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Oh man, cannot stop laughing.  Not sure if that was the response she intended to inact but hey, I just admitted in the last post my head is a bit oddly wired and well, for real, some shit that prolly shouldn’t just makes me laugh my goddamn ass off, and really, I needed a good laugh…

so now go to Joans and Read Her Posts about the 50 Shades of “Phenomena”

You done?  You read it?

Did someone other than me laugh?

See, the deadly combo of Joans Sarcastic Yet Justified Rage and the fact that she’s…right…and the fact that as a Het Chick I fuckin’ hate Twilight and all stories of it’s Ilk and actually wish a great many dudes of the world would just leave me the hell alone….oh see, funny shit right there….and any crap schlock novel that follows the pattern she’s talkin’ about?  There are droves of women who will read it…Romance Novels of any sort -from ones with Vampires to ones with BDSM- are usually pretty crappy and are fittingly called Housewife Porn or Bodice Rippers for a reason….and have been for years, so the formula and the tales are nothing new…so yeah, it both amuses me and baffles me when suddenly these sorts of things are almost mythical and mystical in their popularity.  Snerk,  Last book I read- actually re-read, was “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman and it was good.  Last movie I saw was “the Hunger Games”- never read the books, and frankly, I loved it, ‘cept for the stupid romance plot line…

It’s funny to me because I guess as a person who likes to write, and has been told I don’t actually suck at it…I don’t much go for romance in anything I write, or the tried and true formula (maybe that’s why I am not rich and famous?)  Sex?  Sure, I’ll write stuff with sex in it, and complex relationships, and rivalries, and dynamics that are fucked up…sure.  But Romance or the typical Man Sweeps Woman off her Feet and Makes her Feel Special?  In that Special Way Joan is talking about?

Ughhhh.  What amazes me is folk actually like reading that shit!


hell yeah!

and yes its me, and yes any art in it i drew and yes the six armed Kali naga drawing is my back tattoo and yes, i  did make her look scrawny like me!!!!  And yes, I look vastly different with red, black and blonde hair… blonde bad, red or black okay, even black and pink and white dreads!  And do not ask about my Agent Smith obsession, just…don’t!

Fair is Fair, Right? Right?

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Politics, WTF???

Or no, because well, yer Right…

Check this out.  Now granted, personally I am neither an Occupy Type or a Tea Partier, but Come On….some shit just ain’t fair now is it???  Should not BOTH groups get equal treatment?  I would THINK SO!

You might wanna take a cattle prod…

So yeah, been out and about reading about Occupy Wall Street and other assorted Occupy events, and frankly y’all, sounds like my idea of hell…a bunch of loud, dirty (often apparently drunk/high) radicals and hippies screamin’ and yellin’ and beating on drums at all hours and yep, according to reports from NY to CA, pissing on the general citizens lawns and embezzeling money from themselves (ah, the irony!) and well, basically a buncha stupid shit but, along with all that joy, there have been reports from various “Occupy” events in places like Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, ect., that some of the women at these events have been groped, sexually assaulted, and raped, oh, and some girls too…and then the organizers of these events are encouraging these women NOT to report it to the cops, cause well, cops are BAD and how will THAT make the “occupy” people look?  And hey, they are being nice and making condoms, special “occupy” ones even, so why do these women gotta go ruin the fun and the groups rep???   After all, what’s more romantic and special then screwing some dirty, stinking, been shittin’ and peeing in the park (or on a citizens doorstep) possibily drunk and or drug enjoying protester in yer tent in a rat-infested socialist/anarchist/feminist/anything other than capitalist make-shift commune?  Nuthin’!  Am I right?  (Rolls eyes extensively).  Hell, I even like camping, but come on- and generally when I do so- my horrible camping jokes aside- I don’t worry about getting raped, grabbed, or wakin’ up to find some dude I don’t know in my tent sniffing my feet…(ahem, yep, it happened to someone at Occupy Vancouver).

And what’s kinda funny to me, in that sick twisted way of mine- as I pop around bloganistan, I see Very Few mentions of this BS on feminist or lefty blogs…plenty of handy phamplets and Go Get ‘Em advice and encouragement, but only a few things like “holy shit these folk are living in squalid conditions, threatening violence, beating each other up and oh yeah, raping women and girls”…

WTF people, really now?  Hating on Wall Street or not likin’ cops or politicians or whatever, yeah, I can see that…pretending like this shit ain’t happening?  Really?  Are ya fuckin’ kidding me? 

Hell, my advice, if yer headed to one  these things and don’t like my previous Girl, Get  a Gun advice, at least look into a cattle prod…

I’ll be here with my firearms and hot water and shower and bed, waiting for the Zombies before I go all survivalist….


