norse Tattoo he wanted because I was pretty dang sure this fellow did NOT want to be mistaken for “one of those guys”.  But in looking around, hell, you ain’t gotta go to extremist sites to see extremist shit, because all you need to do to find it is look at any hardcore rad fem or MRA site and BOOM, plenty of it, right there.  And sometimes the stuff both are saying makes sense (just like any extremist site).  Any extremist can and WILL find proof of shit that will back up what they say.  It’s actually NOT that hard really.  I mean a rad fem can say that women are far and away more often victims of sexually based crimes than men, and far more often those who commit such crimes are men, and they would be right.  MRA sorts can say that men are far and away more often victims of paternity laws which are skewed in womens favor, and they would be right.  And a sorta tit for tat can be engaged in endlessly….slut shaming vs trauma in wars, DV vs Police Brutality, so on, endlessly….everyone does in fact have a leg to stand on with regards to their views...just like white extremists, or black extremists or christian, jew or muslim extremists…they can, with fact, back their shit up. 

What makes them extremists, however, and what fucks their shit up, is that they tend to apply it to everybody.  All men.  All women.  All non-white folk.  All white folk.  All non (insert religion here) folk.  All of ’em.  Period.  There is no room for exceptions to THEIR RULE when, well, MOST people ARE exceptions to it.  I mean, all men are sexual predators?  Actually, the real unbiased proof suggests all men aren’t.  All women seek to control men’s sexuality?  In fact, no, most women don’t.  All white folk are racist?  Humm, considering Obama is President, I think maybe that ain’t really the case.  All black folk are violent thugs?  Uh, no, in fact, most of them are not.  All muslims want to blow stuff up?  Uh, no, most of them don’t.  All Christians want to forcibly bring everyone else into the fold?  Um, no, not really- and even amid the Christian Religions, there is a ton of variety (come on, I dare ya to tell a staunch Baptist and a staunch Catholic they are exactly the same…)  all Jews support Israel and secretly are working to bring the world under a Zionist State?  Goddamn, where is my memo! Ernest, did YOU get a memo?  Oh, wait, I’m not ALL jew, so, maybe I didn’t get one….I’ll call my dad and see if his arrived in the mail yet…I mean, he’s been lookin’ for it for the last 70 years, right?  And they all predict stuff…kinda like folk of a certain age, hell, generations from mine back through my parents, really, say anyone between late 30’s and 70’s even, depending on what side of the Iron Curtian they lived on, were kinda convinced everyone on the other side of it wanted ’em dead, in the big Cold War cap vs com drama that had many of us diving under our desks in school for air-raid and nuke drills.  Guess what?  I reckon, and fact will actually prove, that most folk on either side of that curtain, cap or com, had no desire to hurt/kill/go to war with/nuke anyone.   But every extremist NEEDS a boogy man, and unfortunately they are not too hard to find.  Every rad fem can find a violent rapist or serial killer of women, every MRA can find an abusive mother, every white hate monger can find a gang banger, every black extremist looking for a horrible racist can find a Grand Wizard, and every major religion has some less than stellar moments and figures…there are plenty of examples out there that back up an extremist view….

But they are never the majority.  They are a minority used to paint the rest of whatever group the extremist hates.  A simple fact is, by chemical make up and biology- we ARE pretty much all the same.  So hating on someone for a chromosome difference, a skin color difference, a regional difference, a religious difference- when so much else is exactly the same…it’s extreme, and actual proof?  It won’t ever be on your side.    I mean, at least here in America, you can hate whoever you want…I will admit I dislike rich classist assholes a whole lot…but I cannot actually prove they are baseline different from me or out to get me, so proof ain’t on my side either- and my dislike is prolly irrational on many levels….but at least I admit it.  And they are not a majority….

In fact, I think if hardcore haters of any type said I hate men who sexually assault women, or women who cheat men, or violent gangsters, or racist asshats, or terrorists, or aggressive religious sorts, so on…no one would think of them as hardcore haters at all, but people who dislike violent lying hate and fear mongering jerkwads….

Eh, something to ponder anyway…

Liar Liar…

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Assholes, Morons, Rants, WTF???

So, the shit is still on going at Hugo’s, and while there is some deplorable shit all around, I am still just stunned that so many folk who are supporting the decision made by Jill and Hugo are plain out refusing to address/ignoring/ making no mention of the fact that, oh, look, huge fucking lie right there.  Deflect, Avoid, Ignore, Straw a flyin’, so on so forth, but humm, no real talk about the lying, except to defend it as ‘the upright thing to do’…

Uh, WTF?

See, I dunno how the rest of the world came up, but I was raised in a manner that dictated lying was wrong, and there was sure as shit the difference between a little white lie and a freakin’ whopper of a lie.  Telling yer friend nah, her ass don’t look fat in that to spare her feelings?  Okay, acceptable.  Not tellin’ some dude he might not be the father of the child he believes to be his?  Not fuckin’ okay.  BIG freakin’ difference there.  There are big important lies and little tiny lies and yep, sure enough, there is a difference. Tellin’ someone you love their new haircut when ya actually hate it is really not some huge impacting thing.  Tellin’ the same friend you got no idea what happened to her car when yer the one who actually stole it?  Uhhh…

And it is absolutely stunning me how many people are just fine and dandy a-ok with this kinda lie.  Floored and all that shit.  I’ll even admit that I kinda gotta a rep amid my friends for being brutally honest even when, er, my honesty is not actually wanted or appreciated…but I really don’t like lyin’.  (yeah, I am the one who will actually say, yes, yer ass looks fat in that- but if its the truth, its the truth- and if people actually care, well, then they deserve to know- I figure if they didn’t wanna know they wouldn’t ask!)  So yeah, this kinda huge epic lie being seen as okay- even if it may be in some manner….merciful…stuns me.  If folk will lie about shit like that, what else are they just totally comfortable lying about?  I mean folk who will lie about something that serious, well, I kinda figure they might also lie about if they have STD’s or not, drug habits, jobs, criminal records, and pretty much any and every other thing a potential Significant Other might wanna know and find relevant before agreeing to be in a relationship with ’em.

And yep, sure enough, the fact that feminists are supporting this  grimly amuses me.  If someone utterly disregarded a woman’s consent or choice like this- they’d be ready to hang some fuckers.  But hey, Ted’s a dude, right, so no harm no foul.  So much for freakin’ equality, right?  These are also the same folk who say if a man lies to a woman about anything serious that pertains to him (see the std, criminal record, so on, above) well then, heck, if he even sleeps with a woman with those lies in place, some of ’em will call it rape because she might not have consented to sex with him if she knew the truth…I guess once again, Ted, who is a dude, don’t get the same consideration.

Goddamn this shit is STILL sickening me and pissing me right the hell off.  It takes a lot to truly disgust me- but this has done it!