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Thank God, the election is OVER

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Politics

Which means no more political television ads.  Woohoo!

Yes, I went and voted, and unlike most of the United States, it seems I picked a good time to do it!  2pm baby, waited all of…ten minutes??  Granted, the polling station is about two blocks from my house which is nice, so if it was busy when I went I could always check back when it wasn’t so busy.  Either way, I didn’t have to wait, or come back, so yay!

But, with the election now over, I am gonna discuss WHY I don’t discuss politics, by in large, with other humans.  Certain humans- like my dyed in the wool Republican Mother or Rather Moderate Parole officer Shen or Mr. E (independent)  or various other pretty close friends, yeah, I will discuss politics.  In a very guarded brief sort of way.  And I will certainly listen to other people talk politics, but in general?  Yeah, not so much.  The reason why?  Well, one, I was raised being told it was rude to ask people who they voted for, but more than that?

With a lot of folk, if you do not happen to agree with their political choices, they tend to be nasty.   I mean like rude, vicious, uncivilized, insulting and downright mean kinda nasty.  And this is not a trait exclusive to either side of the political fence.  There are people like that on both the right and left side.  I have encountered both Republicans and Democrats like this, no question…ultra conservative asshats and ultra liberal jackwagons abound.  It is, in short, its own form of voter/political intimidation.  It is one thing to question someones choices in politics and engage in a reasonable conversation about those things, it is another to berate, insult, and degrade someone for their political choices, and far more often than not people lean towards the later.  Which is why I do not often discuss politics, especially with people who have proven to be rude hot-heads about it.  Hell, I have close friends all over the political spectrum, from the very very liberal to the far, far right and truth be told, I can EVEN have them all in the same room UNTIL the subject of conversation becomes politics, because then, its like people who were having a great time shooting pool or playing cards are suddenly arch enemies and calling one another idiots.   I don’t make or discard friends on the basis of their politics, never have, never would.  I feel like if I excluded people from my life because they were Democrat, or Republican, or Green or Socialist or anything DIFFERENT than me, well, not only would I be down some friends & family, it would be like excluding them because they happened to be Christian, or Jew, or Atheist, or Buddhist, or …so on.  People who actually agree with me on everything scare the crap outta me more than people who don’t, truth be told.

That said, I do laugh that almost every four years, Mr. E and I cancel each other out at the voting booth.  We had a whole ONE Va candidate in common this year- which is legendary!  (Do not ask me who I voted for, it is MY policy not to discuss such things publicly.)

And yes, For the Win, an entire day of ESPN with no political adds!!!

So, because people have asked…

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Politics

Why isn’t Ren blogging about SOPA and screaming her head off in protest?

Um, because Ren doesn’t oppose SOPA.  Shocking?  Well, it shouldn’t be.  At all.  Really…think on that for a moment before bitting my head off.  Why would *I* oppose it?


Fair is Fair, Right? Right?

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Politics, WTF???

Or no, because well, yer Right…

Check this out.  Now granted, personally I am neither an Occupy Type or a Tea Partier, but Come On….some shit just ain’t fair now is it???  Should not BOTH groups get equal treatment?  I would THINK SO!