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Hugo has a post up, ten things men should know by the time they are 30.  I’m meaner than him.  So here we have it….10 things women should know by the time they are 30- Ren Version…

10:  Unless you can beat the holy living fuck out of the male of the speices or you  gave birth to a male of the speices, never expect they will ever actually respect you in a manner you wish to be respected or treat you equal in a manner you wish to be treated equal.

9:  Women cannot have male friends unless they have women in their lives they actually love and love them back.

8:  It doesn’t matter what you look like, you will always find one thing- at least- about your appearance to hate, and that shit will drive you insane, so take time to look at the things you do like about your appearance.

7:  Diamonds are not a girls best friend, firearms are.

6:  If you cannot change a tire, you are a fucking failure at life even if you have a PhD and while someone might come save you..really?  A tire?  Such things should be mandatory in highschool so learn and teach your sisters!

5:  Live up to no ones expectations but your own, whatever they might be.

4:  Everyone has regrets, do not let yours become your rulers.

3:  Always have three plans for everything, two you can share, one you keep all your own, after all, if the shit hits the fan, that plan may be all you’ve got.

2:   Everyone deserves some happy good and fun, even you.  Never think otherwise.

1:  Its brains and iron that get you through life.  Other things might get you to 30, so cultivate the first two before you get there.

Oh man, cannot stop laughing.  Not sure if that was the response she intended to inact but hey, I just admitted in the last post my head is a bit oddly wired and well, for real, some shit that prolly shouldn’t just makes me laugh my goddamn ass off, and really, I needed a good laugh…

so now go to Joans and Read Her Posts about the 50 Shades of “Phenomena”

You done?  You read it?

Did someone other than me laugh?

See, the deadly combo of Joans Sarcastic Yet Justified Rage and the fact that she’s…right…and the fact that as a Het Chick I fuckin’ hate Twilight and all stories of it’s Ilk and actually wish a great many dudes of the world would just leave me the hell alone….oh see, funny shit right there….and any crap schlock novel that follows the pattern she’s talkin’ about?  There are droves of women who will read it…Romance Novels of any sort -from ones with Vampires to ones with BDSM- are usually pretty crappy and are fittingly called Housewife Porn or Bodice Rippers for a reason….and have been for years, so the formula and the tales are nothing new…so yeah, it both amuses me and baffles me when suddenly these sorts of things are almost mythical and mystical in their popularity.  Snerk,  Last book I read- actually re-read, was “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman and it was good.  Last movie I saw was “the Hunger Games”- never read the books, and frankly, I loved it, ‘cept for the stupid romance plot line…

It’s funny to me because I guess as a person who likes to write, and has been told I don’t actually suck at it…I don’t much go for romance in anything I write, or the tried and true formula (maybe that’s why I am not rich and famous?)  Sex?  Sure, I’ll write stuff with sex in it, and complex relationships, and rivalries, and dynamics that are fucked up…sure.  But Romance or the typical Man Sweeps Woman off her Feet and Makes her Feel Special?  In that Special Way Joan is talking about?

Ughhhh.  What amazes me is folk actually like reading that shit!


(by request)


Okay, so yeah, what about the women on Walking Dead?  At this point we are down to really four women characters of any sort of significance:  Laurie Grimes (wife of Rick, Mother of Karl, love interest of Shane) who prior to the Zombie Apocalypse was a house wife, Andrea, (who lost her sister to the Zombies in Season One, wanted to commit suicide, has snapped outta that, had a strange relationship with Dale,  had a fling with Shane and is slowly becoming a badass) who was a lawyer, Carol (who had a daughter named Sophia and an abusive husband, Ed, who both ended up dead. Ed got killed by a zombie and Sophia got turned into a Zombie), who was a house wife, and Maggie (daughter of Hershel, love interest of Glenn, lost her step mom and brother) who seems to be a farm girl recently returned from college.

