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Posted: October 7, 2011 in Blogging, Humans, Personal, Pornography, Sexism

So, I was cruisin’ around blog world the other day, checkin’ out a lot of sites I’ve not looked at in months- some cases years- and I got to thinkin’.  I’ve been doing this blog thing, here, at the old place, whatever, for awhile now, and it is interesting to see how much some things have not changed.  I am not sure I count as all as one of those things which has not changed.  I made a concious effort when I nuked the old joint to move- somewhere- forward, to the side, up, down, dunno, anywhere but there because there was a place that was makin’ me far meaner and nastier and crazier than I am by nature because the whole deal, arguing the same shit all day every day to people who are so set in their rightouesness is ultra frustrating.  And it’s funny cause as I was looking around I saw a shit ton of folk saying the same thing:  “everything is exactly the same”…and most of ’em are people who are the ones actually stuck in the same old rut, unwilling to change or diversify or consider shit in a slightly different light- which is kinda funny.  Its kinda like “no wonder everything seems exactly the same to y’all, yer makin’ NO effort to be any different.”  Which makes me rather glad I did decide to, well, do something different.

Now sure, there are always gonna be things that piss me off, topics and views about certain things (like, oh, porn) that are gonna light a fire under my ass.  That gal over at Hugo’s proves that.  Sure enough, that kinda thing makes me mad.  So yeah, been avoiding it- almost completely, because sure enough, nothing new is ever said- same old shit, different day, over and over, and no one ever fucking listens if what is said doesn’t fit how they want it too.  I spent years dealing with that crap- and it ain’t worth it.  People can rattle sabres and cages as much as they want- it doesn’t change fact or truth or proof now, does it?  Nah, it don’t.  People need shit- things to believe in, causes, a sense of rightness, whatever, something to do and something to look forward to and something to occupy ’em to make life worth getting outta bed in the morning.  So be it.  Even if I think those things are crap and full of bullshit- hell, not my place to shine a flashlight, and frankly, not my fuckin’ concern.

Cause I figured out a long time ago, the type of shit I think of as feminism and the type of shit a lot of people I argued with endlessly think of as feminism?  Two entirely different beasts.  I am sorta of the mind that feminism, their brand, is a fuckin’ crock, and what I was for all along was equality- for everyone.  You know, that whole “equal” regardless of color, nationality, gender, so on- equal for everyone, people judged on their merits and character and deeds and shit rather than…crap like sex, skin tone, and other things they got NO control over?  I also think people- all of ’em- have brains, and choices, needs and desires, wants and dreams- and overall tend  to be pretty capable of knowing why they do what they do and don’t endlessly have to ‘examine’ shit.    I can also say, for me. personally?  The whole tribe women we should be united as a class and love eachother/have one anothers backs because well, we are women thing?  Fuck that.  Like anyone else I got people I care about, worry about, try and look out for. There is some kinda bond, friendship or affection there, and sure as shit they aren’t all women.  From Rootie to Ernest, from Aspasia to Vlad, these are folk, both net wise and meat space wise, I actually have a kind outlook on and wonder about and all that stuff….and I am never gonna say some woman, or women, and their wants and needs so on are more important to me than the males in that group-or in general.  Sorry, ain’t happenin’.   I think the whole lot of ’em, male or female, so on, should be treated equally and that means I ain’t gonna favor the gals just because they are gals.  I also ain’t gonna say the gals are weaker, or more emotionally in touch, or less capable of making clear choices and decisions, or are more duped by the world, than the guys are.  Imagine that?  So maybe that is why-me and the Radical Feminist set never saw eye to eye.

Now granted, since I moved here and started writing about other shit than the porn wars and crap and it’s sorta been made evident I am not Lily Liberal and what not, I am sure there are folk who are going “ohhh, i get it now…she’s a libertarian redneck gun nut, it all makes sense”, heck, I’ve even had former allies turn tail and run.  But sometimes ya can’t change peoples opinions if they are set on having them, and its not always worth trying.  That I have most certainly learned.

