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CAN WE be TAKEN serious now?

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Sports



The team with the hurt washed up Manning, the team with no hope, the team in the AFC west,,,who just destroyed the Ravens.


Where is the respect?  Von Miller, Decker, Wolfe, Bailey??????



I am gonna laugh at the haters till the end

The Universe must be aligned…

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Sports

I am first place in all my football pools.  This is good.  Despite the freakin’ NY Giants.  I will say Eli’s brother Peyton looks GOOD in Bronco Orange though…

It is amusing to me however, the AFC is like….Meh.  All the good divisional battles are NFC this year.


and I say…watch out for ‘da Bears.


Posted: February 6, 2012 in Sports

Eli has avenged me!!!!!

That was One Heck of a Game for sure, but yayyyy Gratz to the NYG!

I also actually LIKED the half time show…Madonna is still a badass…

Very Disappointing Commercials this year though  😦

That’s right…

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Sports

Eli, I feel the same way about the Patriots!  So go  Giants!

So, Gratz to

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Sports

The Giants, 49ers, and Ravens…


but not to the Pats…I cannot forgive that kind of public humilation!  Gahhh whine.  I even painted my dang nails orange and blue, but alas, not enough Mojo!

So I am rooting for the Giants now.  I like Eli.  AVENGE ME, ELI!!!!


Posted: January 9, 2012 in Sports, Uncategorized

My neighbors now think I am truly insane…..


But yes, in the epic battle of good vs. evil….Tebow vs. Ben, who should be in prison….GOOD PREVAILS  (and spikes my blood pressure)….OT VICTORY- DENVER BRONCOS!  AUGHHHHH WOOT!

Phreak is contemplative for me, since, well, I cannot move my head and stuff.

So the random Monday Mornin’ bits…

In the Typical File:  Radical Feminists get pissy and hostile when those lousy fuckin’ sex workers dare to speak for themselves and have opinions of their own and get testy with erronous universals.  How the fuck dare they expect to be seen as human beings worthy of the same basic respect and consideration as other people?  Stupid whores.  I find it fuckin’ funny when this squid mentions dignity considering her own apparent sadism and arrogance.  Then again, I gotta a grim sense of humor.  So yeah, Other Sex Worker types who read here? -Jill, Aspasia, Hexy, so on- just remember- you do not exist and your own take on your own life and what not mean jack and shit, because the Rad Fems say so, and they are just sooo smart and all!

In the Life as it is File:  Had fun Saturday evening hanging out with some friends, eating, drinking, listening to music and otherwise being mellow and merry.  It was pretty keen.  Sorta an all gals and one guy hang out night in my basement- where fruity adult beverages were consumed by everyone but me (I avoided pain killers and drank beer instead) and snacks were had.  Not a bad way to spend an evening in that mellow kinda way.

In the Neck:  Should all go according to plan, this infernal shunt will be removed tomorrow and there will be much rejoycing throughout the land.  I am pretty much done with having this thing hangin’ out of my neck.   Oh, and the whole deal?  Still not all that painful, but still itchy as hell. 

In Gamer Geek Wonderfulness:  Levelled Rictor this eve, he is gettin’ closer and closer to 50.  Woot.  I really do like playing him- prolly one of my favorite characters, and certainly in my top three favorite villains.

Other bits: I have done a ton of laundry in the last few days…amazing how much laundry humans rack up I swear.   Some interesting thoughts about skater Johnny Weir.

I have watched a whole lotta southpark in the last few days…being from CO adds a whole level of funny to that show.
time to do some fiction writing.

* EDIT  :  It would seem the person I got all pissy with about sex work is a former sex worker herself…which is to say this is me saying wow I fucked that shit up and she is owed an appology for my assumption she had never done the job.  I was wrong, she has, and thus, well yeah, I was wrong.  I still do not like universal terms, but I never will.

In Defense of Sports

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Sports

You know, over the last few weeks/months I’ve read a lot of folk saying very critical things about sports- from NFL football to MMA to, why yes, the Olympics.  I always arch a brow when I read these things, because I am sure it is no secret that I am both a sports fan and a bit of a jock.  I can understand people being critical of a huge amounts of money headliner pro athletes make, or the abuse of athletes in sports, or the commercials played in sporting events, or the sexism (hello, Canadian Women’s Hockey Team) in athletics.  I can absolutely understand why people get upset when famous athletes assume they are above the law and not subject to the same rules as the rest of us.  I even cheer people who hate sports announcers, a great deal of the media surrounding sports, the nationalistic edge to sports journalism, all of that…

But hating sports?   

