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MY theme song….and its…happy!  From a band I grew up on, and it sooo fits!!!!  They even talk about fire!


you know what I think is in order now, soon, what I look like….now.  All 5’2″ maybe 90 pounds half dead of me!   HAHAHAHA, I look like my zombie, but still..alive!!!!

In Other News:

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Assholes, Awesome

Wow, how did I know Gail Dines and Robert Jensen were lying sacks of shit?  Oh yeah, their lips were moving!  Remember WAAY back when Stop Porn Culture promised the world That their Fair and Unbiased “documentary” THe Price of Pleasure was NOT for Profit, NOT for entertainment, and ONLY for educational use????  Huh.  Then why is the fucking thing in my Net Flix Insta Watch Choices????  Nah, no profit motives there, eh?


And guess who took her little test and got her little certificate for a Concealed Carry Permit?  Wooha!

Generation X is sick of your Bullshit…


Posted: October 27, 2011 in Awesome, The Funny

So, I reek of cordite….I like that smell…

Vlad and I hit the range today at lunch time, with the Glock in that photo down bellow….


I have to admit, most of the nice center mass groupings are Vlad’s, however, apparently I have a gift for shooting paper targets in the neck/face/ears/shoulders…a lot.

Either way, I think we killed ’em, and it was a very fun way to spend the lunch hour.  We went to an indoor range, which was pretty nice and surprisingly crowded in the middle of the afternoon (Class going on on one range, so all the non-class shooters were on  the other), lots of dudes there, in everything from jeans to business attire, doing some lunch time shooting.  I was the only female.  One guy down a few lanes was shooting this loud ass honkin’ shotgun, and the guys next to us were shooting an AR-15.  Twas a bit noisy but still a ton of fun, though I did have a hot casing decide to jump down the front of my shirt, which was a  bit rude of it!  Oh, and my safety glasses?  They are pink, y’all.  Hahahahaha.

In any event, it was a VERY fun time, so thanks Vlad!  (Owner of said Glock…)

And seein’ as its been awhile since I shot a non 9mm, I think I did pretty dang good!

But let me preface with…

Now see, there is a story behind this firearm.  It’s the saga of a fellow born in the State of New York…lots of things are cool about New York, and lots of folk think NY is the shit.  Most New Yorkers themselves will tell ya just how cool they are…if yer of the mind to ask ’em, and sometimes even if yer not.  I have even been to NY, various parts of it, several times, and you know, it doesn’t suck.  I’ll even say I think many-a-New Yorker get a bad rap.  They aren’t rude so much as..abrupt.  But anyway, one thing about New York?  Really tough gun laws.  Like seriously.  And well, folk up there apparently have an attitude, not a good kind, about folk who…well…like their fire arms  So, the guy, who always had an interest in guns, didn’t go so much with that interest.  Various reasons I am sure, but yeah, no so much with the getting of firearms.  Until, that is, he moved to Virginia.  A state with far more…ahem…reasonable gun laws.  Not crazy lax like, oh, Arkansas (hey, there IS a reason my fiction is based…there), but yes, people in Va do in fact hold dear the right to own firearms.  And this fella, having moved to a state where the love of the  gun is more appreciated and far less frowned upon, well, he ain’t a gun nut, not yet, but yep, he has indulged the whim to, oh, get himself some guns.

And some for other people too, like that neat thing up top, for oh, some freak he knows who also appreciates fire arms.

Which is most excellent IMHO.

But see, yeah, you can throw the gun enthusiast into NY, even make ’em born there, but once they get out… they’ll find their dang enthusiasim…

and others who share it of course!

Never give Russian/Mongolian girl a glock???  ( i do have great hair thou…)

Why yes, I DO look like an anime character, wait til ya see me with the AK!


(and admit it, you envy my hair…)




So, what did I do today?

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Awesome, Pain

Got up and went to the doc, who did another eipdural shot, but this time with the x-ray thing so he could REALLY see what he is doing….I think I like it better when he can’t.  That fuckin’ thing hurt, cramped up my leg, and well, STILL with the ow here…

But then, I got to do something cool.  What cool you ask?  Well, I got to go see President Obama leave the White House on Marine One…

Yep, this photo was taken with my Droid…

  So yeah, this is me recognizing the privilege I just had to do something that cool, the kinda thing most folk will never get to see up close like that.  It was really pretty neat to get to do that, even if my back DID hurt like heck the whole time.  I have some more photos, better ones even on my real camera, and I will post em soon enough, but yep, that’s what I did today- medical  ick followed by some serious most people will never get to do/see cool.

Little Things

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Awesome, FullMetal

So, yes, when I am in a bad mood for whatever reasons, from my evil spine to, well, anti porn people, I do that thing I do and think about little things that make shit better.

Well, as y’all know, I am a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist, and my favorite characters IN Full Metal are hero Roy Mustang and villain, Envy…  So, Vlad knowing how much I like Full Metal, Roy, and Envy…well, check it out:

  I now via Vlad have Roy and Envy right here on my desk, glaring at each other from opposite sides of my monitor- which is SO full of awesome.  And see, this is not a huge thing, but it is a win anyway, because whenever I get annoyed or pissed off or whatever, well, I can just sit down at my desk and have Roy and Envy there to amuse me and be a small dose of cool in my day.

So, thanks Vlad!


WHAT however is up with the stupid links to stupid shit that I DID NOT put in this post?  How do I MAKE THEM go AWAY?  Annoying!