So, here we have our WD Women.  And face it, the world has ended.  In season one, several of the female characters are doing laundry, questioning how the work load is devided -the women being stuck with most of the work, and Andrea comments something a long the lines of  “It’s the end of the world, women’s lib is dead.”   In the show we see Laurie, thinking Rick is Dead, hook up with Shane because he can protect her and her son, Karl.  We see no one say nothing to Ed about the way he  treats Carol and Sophia until Shane looses it and beats the crap out of him for beating on her.  We see Carol herself flip out when it comes time to make sure Ed doesn’t end up  turning and absolutely obliterate his face.  There is, like there is in any post apocalypse thing, from the crappy “Doomsday” Movie to “The Book of Eli” and any other flick of the end of the world genre that women are not safe:  Not from the zombies, and as Randal and crew prove, not from men who have also surivived.  Lawlessness, Anarchy, and Lack of Order never seem to bode well for anyone, but especially for women…  and because of this, for the most part, the women of WD have seemingly accepted their new (very old) roles in society: cooking, cleaning, caretaking, and make an effort to befriend (or more than befreind) strong men:  Laurie has Rick (and Shane), Andrea has Shane, Carol seems to have some sort of something going with Daryl, and Maggie has Glenn.  Maggie however seems to actually love Glenn, and has for the most part been shown as a woman capable of handling herself (yes, Glenn saves her in the pharmacy, but she did save Andrea earlier in the season)…

The one who does not seem so down with the new world order is Andrea.  We have watched her go from ready to kill herself in Season One to certified badass with a gun in Season Two.  We’ve seen all

Andrea & Shane

of the women, except Carol, take on walkers and win in season two  (come on, Laurie, who is pregnant, kills one with a Mag Lite, how badass is that?)  But Andrea?  Andrea seems to have a real taste for it, and in many ways is becoming Shane’s female counterpart.  There are several good scenes with her in Season Two: with Dale, Shane, and Laurie, where she discusses her desire to do more than laundry, to help protect the group and keep people safe, where she is willing to risk herself to keep others safe, and she has generally sided with Shane on many issues where Shane is right…

To me one of the best of these scenes happened in S2E12, the most recent episode, where she and Laurie, the two Main Female Characters of the show, throw down in the kitchen.  It’s a  verbal throw down, but a throw down it is.  Laurie sort of jumps all over Andrea for trying to do jobs that the men can handle…i.e., security, zombie killing, shooting,  making the tough calls, things of that nature- she does in fact even say “leave that to the men” in essence.  This pisses Andrea off, because she’s, well, good at killin’ zombies and one heck of a shot…and is tired of doing laundry, ect.  In fact, the whole scene and scenerio begs some interesting questions:  Should Andrea, who is pretty handy with a gun, the shooting Daryl incident aside, be tasked with keeping watch and going on rescuse missions rather than, oh, Glenn, who is not a good shot and sometimes freaks out under pressure?  Or are the roles in the new world set on biological sex rather than skill?  In the post zombie apocalypse world, much like the present one, Glenn, regardless of marksmanship, is larger and stronger than Andrea, and would probably suffer less if captured by human hostiles (after all, zombies do not descriminate- everyone is good eatin’), so is that reason enough to keep her at home? Randal, the current hostage of the group, states with his crew there are women and kids, but Only The Men go out and forage…and what they do when they find women and kids…heck, kind of supports Andrea’s theory of wanting to be armed and secure.

Maggie & Glenn

Guns and Roles aside for a moment, the four women characters themselves are interesting, as is the interaction between them.  They are varried in age, pressumably from mid 20’s (Maggie) to probably early 40’s (Carol) , and each of them has their own place and personality amid the survivors.  Maggie is not part of the orginal group we’ve followed on the show, but rather Hershel’s daughter and part of the farm crew.  She’s tough, funny, confident, pretty, witty and obviously really cares about Glenn and her family- but didn’t realize the walkers were …well…zombies, until recently.  We know she is college educated and sort of “worldly” compaired to some of the other farm folk.  She’s also apparently rapidly becoming a fan favorite.  Then there is Carol, who is rather beat down, both by life, her now dead man, and the loss of her child- in fact, Carol actually did not say much at all until season two, and filled the roll of the polite but shy, weepy woman for a long time, yet recently we’ve seen her go out of her way to look out for and at least try to befriend Daryl (who is prickly, to say the least).  Even when he says horrible things to her, she takes it and keeps looking out for him.  Is this because Carol is used to abusive men, or is it the mom in her, or is it because he was the only one who really went out of his way to find her daughter?  Andrea, well, Andrea has done a huge 180, from being suicidal to being ready to take up arms and do whatever is necessary to protect her crew, and then…then there is Laurie, who, via of being Rick’s wife, is seen as, to quote Carol, their own first lady.  Laurie is devious too, and uses many “typically female” tactics to get what she wants- from whispering in Rick’s ear about how

Maggie, Laurie and Andrea helping to pull their weight, and Glenn's!

