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What, you mean I have to remember lines?

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Personal

So, the production assistant on a movie I am going to be in has contacted me trying to put a rehearsal schedule together.  A yep.  I’m in an Indy film…which isn’t porn.  Where I have lines and stuff.  My character is sort of…well, does top human assistant of a demon make sense?  If so, that is her.  Yep. Evil.  Typecasting!  Hehehehe.  She’s a cool character though, I dig her.  Cold as ice. 

My schedule is so wierd though that this could be interesting.  I guess  I will figure something out.

As opposed to General Panic, General Apathy, and Generals of the military…

I have decided that Sharon and Ozzy, Sharon specifically, are pure evil wrapped in cute fur.  She seems to be totally against letting the humans in the household sleep.  If any one part of one’s body is not wrapped in blankets while attempting to sleep, it is chewed on.  Early this morning while attempting to sleep, I was wrapped up like a tamale in blankets and she decided, purring and all, to settle down to sleep on my head.  Like, directly on the side of my head.  Oh, did I mention it is still around 80 degrees here?  Yeah…it’s still warm here.  So, between the sweating if one wants to avoid being chewed on or the chewing if one opts for air, not much sleep going on here because Sharon is eeeevill.  Oz?  Oz will just lay down on you and fall asleep…that is, until Sharon attacks him, then the bed becomes kitty thunderdome and all bets are off.  Yeah, you haven’t lived until you have had two kittens who are wired up like speed freaks run across your chest-claws out- at two in the morning. 

Oz also has an odd habit of joining people in the shower…with the water on and everything.  If he starts shaving his legs, I am really gonna wonder…

Speaking of cats and water thou, have you seen this?  I laughed.  I admit it.

I am debating if I should go back to bed or not…hummm. 

In other news, I am still trying to decide how I feel about Michael Vick playing for the Eagles.  See, I sorta like the Eagles, I’m a big Donovan McNabb fan.  As some of you may (or may not know) Vick (who played QB for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL) was arrested and convicted and did time for dog fighting– well, after he was released from prison, a lot of people figured either A) NFL teams deseperate for a QB of Vick’s calibre would be knocking down his door or B) he would never play in the NFL again.  Both were wrong.  The Philly Eagles were the only team who even showed much of an interest in him.  And as the Eagles are a team I like, I remember when I heard they signed Vick I was like “Great…that blows”.  Coach Andy Reid suggested that he thought Vick deserved a second chance, and a lot of other people agree, saying that Vick was young, he did his time, he is in debt beyond belief, is now speaking on behalf of animal rights organizations, in essence, attempting to make amends.  Still though, in my head, it is not like Vick accidentally hit a dog with his car, you know?  He tortured and murdered a lot of animals.  For sport and profit.  That doesn’t sit well with me at all…

But when the NFL will let a lot of guys who are notorious woman beaters, involved in shootings, so on, so forth, continue to play, I guess Vick should not seem that special.  Athletes are in many ways our modern gods, and get away with shit the average person never would…but that is a rant for a different day I suppose….and I am a sports fan.

I guess I feel like yeah, Vick should get to play, but no matter how brilliant he might be on the football field, what he did?  Flat out wrong and sick, and that should not be forgotten.  I will even admit part of me hopes he really sucks, can’t play like he used too, and gets cut. 

In other football news, the Denver Broncos have managed to win their first two games!  This is nothing short of a miracle, and it may be the only two wins they get all season, but I am happy!   I also still have a major crush on Brett Favre, even if he is now wearing purple.  Via Gin…


Okay, more sleep now, hopefully without cats on my head or attempting to eat me.  More real blogging at some later date.