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I think I have caught the Signess…

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Guns

Or would that be “down with the signess?”

First off, this blog post is the maiden blog post using my shiny new computer!  Ah yes, after having used one that was held together with duct tape, threats and prayers for way too long, mercy was extended and Vlad got me a new pc for my b-day, which arrived Friday, and…Woot!  It’s shiny black and works good and I can play games on it and watch videos and stuff without lag and…just, well, its cool.  I can put the old one out to pasture now and will no longer have to swear at it endlessly.

Anyway, after a Thanksgiving where I sorta ended up feeling WAY overworked- what with makin’ all the food and shit, and underpaid…hey, all that food costs money…and a Friday where I felt like crap because, uh, I ate A LOT and my stomach was NOT pleased, well, come Saturday Vlad introduced me to his shiny new Sig Sauer p220 in .45  …. even let me shoot it…

…and can I say I love that gun in a biscuits and gravy kinda way?  Hah, there is a reason my favorite fictional character I write uses a Sig…and now I know why!  It’s a NICE gun.  I have been infected with the Signess.  Virtually no kick -even at .45!  Also actually fits in my hand, which being small is a thing. It’s got real good out of the box accuracy, and well, it just rocks.  Admittedly Vlad shot it WAY better than me (he did real good), but I do like the gun…a lot…tis very, very nice.   I’d kinda been eyeballing a Sig p238, but after shooting the p220, I dunno…

Unless I win the lotto, then this is on the list…

I will always have my unsavory fascination with AK47’s, and Glocks are nice…but I think Sig has vaulted into my top three and grabbed the top position…

Women, Feminism and….Guns?

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Guns, women

Hell, y’all knew this day would come, didn’t ya?

Not even sure how to start this post.  It’s Moon Hut of the She Wolf Sister time around here, but anyway…

As folk who read here know, I do kinda like firearms- hell, just scroll down for proof of that.   I also know from poking around here and there in Gun Blog Realm that the fastest growing group of people who are arming themselves?  Women.  Yep.  “Girls, get yer guns!” is actually happening.  However, I would be a big old liar if I didn’t say that anywhere, anytime, anyplace I have been where firearm fans gather…the gals are outnumbered.   The last few times I’ve been to the range I’ve been the only woman there shooting (one place, the receptionist was a woman, but all the safety folk and range people -so on- men, same goes for all the shooters).  The gun boards/forums I read and participate on…mostly men.  Some women, a few, but the one I joined recently, well yep, sure enough, there was the “it’s really nice to see a woman gun enthusiast here”- a very polite line in a very polite “Welcome to the Board” message I got, but yep, enough to tell me sure enough, as a woman here too I was gonna be outnumbered significantly.  In my area, they even have “Girls Gun Range” nights and a few even women only Gun Clubs, but yep…still kinda a man thing.

I will say truthfully, while I do not mind, even enjoy shooting with the guys and such, it would kinda be nice to have well…more women around.    I’m not saying I am gonna run out and join a girls only gun club, or even hit the range on Ladies Nite, but yeah, it would be nice – just in general- to have more women around.  Heck, I don’t need a ton of sisterhood to go with my guns, but a little could be nice.  I’ve asked a couple of my female friends if they’d ever like to go shooting…I know Rootie and Aspasia would prolly be up for that, but of my local crew of gals?  One, a whole one, has showed any interest at all.  The rest of ’em?  Not even adverse to firearms, but well…chicks don’t do the gun thing, roosters  do…

Which sent my demented In the Moon Hut Chillin’ With The She Wolf Sister mind to wandering.  While I know many-a-feminist are also pacifists and such, not all are.  And if you read feminist blogs, you dang well know that they are concerned with and terrified of and enraged by violence towards women.  They are – generally- pretty quick to point out that true enough, by in large men tend to be larger, stronger, and even more physically aggressive than women…which made me wonder:  Why don’t more feminists (non-pacifist ones) who live in countries and regions where it is possible and legal to do so, own guns?  As they saying goes- God Created Man, Sam Colt made them Equal…and I tend to think that applies to the female of the species as well.  If these women are sure as shit certain that men hate women (by in large) and actually seek to do us harm (in various ways), well then, why not arm themselves?