Shane is dangerous to not making decisions for herself merely by doing the “stand by her man” thing.  She is also if not the biggest (Shane may rival her here) drama queen on the show, one of the biggest.  All of these women are interesting characters, and the way they mesh is interesting….but each of them brings up some interesting questions about women in general, in and out of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Personally I favor Maggie and Andrea to Laurie and Carol, but all of them have valid reasons to hold the views they do and take up the roles they have…

So, discuss at will.

And just because….Daryl Freakin’ Dixon!!!


**Sidebar, In Season One, Carol Saves everyone by remembering she has a grenade Rick had left in his pocket, she found it while doing his laundry, and they use it to blow their way out of the CDC….

Daryl...almost getting shot by Rick...

So, continuing on with Sexism in Gaming, were I have admittedly been rather harsh to male gamers of a certain ilk.  Now, I turn my focus to a contributing factor to sexism in gaming that isn’t something that falls directly on the fellas, but rather upon female gamers of a certain sort.  These gals might even be good gamers-though usually this is not the case, they are often average to bad-however, regardless of their skill level in whatever game(s) they play…they do not help the rest of us in the least…

Now, I am all for anybody, male or female, using everything in their arsenal to succeed if they so choose.  People do it all the time: folk who are very smart will use that to their advantage, and this holds true for gaming as well as anything else.  Same goes for folk who are charismatic, or devious, or sneaky, or charming, or good looking, or funny- those qualities can be used to get ahead, do well, “win” in gaming as well as in life.  I have no problem with this.  I would not expect a very clever person to dumb it down in a Political Game, or someone who rocked at strategy to not use that skill in War Gaming, or someone with religious or occult knowledge not to play to that in a Supernatural Based Game…not for a second.  I wouldn’t expect a person who is a musician or very social type to never play a bard…nor a person who was really in their daily life into working out or martial arts or what have you to play a character who is an ass-kicker…and yep, sure enough, I would never expect someone who is good looking to never play a good looking character….

However, sometimes, with a certain sort of women gamer…there are some…issues… and I shall now get into that…

Because gaming of all kinds is still dominated by men, and because of everything from the way the gaming industry often depicts women and well, the way women can just be socialized anyhow, there is a section of women gamers (both girls who game because uhhh, their men/male friends do, and real life…I guess…Gamer Girlz) who are truly one trick ponies and have but one weapon in their arsenal…

Well, two maybe….usually stuffed into a push up bra, tight t-shirt, or corset

And that is all they ever use.  Sex.  Sex Appeal.  T&A.  Giggly flirty bimbo action.  That’s it.  Regardless of the game, regardless of the genre, regardless of anything…In or Out of Character- this is what they do, this is what they use, and this is all they ever present as what they have to offer.  They are involved in a Live Action Game?  Every character they ever play is in the heels, short skirt, Fredrick’s of Hollywood corset and fishnets or a skimpy leather deal or chainmail bikini.  MMORPG?  Their avatars all look like they wandered in from a porn set.  Table Top games?  Their characters are gorgeous, they often dress sexy/slutty to the game, and they flirt with every other player,  character or npc to the point where its distracting.  Strategy/Card/Console Games?  “Oh, tee hee, can you (male gamer) show me how that works?”

Now, why they do this?  Well, that answer is obvious.  They enjoy the attention they get by doing so- even if after people grow wise to their One Trick Pony M.O., that attention is negative.  But, for other girl gamers…who actually have a lot more going on as gamers and can play everything from a Sexy Siren to a Bad Ass Leg Breaker to a Brilliant Mastermind -in any sort of game- and are actually

Ren rockin' the Non_Sexy...