Point is I guess, I have changed.  Years have passed since I started back at the old joint, hell, I turn 40 come November, have retired from a certain industry save the occasional porn and art things, got tired of being the piss her off, point and shoot advocate, am more worried about the economy than if internet porn is making some women have body image issues, worry more about what the US is gonna be like in 10 years than if BDSM is erotically sanctioned violence against women, and have gone through a ton of medical shit that has truly made me appreciate the little things.

I’ve changed, so I kinda wanna say to all the people who are complaining about how everything is exactly the same?  Well hell, if you do nothing to change that or change yourself…what the hell do you expect?   Shit don’t change unless people change.

And just for the hell of it…bucket of guns!  (not mine, but, I love the picture! It amuses me!)

Humans.  Jesus fucking christ!  Okay, not all humans, but some humans anyway…way back, and I mean seriously, it’s been awhile, I made a post about people who have never fucking made porn declaring themselves experts on the subject and how that torques me right the fuck off.  That entry has recently blown the fuck up.  And it is annoying me.  Not because I mind debating with/snarking on people like Billy, but because…

Well gee, way to fucking ignore the ENTIRE POINT of the whole fucking post- you know, that crazy idea that people involved in porn know more about it that those who are not…right on down to why yes, having to pay for our own testing!  Hell, I might have to go get that typical file I left over at the old blog! 

And did I miss somewhere that California was named the center of the known universe and thus anything that occurs outside its earthquake prone borders is somehow…meaningless?  Christ, if that is true, I really, really need that AK, because I am packing up my shit and heading for the hills in West Va…because the freakin’ Zombie Apocalypse is Coming!!!

(looks into buying razor wire for the compound…)

Who have never made any.

Something different here this time- here we have an Anti Porn Feminist (who has probably never worked in porn) and an MRA (who has probably never worked in porn) going at it about the eternal subject (porn), as if, you know, they know what the hell they are talking about. 

I want to say a few things real quick before I move on here though.  One, false statements have been made- in the APF missive, it is stated that all women in the industry have agents.  This is not true.  There are a ton of freelancers out there who act as their own agents, managers, accountants, so on  (exhibit A, raises hand).  Second, work in pornography is JUST as (if not more so) physically demanding , “dangerous” (wrt to STD’s and such) and taxing for men as it is for women, and they are generally paid far less for their work  (seriously, consider this required reading on the subject) .  It is true they do not have as high of a turn over rate and are less subject to appearance based guidelines however.    And as always, a few peeves.  One, the worship of Robert Jensen as a god amid men.  I’ve met and debated the dude and I thought he was a rude, imperious, dismissive jerk.  Two, the thought that porn is supposed to be “nice” and is oh so unique when it comes to people doing it because they do not have other choices.  Three, the once again poster-girling of Laura Roxx-and acting as if her story (which is horrible) is common-place when it is anything but.  Need I remind anyone that the rate of aids transmission between the General Population of Non- Porn People is FAR higher than it is AMID porn people?  Don’t believe me?  Come to Washington DC…  but yet, I am also irked by MRA’s dudes assumption that all women in porn choose to be there, or that making a choice when there really are no other real choices counts as a choice at all…because that is Bullshit.  Oh yeah, and this whole “porn says the truth about men and nothing about women?”  Well, you know me and universals wrt to THAT subject…  OH OH, and need I remind anyone  that Max Hardcore was tried, convicted, and is No Longer Making Porn…at all?  I guess so.    And I got yer empowerment right here

But be all that as it may…you know what (once again, now and forever, eternally) irks me about ALL this?  People who have never done porn talking about it, quoting experts who have never done it, speaking about how it is for those who do work in porn, and all that other shit that basically falls into the typical file.  You know who the REAL experts in porn are???

That’s right- the men and women involved in the Porn Industry.  That’s who.  They know FAR better how it is and how it works and what goes on than ANY armchair observer…but of course their opinions mean squat (more on that shit later, no doubt).  And that, well, y’all, that fuckin’ pisses me off.  I mean shit, I have no idea what it is like to perform open heart surgery because oddly enough, I’ve never done it!  I can have an opinion on it, sure, but I am no damn expert.  Hell, I even recognize not all open heart surgeries and surgeons are the same, imagine that shit?  However, I am no expert on the subject in any way.