And I am not even talking about buying some random gun and stowing it in the nightstand or glovebox for “just in case”.  I mean like actually putting some thought and serious
consideration into it.  If one is gonna be a gun owner, they should do it right.  Hell, I am not saying they should be running to the local arsenal and pickin’ out multiple semi-automatic rifles, making a big wish list of high caliber hand guns and joining the NRA and…oh…wait.  Um.  Yeah.  Ahem, I am not saying women other than me should be doin’ that stuff, but yeah, getting a firearm and learning how to use it, care for it, you know…empowering themselves, in that firearm kind of way.   I mean, to me, it almost makes sense that any (non-pacifist)  women would be down with that, especially feminist ones.  To me it makes sense that a woman would want to be able to defend herself, her home, her family, so on, and do so effectively.  It makes sense that they would spend the time and effort- and alas, money- to do so.  They’d try out various kinds of firearms and pick one (or more) that works well for them, fits their hands, is the right size and weight and has  a good,  reliable rep.  (Ah yes, this is vitally important, a good fit with a gun is like a good fit with a bra- makes a world of difference!)  They’d educate themselves excellently on the use of said weapon.  They’d learn to clean and care for it and keep it in proper working order- after all, it will be no good and of no use to you if it don’t work when ya need it to!  I think they’d be educating themselves on the laws regarding firearms in their areas, looking into permits, and concealment laws, and classes and such to well, be competent, if not good or great, shots and gun owners.   And yeah, I know there is the argument that if women have guns, they run the risk of having those weapons taken from and used on them…but between you, me and the Internet?  I look at it like this- the better and more familiar one is with their own firearms, the harder they are to take  away and use as effectively, and if my choices are being shot with my own gun or raped and then stabbed/beaten to death?  Ummm, shot with own gun please.  Yes, grim.  Also true.   Firearms are, in many ways, like them or not, want them or not, a tool that does, in that very serious mortal sort of way, level the field and make things equal.  Thusly, I am somewhat vexed that more women, especially feminists of certain varieties, are not gun owners if they live in places where it is legal for them to be so.

Explain this to me please.

Ahem, we bonded…

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Guns

I named her even..Elena! 

I did pretty good with her, we get along.  Once i got shit down with her, I did suprisingly well.




This one however….  Not so much.  Vlad kicked my ass with this one…

So, I reek of cordite….I like that smell…

Vlad and I hit the range today at lunch time, with the Glock in that photo down bellow….


I have to admit, most of the nice center mass groupings are Vlad’s, however, apparently I have a gift for shooting paper targets in the neck/face/ears/shoulders…a lot.

Either way, I think we killed ’em, and it was a very fun way to spend the lunch hour.  We went to an indoor range, which was pretty nice and surprisingly crowded in the middle of the afternoon (Class going on on one range, so all the non-class shooters were on  the other), lots of dudes there, in everything from jeans to business attire, doing some lunch time shooting.  I was the only female.  One guy down a few lanes was shooting this loud ass honkin’ shotgun, and the guys next to us were shooting an AR-15.  Twas a bit noisy but still a ton of fun, though I did have a hot casing decide to jump down the front of my shirt, which was a  bit rude of it!  Oh, and my safety glasses?  They are pink, y’all.  Hahahahaha.

In any event, it was a VERY fun time, so thanks Vlad!  (Owner of said Glock…)

And seein’ as its been awhile since I shot a non 9mm, I think I did pretty dang good!

But let me preface with…

Now see, there is a story behind this firearm.  It’s the saga of a fellow born in the State of New York…lots of things are cool about New York, and lots of folk think NY is the shit.  Most New Yorkers themselves will tell ya just how cool they are…if yer of the mind to ask ’em, and sometimes even if yer not.  I have even been to NY, various parts of it, several times, and you know, it doesn’t suck.  I’ll even say I think many-a-New Yorker get a bad rap.  They aren’t rude so much as..abrupt.  But anyway, one thing about New York?  Really tough gun laws.  Like seriously.  And well, folk up there apparently have an attitude, not a good kind, about folk who…well…like their fire arms  So, the guy, who always had an interest in guns, didn’t go so much with that interest.  Various reasons I am sure, but yeah, no so much with the getting of firearms.  Until, that is, he moved to Virginia.  A state with far more…ahem…reasonable gun laws.  Not crazy lax like, oh, Arkansas (hey, there IS a reason my fiction is based…there), but yes, people in Va do in fact hold dear the right to own firearms.  And this fella, having moved to a state where the love of the  gun is more appreciated and far less frowned upon, well, he ain’t a gun nut, not yet, but yep, he has indulged the whim to, oh, get himself some guns.