there to GAME and not flirt with/frustrate/pick up men?  Well, this shit ain’t doin’ us, as Women Gamers, any good.  In fact, it don’t help at all.  And since Women Gamers can have a real rough time getting taken seriously in the first place…the reaction of the Actual Woman Gamer to a One Trick Pony can be…incredibly hostile.  There is not going to be any love shown for a gal who comes in, shoves her tits in the face of every man there, and gets ahead by blowing the ST/GM/Event organizer.  None at all.  I have seen One Trick Ponies get their asses stomped for this (after all, really hard to fight back in corset and heels!)   And sure enough, it is likely, especially in LARPS or at Con’s and such,  ALL women are going to get looked at, hit on, take some sexist BS…but actual Women Gamers will prove their legitimate right to be there by their gaming…not their flirting and boobs.  Such women are there to Game, dammit, and for every inch the One Trick Pony gives, for every stereotype she fufills, for every bullshit bit of bullshit Women Gamers already have to put up with they fall into or live up to or reinforce?  Well, every woman gamer who actually is there to game, and can do so, then has to undo or put up with….and frankly, many of us already take enough shit really…just for being female.

And sometimes, I can’t really blame the dudes for thinking the only reason women game is to turn dudes on / be flirty/ show themselves off blah blah blah when this is the kinda thing they see outta women in their gaming…espeically if those women gamers never show them anything else.

This is not to say I’ve never played characters in any genre I play who show some skin in an appealing way…but usually?  I don’t.  In my gaming days I have played everything- in larp to TT to MMMORPG- from a dude to a gal in tactical gear to a gal in a suit to a “we’re not sure if that’s a gal at all” who generally dressed like this guy, right down to the braids and jacket.  Short skirts and such? Yeah, I’ve played characters who wore them, but those sorts are definitely in the minority.  Because I am there to game…like a great many women gamers…and we’d really enjoy less bullshit when we show up to do so… And some gamer gals?

They don’t assist in that Quest at all…even if they are playing healers!

hell yeah!

and yes its me, and yes any art in it i drew and yes the six armed Kali naga drawing is my back tattoo and yes, i  did make her look scrawny like me!!!!  And yes, I look vastly different with red, black and blonde hair… blonde bad, red or black okay, even black and pink and white dreads!  And do not ask about my Agent Smith obsession, just…don’t!

Women, Feminism and….Guns?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Guns, women

Hell, y’all knew this day would come, didn’t ya?

Not even sure how to start this post.  It’s Moon Hut of the She Wolf Sister time around here, but anyway…

As folk who read here know, I do kinda like firearms- hell, just scroll down for proof of that.   I also know from poking around here and there in Gun Blog Realm that the fastest growing group of people who are arming themselves?  Women.  Yep.  “Girls, get yer guns!” is actually happening.  However, I would be a big old liar if I didn’t say that anywhere, anytime, anyplace I have been where firearm fans gather…the gals are outnumbered.   The last few times I’ve been to the range I’ve been the only woman there shooting (one place, the receptionist was a woman, but all the safety folk and range people -so on- men, same goes for all the shooters).  The gun boards/forums I read and participate on…mostly men.  Some women, a few, but the one I joined recently, well yep, sure enough, there was the “it’s really nice to see a woman gun enthusiast here”- a very polite line in a very polite “Welcome to the Board” message I got, but yep, enough to tell me sure enough, as a woman here too I was gonna be outnumbered significantly.  In my area, they even have “Girls Gun Range” nights and a few even women only Gun Clubs, but yep…still kinda a man thing.

I will say truthfully, while I do not mind, even enjoy shooting with the guys and such, it would kinda be nice to have well…more women around.    I’m not saying I am gonna run out and join a girls only gun club, or even hit the range on Ladies Nite, but yeah, it would be nice – just in general- to have more women around.  Heck, I don’t need a ton of sisterhood to go with my guns, but a little could be nice.  I’ve asked a couple of my female friends if they’d ever like to go shooting…I know Rootie and Aspasia would prolly be up for that, but of my local crew of gals?  One, a whole one, has showed any interest at all.  The rest of ’em?  Not even adverse to firearms, but well…chicks don’t do the gun thing, roosters  do…

Which sent my demented In the Moon Hut Chillin’ With The She Wolf Sister mind to wandering.  While I know many-a-feminist are also pacifists and such, not all are.  And if you read feminist blogs, you dang well know that they are concerned with and terrified of and enraged by violence towards women.  They are – generally- pretty quick to point out that true enough, by in large men tend to be larger, stronger, and even more physically aggressive than women…which made me wonder:  Why don’t more feminists (non-pacifist ones) who live in countries and regions where it is possible and legal to do so, own guns?  As they saying goes- God Created Man, Sam Colt made them Equal…and I tend to think that applies to the female of the species as well.  If these women are sure as shit certain that men hate women (by in large) and actually seek to do us harm (in various ways), well then, why not arm themselves?