Humm.  I have some thoughts about that.  And they start with this:  A great many people who complain about sports, how they are stupid or add nothing to life, society, historical culture (hello, Greece, anyone), so on so forth…well, to me they always come across sounding like the arrogant, oh-so-hipper than thou look how hard I am trying to be so intellectual folk who…back in school…always sucked at sports.  You know, the last picked for gym, brutalized in dodge ball and Red Rover, couldn’t run a mile with wolves chasing them people who there for decided sports-all of them, and the people who engaged in them- all of them, were some how lesser.  Now admittedly even I can imagine wanting to pop the asshat football jerk in the head- back in highschool- but to make universal decrees about the worthlessness of athletics and the people who do  them???

Please, I’m a nihilist, the angst and disdain are not going to impress and move me.

I also have a little something I want to say to these people:

For some folk, sports are Their Only Way Out of a Shitty Life.  They are the springboard to something better.  AND YES, I do get as pissed as anyone when someone with a crap academic record gets into a university rather than a hard-working quality student because they can run, catch, swim, whatever…because universities are supposed to be academic institutions.  I hate how female athletes and athletic programs are almost universally secondary to male athletes and athletic programs.   I dislike all these things…however, that said…

Even though I managed to maintain no lower than a 3.5 average throughout highschool and college, I can tell you this:  sports made a huge difference in my life.  Sports offered me a lot of opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  Sports helped me stay healthy.  I made friends via athletics that were solid and remain friends today.  I got to go places I might have not otherwise been able to travel to.  Sports inspired me in other areas, including academic and artistic ones.  Sports helped teach me the value of hard work and confidence.  Sports have always been a good and positive thing in my life, and this is not unique to me.

Thus I do not understand how some folk can just so loathe sports- in and of themselves.  It makes no sense.  It’s like saying you hate music, or art, or carpentry and such things are stupid.  They may not be your cup of tea, but that alone is not a reason to relegate something to the realm of idiots and idiocy.

In fact, that is what seems terribly stupid to me.


As some of you may know, yesterday, The Canadian Women’s Hockey team beat the USA for gold.

And then those brazen hussies had the NERVE to…celebrate…

Canadians.  Celebrating.  A Gold Medal….in HOCKEY!  How DARE THEY?  How dare these women drink some booze and party up a bit (in the rink, after everyone left), how dare they cut loose and have some fun after winning Gold Medals in the Religion of Canada!!!!!


What a load of horse shit.  Sexist Horseshit no less. 

I, for one, do not think for a second that if it had been the Canadian Men’s Team having a private On Ice Kegger after winning Olympic Gold people would be so damn flustered.  I also think that anyone who harshes on an Olympic athlete for Having Some Fun after competing is a moron.  MORON!  Good gods, these people WORK HARD and stress out to be as good as they are, the deserve to cut loose and have some fun.  None of these women were out starting a bar fight, or behind the wheel, or scaring uptight people…they were having a deserved victory celebration.  That is NO Big Deal….and I really do not think that it would be such a huge scandal if this had been ANY men’s team doing the same thing.

What, are we  supposed to believe that Hockey Players do not like Beer and Gold Medals,  or if they happen to be women hockey players, they sure as hell shouldn’t?


All I gotta say is this:  Congrats, Team Canada, you played well and won…and oh yeah….CHEERS!

You know…I like this guy.  In the sport of men’s figure skating, you see a lot of things.  A lot of sequins, feathers, drama, smack talk, you know, that stuff.  But not so much from this fellow, who is sort of an oddity in men’s figure skating…and not just because he is 6’2″…

Oh yeah, he is also a gold medalist.  His name?  Evan Lysacek.  Last night he beat out skating legend Evgeni Plushenko and Daisuke Takahashi for Olympic gold. 

Damn straight.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I adore Daisuke Takahashi.  He is, well, full of awesome and fun to watch.  And  I respect Plushenko as what he is…a legend.   But IMHO, quad or no quad, last night, the right skater won the gold medal- no question.  That there ice last night?  Lysacek OWNED it.

(And it wasn’t too hard to watch his rather attractive 6’2″ black clad self doing it either.)

But hey, this IS figure skating- where shit never truly makes sense, so I will have to add this.  Johnny Wier?  Love him or hate him, the guy got freakin’ robbed last evening.  People can blah blah blah on and on about his slightly easeir long program and shit like that all night long…but when you land all your jumps, have only one minior mistake, skate clean and graceful and all those things you are supposed to do…there is no fucking way you should get out-scored by two dudes who…well…fell.  More than once.  Which is what happened to Wier. 

I did however get a huge kick out of Lysacek’s  “Holy crap, you mean I WON?” face…

Plushenko, however, did not seem all that amused.  Later when interviewed, however, he did say “I have three Olympic medals, two silver, one gold, that’s pretty good.”

And he’s right.  Actually- it’s better than good- it’s damn impressive.