Same  goes for porn and so called experts on it.  You can have an opinion, sure…but is it more valid than that of those in the business?  Fuck No.  And it never will be…whatever side of the debate you are on.

In this thread, which is a long one, the absolutely disgusting has occurred.  SheHasNoName has asserted that porn has caused as many deaths amid women as occurred in the Holocaust.

That’s right.  She is saying porn is responsible things on par with the death of roughly 5.9 million Jews, 2-3 million Soviet P.O.W’s, 1.5 million Romani, 2 million Slavs, 250,000 disabled people, 15,000 homosexuals, and other assorted “impure” peoples.

I asked her to prove this.  Which of course she cannot because it is a flat out no holds barred lie that she used for anti porn dramatic effect figuring that no one would call out the pure vileness of her statement.  Guess what, she was wrong.  And aside from James, that whole lot over there is either letting this slide or supporting her.  Her come back is that proving such things would betray the confidentiality of these (apparently) MILLIONS AND MILLION of women.  And then fucking Laurelin chimes in and basically tut-tuts me for wanting proof of such an utterly wrong accusation. 

This lends me to think these people are not only anti-porn, but anti Jew, anti Soviet POW, anti-Romani, anti-Slav,ableist, homophobic, and anti realizing what a fucking moronic and horrible statement that is.

I do not care how down with the cause or ignorant of history people are.  If you are going to compare pornographers to fucking Nazi’s who killed millions of people you better fucking be able to prove it.  Godwin or no Godwin, that is some seriously fucked up inflammatory shit, and I say that not so much as a woman who is not anti porn, but as one who is Jewish, Slavic, a student of History, and who has relatives still living who know just how horrible the Holocaust was. 

Where is the fucking infamous empathy now? 

And statements like these totally call into question any and every other thing SheHasNoName says in my book.  In fact, they launch her right into disgusting meatsack lying asshole territory for me. 


watchmen_comedian HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh shit.  This is fucking priceless.

I was soooo right.  Anti-porn Radical Feminism is the biggest fucking joke ever.

I mean, check this, you know, from a rad fem anti porner who gets to decide when rape is rape and all and so cares about the women and stuff…

“LOL porn actors and pornographers do not get to define the issues, or set the parameters in any discussion of rape or porn, on my blog. this is not a democracy. and its not a debate.

people who literally depend on the sex industry to survive (and others who exploit it to get rich) are not able to be honest about the negative aspects of the industry. they are not going to bite the hands that feed them. i get that, but their denials and justifications and rationaliations will not be published in this space.”  FactCheckMe

I bet dollars to donuts that the words of someone who works in porn (i.e. me) that were left in comment form there (the second one I made) will not see the light of day? 

Hee. Hehehehehe.  So fucking afraid they are of not being “the only voice”.  So afraid of dissent, or gee, even the words of Other Women that do not fall in line with their own.  So presumptive and terrified of challenge….so, ahem, authoritarian and paternalistic.  Whoops! 

Oh boo hoo, but yet they care about those poor, poor women in porn…except when it suits them not to, then they can actively ignore their lived experiences and words and all.  After all, they must be….liars. 

Now, seriously (or not, these jerks are just too fucking priceless and funny, in a sky is falling stupid way) considering just how wonderful these lovely paragons of sisterhood and woman pride and all treat porn performers who do not sing the right tune, explain to me just why the fuck I should give a rats ass if porn affects them negatively?  I mean, if I do not rate as a human with the same human rights and voice that they seem to think they deserve, why the fuck should I care if they get treated like humans themselves?  What, because I am supposed to be the bigger person here or something?  Guess what?  I’m not.  You treat me like shit, censor my lived experiences, call me a liar, rationalize everything because I am saying shit you do not want to hear because it fucks with your crusade?  Well then, sister, I do not give a fuck what happens to you.  You act like that I am past caring if your boyfriend who watches porn is stupid enough to assume that means anything goes and pressures you to have anal sex.  Yeah, I still think he is an ass…but gee, you could be lying about all that pressure, it might not be your authentic voice, you might be feeling pressure from the rad fem thought collective to talk about just how bad something is (when it isn’t) or make up horrible tales so you can stay in with the group.  You might be deluded and all. 