And I am not even talking about buying some random gun and stowing it in the nightstand or glovebox for “just in case”.  I mean like actually putting some thought and serious
consideration into it.  If one is gonna be a gun owner, they should do it right.  Hell, I am not saying they should be running to the local arsenal and pickin’ out multiple semi-automatic rifles, making a big wish list of high caliber hand guns and joining the NRA and…oh…wait.  Um.  Yeah.  Ahem, I am not saying women other than me should be doin’ that stuff, but yeah, getting a firearm and learning how to use it, care for it, you know…empowering themselves, in that firearm kind of way.   I mean, to me, it almost makes sense that any (non-pacifist)  women would be down with that, especially feminist ones.  To me it makes sense that a woman would want to be able to defend herself, her home, her family, so on, and do so effectively.  It makes sense that they would spend the time and effort- and alas, money- to do so.  They’d try out various kinds of firearms and pick one (or more) that works well for them, fits their hands, is the right size and weight and has  a good,  reliable rep.  (Ah yes, this is vitally important, a good fit with a gun is like a good fit with a bra- makes a world of difference!)  They’d educate themselves excellently on the use of said weapon.  They’d learn to clean and care for it and keep it in proper working order- after all, it will be no good and of no use to you if it don’t work when ya need it to!  I think they’d be educating themselves on the laws regarding firearms in their areas, looking into permits, and concealment laws, and classes and such to well, be competent, if not good or great, shots and gun owners.   And yeah, I know there is the argument that if women have guns, they run the risk of having those weapons taken from and used on them…but between you, me and the Internet?  I look at it like this- the better and more familiar one is with their own firearms, the harder they are to take  away and use as effectively, and if my choices are being shot with my own gun or raped and then stabbed/beaten to death?  Ummm, shot with own gun please.  Yes, grim.  Also true.   Firearms are, in many ways, like them or not, want them or not, a tool that does, in that very serious mortal sort of way, level the field and make things equal.  Thusly, I am somewhat vexed that more women, especially feminists of certain varieties, are not gun owners if they live in places where it is legal for them to be so.

Explain this to me please.

So, I was reading/responding over at Joan’s (which, by the way, Joan is an engager and not a preacher, and well, I like her shoot from the hip whatever enters her head style…that is my kinda blogging  lol).  The topic is abusive relationships and BDSM, so I had to open my big mouth.  So I have been reading and engaging and I am back here with this uneasy feeling cause I feel like some folk?  Well, even though they are women, they sell women short.  Its like, you know, I read enough MRA shit where the hardline is because men and larger and stronger they are just naturally meant to be dominant, then I gotta hear that shit from feminists too?  Really?  Seriously?  I mean, sure enough, little ole’ me?  I am never gonna beat a guy in a fair fight.  Note I said fair there.  Hell, I fight dirty.  Why?  Well, because there is more to women, even in that sense, than people give ’em credit for.  I am one of those folks who thinks (and gets real sick of thinking) that everyone, even women, sell women short in a whole lotta ways.  Hell, I know a lot of women you would Not Want Pissed Off At You.  Rootie will throw poisonious snakes in yer car.  Lee would just stomp the shit outta ya outright.  Lisa KS will handle yer agro but good.  Aspasia will sarcastic you to death, Chicago Style.  And I might not be able to beat someone down, but I could find out where they slept and I do own a whole lotta saws…  There are a lot of women out there, A LOT, it is just NOT a good idea to fuck with- and not because they are uber strong and can beat up people, but because they are smart, can be devious and vicious if needs be, and well, are not of the mind to let people walk all over them. 

