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Things to come include primarily a post on porn in which I discuss two things…one being my whole “porn is what you make it” statement and an answer to a the question “what are the right reasons for being involved with porn”.   Should be ready to go by tomorrow at some point…ah yes, it is one of those heavily pondered things.

In the meantime, pull up a seat, sit a spell, smoke if you got ’em, and let me spin a yarn  (and please pardon my Southern Appropriation).

As some of you know, I write fiction.  A couple of folk have followed along on some of my seemingly never finished stories…I know Octo liked the one about Det. Richmond…I like that one too…it will get finished some day.  I know a couple of other folk have followed along with the Martell Series, which is long and odd and full of strange and often horrible things, and I know some folk have been waiting for the next installment of the Nadia & Aria series (im)patiently…soon, soon…I will not leave you hanging.  I also have some folk reading a non-fiction bit of silliness that has been fun as hell to write and is invite only, and yeah, more of that to come too. 

But I want to talk about fantasy, fact, and fiction here for a minute.  In the fiction I am working on most here currently, Nadia & Aria…well, there is a lot of violence.  A lot.  Its a supernatural/sci-fi action tale.  Three of main characters are female (nadia, aria, and jax), and they are all similar in some ways, very different in others, but one thing they have in common- to varying degrees- is that they are violent or capable of violence.  There is no sex in it at this point, but violence?  Yeah, in spades.  All three of these women are strong characters with reasons to be violent, but violent they are.  Writing them, for me, is cathartic….but it is fiction.  What they do?  How they act?  Well yeah, I love writing it, I imagine it on a movie screen in my head…but I would never actually condone their behavior…even if they all do have reason to act the way that they do.  Two of them are doing so for survival, even…but would it be something I would ever sanction in real life?  Absolutely not.  Because you know what?  That shit is wrong.

In my longest on-going series of stories, the ones about Martell and that whole crew?  There is some seriously sketchy shit going on, y’all.  Plotting, lying, assasinations, sex, violence, sexual violence, murder, all kinds of unsavory shit.  There are some serious “bad guys”-and gals- in those stories.  Truly sick and evil people.  And yep, because I like a loathesome female villain as much as I like a male one, the sick and evil is spread around equally. 

I also know, or at least truly believe, that if that series was written by a man, people would find it a hell of a lot more disturbing.  It would be assumed that, penned the way they are, that some of the more violent / degrading sexual scenes were things a male writer was getting off on.  Truth be told, some of the more violent /degrading sex scenes I also get off on.  Not the “worst” of them, but some of them?  Yeah.  But they are fiction.  Yes, they are spawned from my imagination and are extreme extensions of my own sexual turn ons and fantasies, but they are not real.  No real humans involved.  And I sure as hell would not want to see things like that occur with real humans.  Hell, half the characters are not even fictional humans.  But writing those things, those characters, those scenes?  For me it is cathartic.  It’s all imaginary and even when erotic, make believe.  It is ugly and harsh, and sure enough, I have an ugly and harsh side.  But the worst of it?  That is where I exercise it- in fiction, sometimes in art- where no one gets hurt.  It’s a release with no expense to anyone else. 

I mean, if I have a shitty day, I love to unwind by signing on to City Of Villains and just run around and have my character kick the crap out of other animated characters and be all badass and evil.  I desire doing that, I have no desire to lace up my spikey asskicking boots, grab a gun, and go do the same thing to real people.  Likewise (to be perfectly vulgar and blunt) when I am in a highly, highly aggressive sexual mood, I can write out a sex scene in the Martell fiction…spend some alone time, rub one out, and smoke a cigarette.  I have no desire to actually go out and do horrible extreme things to a non-consenting person.  Hell, I would not ever want to do half that shit to a consenting person. 

And I think most people who write that way?  There might be some really dark mojo and desires going on there, but the line in the proverbial sand between fiction, fantasy, and fact?  It’s plain as day.

And on that note, I leave you with what I think is a damn sexy drawing, and humm, that in real life, I don’t mind at all so long as the setting is right and permission has been granted.

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