FFS…oh gee, we care so much about women and pornography….but fuck, you can’t listen to or believe the women who are in it unless they have a horror story.

You people are a fucking joke.

The only reason I bother is because some people are still dumb enough to listen to you.   

Problems with being a skeptic…

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Pornography

I have said before here that like Agent Mulder, I want to believe.


Today I want to, but I am feeling skeptical.   Its one of those things where in context and all, before I take someone at face value and such, I really want some back up, some proof.  I want names named and all.  The where and when and whatnot is over on the current porn threads previously mentioned.  A woman, I presume, has shown up and said she did porn.  Okay, I believe her.  She mentions how she was repeatedly abused while doing so.  Okay, considering how any jerk with a camera can make porn these days I believe that too.  She mentions being locked up, held down, raped repeatedly, and how if she spoke out about it, she was just attacked again-and how all of this happened to her in the mainstream legal porn industry.

Which is where the skeptic comes in.  Its not that I don’t want to or even don’t believe her- but I have some serious questions.  The CA porn industry (which, sorry, is THE legal mainstream industry), what companies?  What producers? Film or Net? Who was responsible for or allowed this  treatement of her?  Who did it?  The reason being if this did happen in mainstream legal porn, well shit, that needs to be called out in order to put a stop to it post haste.  Names need to be named so that other women do not go in to work for these people.  And the argument she makes about how if you are not famous and you say anything you will never work again or will get harmed….well, that may be true for some people at some point- but if you are no longer doing porn…and oddly enough, not famous little old me, I am pretty sure that a great many of the people I know involved in porn, if I were to go to them and say “You know, Director X locked me up, held me down, allowed me to be raped”….they would be all over that bastard like flies on shit because people like him are not only animals- but bad for business. 

So yeah, my initial response is to believe a woman when she says “I was”.  The “mainstream-legal” industry thing complete reared by skeptic gene.  I’m not even now saying I don’t believe, but I need to know more.  Not because I think she is lying about her treatment, persay, but to know if she actually means Mainstream Legal rather than some asshole with a camera. 

And I sure as hell want to ask, but I know I would be skinned alive (theoretically) for asking.  I might anyway.  We’ll see. 



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So very, very wrong.  Now granted, I am not a man or a feminist, so this isn’t to me, it’s just about people like me…you know, cause apparently we cannot read or anything like that…

One, pretty sure this gal has never been on a porn set.  Two, where the fuck does she get off saying there is no “real” consent out of women like me, and we’re all being raped, all the time?  WOOHOO two fucking points for some fine feminist dehumanization and othering there!  Also extra bonus points for doing the Gail Dines move of assuming to know the thoughts and feelings of performers in porn without ever talking to them. 

I even said I was done with this shit, but you know, I just can’t be.  I can’t have the PERSONHOOD of people in porn erased by a bunch of fucking moral know it all crusaders who think they know best, no matter their political bent. 

So then, Femonade Gal…tell you what….why don’t you come here and tell me all about how I’ve been raped, and how many times, because I do porn….especially when I say “No, I haven’t been.  Ever.” 

People like her so piss me off.



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Okay, there are two now.   The second one I read this morning after making my Oh FFS post about the night my dude friends living room became Sparta and you what, I’ll admit it… I laughed.  And not in a ha-ha funny way but in a “wow, I obviously live on a totally different planet than these women live on” way. 

I have come to the conclusion that such things must be absolutely true.  I am not sure which is planet earth or whatnot, but yep, totally different planets.  Granted, most of these women would prolly not be in a dudes living room when it turned into Sparta, or in some cases, at all, but hey, stick with me here…

I’ve never been quiet or shy about my thought that sex and aggression can be linked, to varying degrees, with some people.  Some a lot more than others.  I fall into the “more often than not” category.  I tend to view sex as a sweaty, physical, primal, visceral thing  (not “dirty”, but certainly all those words I just mentioned).  I tend to think it is best when it is aggressive.  I dig that.  And my like of that sort of thing is notable and prevalent in any form of pornographic/erotic material I make; be it art, fictional writing, or yep, good old porn.  The “vs” theme is rampant.   But you know…