Hell, I even look at it this way:  I know three types of women.  Those who do not put up with shit from anyone.  Those who do put up with shit from everyone.  Those who will put up with some shit from some people cause they care about them, and then do not put up with shit from people they don’t care about.  Group one and three I can get and understand and well, prolly not folk you want mad at you.  Group 2 I do not get and I think they are at where they are at because they sell themselves short.  Do I know women who let people, including their men- hell, especially their men, walk all over them?  Yep. Does it drive me nuts?  Yep.  I know dudes who are the same way too though, without question.  And its kinda funny, because if you wanna throw BDSM into it for a second….two of the dudes I know who have let their lives be utterly run and ruined and completely dictated to them by their women?  Heh, Also happen to be dominant in the bedroom.  Humm….

But yeah, back here with that irked feeling.  Sure enough, most women are not as big or strong as men.  And?  Like we ain’t adapted or figured out other ways to handle our business and get shit done and stand up for ourselves?  Really?  As the saying goes “God created Man, Sam Colt made them Equal”…that does apply to us chicks too you know. 

I mean really, WTF, women, have some self confidence already….get some faith in yerselves!


This shit disgusts me….

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Assholes, women

Flat out, disgusts me.

I generally cannot and do not get behind MRA whining, but for real, any woman who knowingly lies to a dude about a kid being his when she knows the kid isn’t or there is a chance the kid isn’t is a fucking selfish lying scumbag and nothing but.  If a man knowingly chooses to raise/adopt a child who is not his?  Good on him.  If he is tricked and lied to?  Well fuckin’ shame on her and yeah, heaps of contempt.  There is no reason, no excuse, nothing that justifies that shit.  A woman who pulls that crap is making the foundation for numerous relationships a big fat lie and causing all sorts of damage. 

There is no defense for this. No defense, and no exucse, and any woman who pulls this shit is sure as hell makin’ the rest of us look bad.  Period.

So yeah, I sacked the old joint cause I got sooo verrry tired of this shit, and I am not gonna make a habit of rehashing all that old shit yet again, but yep, time to reiterate some simple and plain as day fact.

A great many Anti-Porn Radical Feminists (not all, but enough) are so amazingly mind boggling in so many ways it is both infuriating and hilarious.  For instance, let us take a typical way many (not all) APRF’s come at engagement- not the marrying kind, but the debate/discourse kind:

1)  State their opinion as iron clad fact and set themselves up as authorities on the topic when their actual experience is lacking, much of their research is not original and drawn from seriously flawed studies, and broke no challenge to it.

2) Ignore all words, facts, statements from those who are also versed in the subject material but do not agree with their version, disregard testimony and input with those who do have hands on knowledge that does not line up with their world view. * some women are more equal than others

3) Engage in amazing amounts of dealing in double standards:  they are allowed to be rude, patronizing, dismissive, presumptive, and hostile, but then… WHY YES….whine like spoiled little school girls when treated in a manner which is less than stellar by those whom they have treated like garbage.  *some women are more equal than others

4) WHEN asked questions about their methods, research, stances, plans, or any other such thing, they do not EVER answer directly, refuse to answer, OR, if hostility is in the air- UTTERLY IGNORE the topic or questions of interest in order to, why YES, whine like spoiled little school girls about how badly they have been treated by those mean nasty people whom they treated like garbage first. *some women are more equal than others!

5) When PRESSED to actually engage and defend their Precious Precious points and “facts” and stances, they basically stick their fingers in their ears and scream “I don’t have to defend my VISIONARY AWESOMENESS from you!  I am smarter and better than you, and I know the really real truth and you don’t, oh yeah, and you were meaaaaannnn to me!  WAAAAAA!

Smirk, fuckin hell y’all, and these people are gonna bring down the Patriarchy and Change The World?  For real?  If they are this freakin’ pathetic when faced with ONE angry, caustic 5’2″ 100 pound woman, I seriously wonder what the hell they would ever do facing down a whole slew of men, with guns, money and power?  Oh yeah, I know….run screaming like a bunch of spoiled school girls. 

I mean, come on, okay, I know- I am mean, caustic, sarcastic, blah blah blah blah.  Horrible of me, I know…but for real, not once, even when I AM being nice, have I ever gotten a simple straight answer about ANY fucking thing that challenges or pokes holes in their precious theory.  NOT ONCE.  I mean come on, basic shit here, REALLY EASY questions, and if they are so sure they are right? Why the whining, deflection and terror?