Now see, I may not agree with this kid, I for one, don’t think homosexuality is “wrong”.  I don’t much think right or wrong about it at all, it just is, like hetrosexuality just is.  However, what happened to this kid? That I think IS wrong.

a buncha goddamn fascists…

So, being a fan of the ink and all, I have been pondering a lot of new ink lately.  I do still have skin after all, and you know, because it really is fitting, I was pondering oh…that there design sitting right here on the post.  And NOT even as a political statement, but because, well, yeah.  It’s very me really.  And I like it.  And it was woo, me angry with a pen and a piece of paper made.  BUT, you see, apparently, that would be a very, very bad idea.  Never mind I vote and pay taxes and while I might look like one of those spooky backwoods militia types I’m not actually, and well, hell, apparently I am already fucked.  Why, you might ask, am I possibily already fucked?  Well, apparently the FBI has been going around to various tattoo parlors askin’ questions and passing out flyers and encouraging tattoo artists to “help out” against terrorism.  In short, they are askin’ these folks to report to the FBI when folk who look odd, are maybe pissed off at the government, or are getting “questionable” ink come in to get tattooed.  Oh yeah, and if they smell kinda chemical or have burn scars and bright colored stains on their clothes…definately rat out those fuckers- cause those bastards/bitches are prolly buildin’ bombs.  Hell, read the shit for yerself!

Thusly, I repeat, I am fucked.  Not only do I dress like a scary redneck, I do often stink chemical and have One Hell of a Burn Scar.  Oh yeah, and since I paint and shit a lot, uh, stains of many colors on much of my shit.  Never mind I’ve never built a bomb in my life…I dress like a spooky militia person, burn scar, stains on my shit, sometimes stink like chemicals,  already have some fuckin’ wierd tattoos…dude, Watch List Time for Me if I get ink?

I seriously have to ask: What the Fuck? Seriously???

Last time I checked, this was the United States.  Freedom of Expression and Speech?  Freedom of Religion?  Personal Privacy a right?  It’s illegal to tap my dang phone without suspicion and a warrant, but I can be fuckin’ reported for the way I dress, what I smell like, having a scar and getting non-pretty girlie kinda angry ink?  Never mind I’ve never been in any gang in my life, never made a bomb, I do art and clean a lot so I always smell like a chem lab, happened to get burned, and like aggressive ink…this makes me and anyone like me a prospective terrorist?  Does this scream violation of personal freedoms and constitutionally insured rights to anyone else, or have I just been drinkin’ the libertarian cool-aid for too long?

Oh Fuck, I am also a Libertarian!  I am so screwed.

Now granted, pretty much any tattoo artist I know who is worth their salt would never rat out their clients, but still, this is insane.  Any dude who has ever been in prison is now a suspect.  As is anyone with a burn scar or missing limb.  Hell, how many war vets does this smack with “potential terrorist”?  How many people period does this make “sketchy” in the eyes of the almighty Fed?  And yeah its me and I am gonna say it, it kinda sounds like this move here is targeting well…white folk.  ALL gangs have tattoos they use, get together, all that, but I don’t see “be on the look out for MS-13 or Crip gang tattoos” in there anywhere, do you?  Hummm.    And hey, FBI, if you are reading this?  Most gang folk?  Of any sort?  Tend to have their ink done In House, and not at some Tattoo Parlor, and btw, a lot of tattoo parlors are-up until real recent-  Cash Only Businesses, you morons!

And the irony here is really thick to me.  I mean, this whole thing is coming about because the Fed is apparently afraid of neo-Nazi, right wing, home grown terrorism….so how do they go about “fixing it”?  By acting like right wing, home grown, somewhat Nazi-esque agents of the government?    I mean hell, back in WWII the Nazi’s made undesireables wear signs and tattoos to mark them as other and dangerous and slated for death.  Looks like we’re deciding that “by their ink you shall know them” is a good idea…wardrobe, scars, smell, attached limbs, and sense of comradery as well.

It makes me wanna puke.

I was only idly pondering getting that tattoo before.  Now its a definite.  And fuck them if they wanna call me and all the other people out there who are pretty much harmless to them terrorists for it.  This is Still the United States of America, whether they have forgotten that shit or not!



Liar Liar…

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Assholes, Morons, Rants, WTF???

So, the shit is still on going at Hugo’s, and while there is some deplorable shit all around, I am still just stunned that so many folk who are supporting the decision made by Jill and Hugo are plain out refusing to address/ignoring/ making no mention of the fact that, oh, look, huge fucking lie right there.  Deflect, Avoid, Ignore, Straw a flyin’, so on so forth, but humm, no real talk about the lying, except to defend it as ‘the upright thing to do’…

Uh, WTF?