I don’t always see or have the female as the one who is defeated?  I rather like things to be a win/win situation in that regard.  Now, if you are of the mindset (as many of the women over there seem to be) that whoever ends up with a penis in them is the person who lost….well then…I am not sure what to tell you.  If one views that as a sure sign of defeat….well, then we really, really are not from the same planet.  I am sort of in the mindset that if the objective of the “fight” was sex, then the penis in them part actually is a sign of victory since well, that was part of the point in the end- to have sex (the het PiV kind, which is well, what I like, so what I put forth in my erotic/porny things).    Hell, I mean anyone who has ever read the Martell stuff…shit, just because she often ends up with a penis in her, Zero is hardly an oft-defeated little victim now, is she? 

And since I have determined that I am not from the same planet as these women, I will add the following.  In all the “horrific” things mentioned over there where the women are so obviously just being defeated…dp, gangbangs, gagging…whatever….well, it is evident that the thought that no woman could ever welcome or enjoy that sort of a physical challenge is the rule of the day.  No thought that a woman, after having engaged in all that, might stand up, smirk, and say “You threw your best at me and I am still standing whilst you all are sucking wind with cramps and just want to go to sleep.”  Endurance factors in not at all when considering victory in “versus”.  Outwit and Outlast are apparently reserved only for “Survivor”.   And me, I guess, but hey, it is obvious I am not from the same planet. 

Then again, in their defence, these women so alien unto me….well, one of the things the Patriarchy-as it were- has thrown at women for a long time is they are not supposed to be aggressive or competitive, especially with men.  When it comes to that- well, I think a certain Tool There Of has done far better in shaking off that message Than Various Others Have.   I’ll be aggressive and competitive with whomever I like so long as they consent to it, thanks.

And yeah, I do think it is hot.  Even when I don’t “win”….I still win. 

But of course there is no possible way any other woman out there could ever agree with me on that, right?


Posted: October 27, 2009 in Personal, Pornography, WTF???

Yeah, the recent porn thread at ND’s, where once again some meatsack is doing the whole all porn women are being raped crap again, ala Gail Dines, so on, plus the whole no one could like that, blah blah blah blah…same fuckin’ dance I’ve done 1000 times before and it still seems like my toes are swollen from all the stomping. 

You know what, on Saturday I engaged in some serious heavy duty full contact wrestling.  Like, actual wrestling and fighting kind of stuff (i.e., not sex).  With…a dude.  Who is taller and heavier than me by a fair amount (and when I say fair, I mean like a foot taller and prolly around 75-90 pounds).  I twisted my wrist.  I have skin missing from my knees and elbows.  He does as well, and his jaw was sore.  In short, this resulted in pain.  I am sure the crowd over an ND’s would want to have him arrested for assault and battery.  I, however, had an awesome time.  It was fun.  It was good exercise.  It was cathartic.  And behold….I consented to all of it and enjoyed it no matter what it might have looked like to any body else or what they would think of it… I had FUN.  I do not regret doing it at all.

Eye of the beholder and all, and guess what, the only fucking beholder that matters on that front (or in a porn scene, or anything else) is the one who is engaging it the activity. 

The peanut gallery can take a walk, you know?

Let’s address the issues…

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Pornography, Sex Work

Ozymandias:  It doesn’t take a genius to see the world has problems.

 The Comedian:  No, but it takes a room full of morons to think they’re small enough for you to handle.

 Fitting, I think, in oh so many ways.

 It’s late, or rather early, for those of you who sleep like normal human beings.  For me, it is late.  And as of late, as I have been sitting back, watching, reading, seeing how things are progressing in the world part of me wants to stand up and scream “No, can’t you idiots see what you’re doing?”  The other part, well, the other part of me wants to sit back, light a cigarette, smile that smug, grim smile of mine and say “Well, look, you got what you wanted, your biggest wishes and dreams came true! Now there is blood running in the gutters and you are standing knee deep in it so how does it feel to try that on for size?  How does it feel to know you had a hand in that?”

