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Posted: September 28, 2009 in Sex, Sex Work

So, I was over reading at ND’s and in a post about feminist stuff and sex worker stuff there is a side thread that is now actually a bit more about sex than sex work or feminism, and I am ignoring the whole feminism bit to talk about things I prefer to talking about feminism, namely sex work and sex.  Yeah, me and my one track mind.

Anyhoo, over there, Faith made this comment, and it got me thinking.  Now yep, sure enough, there are a lot of women out there who are not sex workers who have vast and rich sexual histories and experiences and have great sex lives and all that stuff.  No question.  But when one thinks of “the statistical average woman” (as if there were such a thing, but stay with me here) and then lines that person up with a sex worker (who actually has sex as part of their sex working), I gotta say, I do think most of the time chances are that the sex worker has probably had more sex than the S.A. Woman.  Not necessarily good or fun sex, but sex. 

I mean, I run with a pretty freaky crowd y’all.  Wonderful pervy folk and whatnot.  However, be that as it may, even with swinger gals and stuff like that?  Um, yeah, most of the sex workers who have sex as part of their job that I know?  The number of people they have had sex with and the different/kinky/whatever things they have done?  Usually higher.  I mean, come on, many sex workers will see more clients in a day or have sex with more men in  a single porn scene or whatever….eh, screw it…a sex worker might fuck more dudes in a couple of hours than a great many women fuck in a year or their entire lifetimes.  It may not be awesome sex, but it is sex.  I honestly just don’t think most non-sexworker women are gonna rate that high in the partner count….I have a hard time imagining it, really.

As for the sex workers having “better” sex or being more in tune with pleasure and all, I am not sure on that one.  At all.  I know sex workers who have no private sex life because when one does that for a living, they just don’t want to for fun.   But for me though, you know,  I think it absolutely has helped me figure out what I like and don’t like and what pleases my body and what doesn’t.  And while I am still greedy as hell when it comes to my selfish orgasms and all- well, you can’t be in sex work without learning a few things about pleasing other people….so yeah, I think it has made me “better” at sex and made sex more enjoyable for me in so much as I absolutely know what I like and what works for me.  I do absolutely think people can learn that in other non-sex working ways- but yep, for me…definately. 

Hell, my biggest problem is finding people who are into what I am into.  They don’t actually grow on trees, surprisingly enough.