See, I dunno how the rest of the world came up, but I was raised in a manner that dictated lying was wrong, and there was sure as shit the difference between a little white lie and a freakin’ whopper of a lie.  Telling yer friend nah, her ass don’t look fat in that to spare her feelings?  Okay, acceptable.  Not tellin’ some dude he might not be the father of the child he believes to be his?  Not fuckin’ okay.  BIG freakin’ difference there.  There are big important lies and little tiny lies and yep, sure enough, there is a difference. Tellin’ someone you love their new haircut when ya actually hate it is really not some huge impacting thing.  Tellin’ the same friend you got no idea what happened to her car when yer the one who actually stole it?  Uhhh…

And it is absolutely stunning me how many people are just fine and dandy a-ok with this kinda lie.  Floored and all that shit.  I’ll even admit that I kinda gotta a rep amid my friends for being brutally honest even when, er, my honesty is not actually wanted or appreciated…but I really don’t like lyin’.  (yeah, I am the one who will actually say, yes, yer ass looks fat in that- but if its the truth, its the truth- and if people actually care, well, then they deserve to know- I figure if they didn’t wanna know they wouldn’t ask!)  So yeah, this kinda huge epic lie being seen as okay- even if it may be in some manner….merciful…stuns me.  If folk will lie about shit like that, what else are they just totally comfortable lying about?  I mean folk who will lie about something that serious, well, I kinda figure they might also lie about if they have STD’s or not, drug habits, jobs, criminal records, and pretty much any and every other thing a potential Significant Other might wanna know and find relevant before agreeing to be in a relationship with ’em.

And yep, sure enough, the fact that feminists are supporting this  grimly amuses me.  If someone utterly disregarded a woman’s consent or choice like this- they’d be ready to hang some fuckers.  But hey, Ted’s a dude, right, so no harm no foul.  So much for freakin’ equality, right?  These are also the same folk who say if a man lies to a woman about anything serious that pertains to him (see the std, criminal record, so on, above) well then, heck, if he even sleeps with a woman with those lies in place, some of ’em will call it rape because she might not have consented to sex with him if she knew the truth…I guess once again, Ted, who is a dude, don’t get the same consideration.

Goddamn this shit is STILL sickening me and pissing me right the hell off.  It takes a lot to truly disgust me- but this has done it!

Okay, so I guess today is a good day, being the 4th and all, because I am gonna jump right on in with two things the US is sorta known for:  Freedom of Speech, and killing people.  How is that? 

Well, I was out there reading blogs while dealin with one of those horrible summer colds, you know, where freedom of speech rings, and it seems as if the latest hardcore rad fem poster girl for all the evil and horrible sexism in the world is Casey Anthony, a woman who is on trial in FL (death penalty case) for murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee (who, oddly enough, is rarely called by name by the rad fems, which I find interesting, as she too was female).  Now, I am not even gonna talk about whether or not I think Casey Anthony is guilty or not.  And I will say that the media and those court tv people (ugh, Nancy Grace- she’s such a hand wringing asshole) are real quick to point out that Casey is conventionally attractive and trash her for it, as well as point out she seems unemotional and call her a sociopath….which rad fems would never do and it just has them so up in arms, cause you know, they would never trash someone they did not know about their looks or call them sociopaths  (uh, wait, strike that, they would, and have, hey, I would know!)  but yep, Casey Anthony is the post girl of the week.  They are all on about how she is a woman, so just everyone assumes shes guilty (and what, they never, ever, ever without knowing shit about a case or whathave you just assume men accused of crimes are guilty of em, right? Right?) and how there are an inordinate amount of women on death row for murder of family members as compared to men.  Nevermind that women on death row, period, constitute a mere tiny fraction of death row inmates…period.  Truth is, people are far less likely to send women to death row for ANY crime, period.  But hey, poster girl of the week, so let’s ignore that. 

They have also been on and on about how well, Casey was abused.  Maybe she was, and maybe she wasn’t.  It’s very likely she was even, and that is horrible, yet, it ain’t like Casey Anthony has oh, not lied a whole lot.  Its not like she is trying to mount a defense that will get her acquitted or anything- and if she was abused, its not like she’s accused of  murdering her abusers.  No.  She is accused of murdering a 2 year old girl.  You know, someone with zero chance of fighting back, or defending herself, or any other such thing- a person who stood no chance against anyone of the mind to do her harm, and not only someone unable to fight back, but someone unable to ever even have a chance to ask for help.   If Anthony is guilty? Well, hey, I think she should get a seat in Florida’s very famous electric chair.  I never claimed to be anti-death penalty after all, and I am not even of that mind because Anthony was a mother.  I’d feel the same fucking way about anyone who murdered a two year old or any other human who had no chance of fighting back, defending themselves, or getting help.