 At this point, you might be asking what my grim, insomnia rattled self is talking about.  Well, I’ll give you a hint:  what I always talk about.  The Sex Industry and people who think they know what is best.  They do that a lot, you know…people.  They, oh, envision utopias and get into causes and picture a nice pretty clean world and think they can actually pull that shit off?  Clue here, people.  It ain’t happenin’.  Not in this lifetime or any other.

 But yeah, some people are on the verge of victory, you know, getting the things they’ve always wanted?  Reaching their big time goals?  Anti-sex industry people should be patting themselves on the back right now.  I suspect they are, actually.  Countries all over the world are looking into the Nordic Plans for prostitution. Even here in the good old US of A states where prostitution was not illegal (all two of them) are moving towards laws more like those in the rest of the country.  Porn?  The porn industry is in serious trouble.  Obscenity laws, the AIM/Cal-OSHA wars, all kinds of shit.  Look, anti-industry people?  You are getting just what you wanted.  A crack down on selling/buying sex.  Porn companies folding or in serious financial straits.  You’re winning!

 But, she says, lighting that cigarette and smiling that grim smile, at what price?  The people you worry about the most?  Claim to care about the most?  The poor women, the trafficked women, the drug addicted, un-educated women?  The young women, the children?  Well, Ozymandias, whom do you think all of this is going to hurt the worst?  Need I remind anyone that we are in a world wide mass recession?  Jobs are scarce.  People who were formerly middle class are now fighting to keep their jobs, their homes, and their lights on?  The exact sort of conditions- poverty and desperation- that lead or force the unwilling into the sex industry in the first place?  The types of things that prompt a family to sell a child into sexual slavery?  The types of things that make it easy for traffickers to trick women into forced prostitution after promising them better lives in far away lands? And it is not as if our world governments have swept in to pick up the slack here, dear readers.  There are no government funded, state supported, fully functional programs for former forced sexual laborers.  No medical care.  No educational or job training.  No day-care.  No living quarters.  No roof over the head, three squares a day promise of a better life.  The closest thing we have is…prison. So where are these most unfortunate of people to go?  Just back to what they were doing, in more dangerous conditions.  If you think in your pretty new world there will not be forced, coerced sexual labor then you are a fool.  Ruthless people bent on profit do not let things like nice sounding laws get in the way of their businesses.  The willing and the unwilling will still be fucking for money no matter what the law says.  It may not be on your corners anymore, but it will still be happening, and the worst of it will be happening to the most vulnerable people of all.  Your vaunted models will not end supply or demand, it will just make things uglier and worse.  And if you think it will actually cut down on trafficking?  Ha.  I will call you either a stupid or naïve fool.  And I will be right.  Selling sex is illegal here in most of the USA, but it still happens every day, and in every way, 24/7-365…even on Christmas.

 As for porn, do you honestly think hamstringing the legal porn industry in California will stop porn from being made?  Fact here, aside from in Ca, it is illegal to make porn anywhere else in the US.  Guess what?  It still gets made.  Tons of it.  Some of it is made with Ca standards in place: legal age, testing, contracts, release forms, payment, so on, so forth.  Some of it is most certainly not.  And why yes, so long as there is a demand for porn (which there has been, for a long, long time) it will get made.  Would you prefer the porn that is made to be made by people who abide by the Ca standard, or not?  Because sure enough, so long as someone is willing to spend money to watch people fuck, someone will profit from it.  It will get made, and lawlessness and disorder in porn is not a good idea at all.  Proof of age, testing, contracts, release forms, payment, or…. any asshole with a drunk, drugged out person and an I-Phone?  You pick.  Choice two is what you are actually asking for by calling for the proverbial head of the Ca industry on a pike.  You think women in porn- you know, those helpless hapless ones- are abused now?  Just you wait.  Only a great many of them won’t be in porn anymore then.  They will find other jobs, better or worse, and no one will have any idea if the people in porn are there by choice or not…because it will be illegally made and considering that, no reason for proof of age or consent.  Yet it will still be watched.  There will still be a demand, and a supply to fill it. 

 You think these laws, these victories, will put a single dent in trafficking, or sexual labor brought on by poverty, unemployment, lack of education, or force?  These huge, global problems?

 Well, to you and the rest of the morons in the room…those are things you cannot fix.