And some for other people too, like that neat thing up top, for oh, some freak he knows who also appreciates fire arms.

Which is most excellent IMHO.

But see, yeah, you can throw the gun enthusiast into NY, even make ’em born there, but once they get out… they’ll find their dang enthusiasim…

and others who share it of course!

Never give Russian/Mongolian girl a glock???  ( i do have great hair thou…)

Why yes, I DO look like an anime character, wait til ya see me with the AK!


(and admit it, you envy my hair…)


Posted: September 13, 2011 in Guns, Humans

As most of you know, I am a fan.  But, anyway, about a week or so back Vlad sent me a news article about a program where a community group buys back guns from the public…..but not real guns, and not from adults (a common program around the US actually-done by law enforcement), but toy guns from kids…they trade the toy guns for pizza and such.   You know, NERF guns and squirt guns and so on… because apparently even fake, neon yellow and purple toy guns are dangerous business….


Now, sure enough, I know folk who do not let their kids play with toy guns, or swords or any such thing for that matter.  No plastic green army men, no nerf sword and shield, no violent toys at all.  I suppose that is their right as parents, but hey, I buy into the forbidden fruit theory with kids and I reckon those kids who aren’t allowed those things at home jump at the chance to play with such things at their friends houses! And I remember when there was a huge move,  back in the day, to make toy guns look less realistic after some kid got shot buy the cops for brandishing one of them old skool water Uzi squirt guns- which you know, looked really REAL.  I actually don’t think changing the colors was a bad idea really.  I also know even replica/stunt / paint/ airsoft/ guns which do LOOK real often have a bright orange cap on em to distinguish them from the real deal…. (heh, ask Bullet Tooth Tony about that, he has a great speech on it), and frankly, all these little safety things that determine fake gun from real gun are good IMHO…


The idea that merely playing with squirt guns, ect.,  deadens kids to the realities of violence and gets them used to holding firearms?  Humm.  Kinda a stretch I think.  I can tell ya, all I gotta do is look out my front window to see a ton of happy, well adjusted kids, from super girly girls to rolly polly little wanna be tough guys runnin’ though the hose and having epic squirt gun fights and tossing water ballons  (those are next I bet, they get kids used to chuckin’ grenades!) and having a great old time in the dead of summer heat and I really, really doubt ANY of them will ever actually SHOOT someone with a real gun.  And these kids?  They are not uber yuppie kids of peaceniks either.  Plenty of gun owners in my neighborhood.  Hunters.  A couple cops.  Military folk.  All sorts of adults who have guns.  And you know what?

I am willing to bet cash money that ALL OF THEM encourage gun safety and the proper use of firearms and have been over the dangers and realities of guns – real ones- with their children 100 times and see that they keep the real guns safe.   And if their kids are old enough/interested in shooting? I bet these gun owning parents see that their children  know all the safety rules and are taught properly in secure locations and all that stuff that goes with being a safe, cautious, educated, and responsible Gun Owner.  Which is how ALL gun owners SHOULD be.  And THAT is what people and communities should be doing- IMHO- when it comes to educating kids about guns.

Hell, when I was 12 or so, I went hunting for the first time.  My family had educated me about gun safety and the proper way to use, load, hold, carry, and care for the rifle I was loaned for the hunting trip.  I also got to see, up close and personal, what a gun can do when it meets a deer.  And that was MORE than enough to show me  the truly lethal nature of the weapons we were using.  I never assumed for a second a human would fare any better than that deer did.  I also worked, for a time, in my late teens, in a morgue.  I got to see what guns can do to humans there too….and thusly, while I do like my guns, I have an ultimate respect for them and what they can do.  Now I may just be a hick and all, but that sure as shit taught me to respect and fear guns more than trading out a water pistol for a pizza and a new shirt.  I grew up around guns- not in a gansta laden neighborhood- but rather with a family and circle of friends full of hunters and law enforcement folk (well, okay, and few who had been on the wrong side of law enforcement) and WWII, Korea and Vietnam Vets and well, people who used but respected guns.  The respect part is the key part I reckon…and the part that should be taught.  THAT is what seems to be lacking when it comes to teaching kids about guns…and taking away toys that can provide a kid with hours of fun and recreation is NEVER gonna teach them anything about the realities of firearms and the respect they are due. 

As for people, kids, so on, becoming deadened to the realities of violence?  Well, that is a whole different post, and it’s in the works….