And really, the whole fucking thing- this poster girling of Anthony, just stuns me.  The people who are defending the snot out of her would instantly condemn and say guilty as charged to ANY man accused of the same crimes,  the same people who are so pissed off at the media for bashing her looks, life style, and mentality do the same fucking thing to whomever when it suits them, and there is like zero mention….ZERO….at all, of the fact that the VICTIM of this crime- reguardless of who did it- was, oh, a two year old girl…

I mean,WTF, really???

What?  So sue me…

 So, today, I wrote a post over in my LJ in which I wondered about an eerie fascination some women folk have with a character I play who is a seriously nasty piece of work and is not the type of person- fictional or real- that women should find….er…sexy.  Ever. Yet, for some reason I do not quite grasp, they do.

 And but whom should I end up talking about this phenomena (aside from Rootie)  with but, well, Hugo.  I asked him what his take on the Women Liking Bad Boys and Feeling They Could Fix Them theory was, as well as the White Knight who Feels He Can Save the Weak/Needy or Fallen Woman.  Hugo has written on these things before and pointed me towards some of his posts, which are good, and interesting, and I am linking them.

 Go read them.  THEN come back here….



You DID read them, yes?  There may be a quiz later you know…

 So then, well before too, the old noodle got to churning and an amazing realization dawned in my pasta like grey matter:

 One, yep, this whole routine is sexist, because well, it assumes women by nature fall into caretaker, “I have so much love to give”, nurturer roles or damsel in distress roles, and men fall into “bad boy” roles or I need to rescue and protect roles….

 Think about it: How often do you see these timeless tales….in reverse?  Men thinking they can tame the bad girl and fix her with their endless awesome amounts of love and nurturing, and women donning their armor, convinced they can slay the dragons and save the man is distress?

 Not too often, eh?  It is not, oh, a huge reoccurring theme in movies, books, sonnets, songs or…life.  The scale is tipped heavily by what people assume is, by nature and nurture, the essence of women and men.

 Which prolly explains really well why I do not…get it.  ‘Cause in the epic saga of my life, well, the mean, leather-wearing, hard drinking occasionally drug using foul-mouthed ill tempered fist fighting snarly surly anti-social type has always been…me.  That shit scares White Knights I guess, and does not necessarily lend itself well at all to the ‘delicate lady in distress’ trope, and well, were my door to swing that way, any woman who came along with the theory that her love and devotion could break me of my wild ways….well, now she’d get a stern and quite possibly snarky lecture….a few years back, she prolly woulda gotten a pop in the mouth for her efforts (and, if like many women who do fall into this save the bad boy –or girl in this case- a pop in the mouth did not dissuade her…well, a restraining order.) 

 It could be, what with my amazing empathy and all, that I do not get it in any way, shape or form that someone A) might think the “bad” sorts even WANT saving, B) That love will conquer jack shit, much less that shit, C) Or why someone would set themselves up for undoubtedly a serious amount of pain, trauma, insanity and quite possibly physical harm even trying.  Hell, I know how I react when people attempt to pull that kinda shit…so why would a guy be any different, and why would such a woman be so convinced that HER Mojo would some how be…that good?  And heck…what does it say about those women themselves when fucked up, half cocked and hostile are seen as “attractive” traits.  Sure enough, dangerous can get the adrenaline pumping, but it really should not inspire love and a willingness to possibly receive grievous bodily harm…

 The simple fact is, I think, the world would do its future generations a lot of good if they would quit letting kids watch Disney movies, ect.,  without discussions of fantasy vs. reality and start teaching young women and men that a partner is a partner, and not a project. 

 Loving someone is not saving them, taming them, fixing them, or rescuing them.  That shit is for shelter animals, not humans…and until people figure that out, there is a good chance decent people will continue to get their hearts (and possibly faces) broken by “bads” and their armor (and feelings) tarnished by “in distressers”.

 So now I am gonna kick back amid these words of advice, put my boots ON the table, and offer these words of wisdom:  Ya can’t save what doesn’t want or need saving, and if you insist on saving someone….save yourself.

 And well, for the hell of it, That Charming Game Dude and His Equally Charming Sister.  (Pfft, you think I prefer reading over looking at the pictures?  Come on…)

Some things are just not fixable, or dateable...

Okay, so, sigh, no love for FullMetal, I see how it is…so, back to fun with medical professionals.  I have now called both the hospital and my back dock about a zillion times trying to solve the referral problem, and have been told a billion times that it will get straightened out and “someone will get back to me” and as of yet…after several days…my phone ain’t ringing, even though I sure as heck have not stopped calling them.

I think it is time to send in Vinny Jones.  Okay, not necessarily Vinny, but maybe one of his characters, like Bullet Tooth Tony or The Surgeon.  I have come to the conclusion my weekend plans now include driving to the hospital with the referral I have IN my hand and not leaving until this shit gets settled.  Should that not work, I will either call Vinny Jones or go Vinny Jones on these people.

And they wonder why people hate both doctors and insurance companies so much.  Real mystery, eh?