-what is the plan for ending the sex biz?

-any idea how the results of the research you love to quote comes about?

this is NOT astrophysics here, really.  Man I love me some anointed by the moon goddess untouchable, unquestionable, apparently sacred and holy rad fem theory which is above all challenge and debate and is unfit for the eyes or consumption or reading of by us unwashed masses who are so in need of saving from everything and everyone- including ourselves.  THAT must be it…the Devine Theory is Above Sullied Mortal Scrutiny….

Either that, or they know caustic mean oh so horrible scary people like me could blast that shit apart faster than Jesse James with an Uzi.


I guess theory number two….and don’t forget, with this lot, some women are OBVIOUSLY more equal than others, and being treated with respect when treating others like garbage is only for The Special Keepers of the Theory…and if you DARE not heed this law….expect whining, bullshit, distortion and lies.  Pfft, and these women wonder why so many people give ’em shit?  Hell, ya reap what ya sew and all that.  Come to think of it….they have a lot of shit in common with Cults, really.

Opps, there I go doing that horrible mean venting again.  Shame on me!


So, my LJ Buddy Stagger Lee has a post up about her adventures, as a Black Woman, in Texas…at a fast food joint, where she dared to sit down next to a little white kid while his mom was in the bathroom and ask about the video game he was playing.  Heck, Lee has lots of posts about these sorts of things, a series which she calls “Adventures in Blackness”  (which is a title I love, btw), and while reading, I started to wonder if the Wierd Looks and stuff Lee was getting were not only due to her Blackness, but her also overall non conventionality and conformity?  Because sure enough, Lee marches to her own drum….and well, frankly, we have both often wondered if we are actually TWINS, separated at birth…but like different races and totally built differently and not looking a like at all….because well, yeah, in lots of other ways?  We could totally be related. 

But yeah, I did wonder about that…because I know as a non-conventional white gal, I get looked at funny a lot.  I am a surly, inked up, scar having, not so nicely dressing sort and sure enough, if I am with a kid (relative, friends kid, so on so forth) people will take one look at me with said child and give me the “get away from them you scumbag” look more often than not- even if I am doing something like, oh, helping them get their bike outta a bush or giving ’em a bandaid or something.   So I know how it goes with people looking at ya funny due to not being what…well…folk think you should be.

BUT, add to this that Lee is Black, and it is Texas.  One, I think conventional or not, Black Women have it tougher when it comes to this sorta thing.  A White Lady sitting down and asking a little black kid about a video game?  Most folk would not bat an eye if the White Lady was, well, conventional.  Prolly would not bat an eye AS MUCH at a non conventional white lady as non conventional Black Woman….and well…TEXAS.  Which IS in many parts VERY multi-cultural, but I do think A LOT of those womenfolk down in Texas take their feminine beauty rituals and all VERY Seriously.  The Beauty Queen with the Shotgun thing?  Texas.  Totally.  So yeah, I think Lee had both being black and Not Texas Conventional factoring in when she got the weird looks….

Which of course begs questions of race, class and location.  You know, I kinda think that Lee and I, what, with our tattoos and weird hair and all, could prolly stroll down the street in LA or NYC or Chicago or lots of other places and no one would look at us oddly except, well, shes like a foot taller than me.  We could prolly be tearing apart an engine together in New Orleans or Atlanta and no one would pause to take a second look.  I also think if we were in parts of DC, Lee would not get a second glance but I sure as hell would, in Charlestown WV I wouldn’t and she would, and well, in LOTS of places the fact that she is black and I am white would not raise as much dust as, oh, ewww, look at those two WOMEN in their grease stained jeans and with all those tattoos, oh heaven for fend!!! Never mind Lee is ex Army and defended the US and is, well, in Law Enforcement Now, and never mind that I have whenever possible been the first person to help out folk simply because they needed it- fixin a tire or mowing a lawn or whatever….well, we dress funny and have tattoos and swear a lot and party hard and all that stuff.  We’re not…very ladylike. 

 So yes, I do think race absolutely has something to do with it, and I do think a non-conventional Black Gal is gonna have it worse period than a non conventional White Gal….but this other stuff fascinates me too, the class aspects, the location aspects, the what women are supposed to be like aspects, ALL that….

Eh, ponder at will.