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Thank God, the election is OVER

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Politics

Which means no more political television ads.  Woohoo!

Yes, I went and voted, and unlike most of the United States, it seems I picked a good time to do it!  2pm baby, waited all of…ten minutes??  Granted, the polling station is about two blocks from my house which is nice, so if it was busy when I went I could always check back when it wasn’t so busy.  Either way, I didn’t have to wait, or come back, so yay!

But, with the election now over, I am gonna discuss WHY I don’t discuss politics, by in large, with other humans.  Certain humans- like my dyed in the wool Republican Mother or Rather Moderate Parole officer Shen or Mr. E (independent)  or various other pretty close friends, yeah, I will discuss politics.  In a very guarded brief sort of way.  And I will certainly listen to other people talk politics, but in general?  Yeah, not so much.  The reason why?  Well, one, I was raised being told it was rude to ask people who they voted for, but more than that?

With a lot of folk, if you do not happen to agree with their political choices, they tend to be nasty.   I mean like rude, vicious, uncivilized, insulting and downright mean kinda nasty.  And this is not a trait exclusive to either side of the political fence.  There are people like that on both the right and left side.  I have encountered both Republicans and Democrats like this, no question…ultra conservative asshats and ultra liberal jackwagons abound.  It is, in short, its own form of voter/political intimidation.  It is one thing to question someones choices in politics and engage in a reasonable conversation about those things, it is another to berate, insult, and degrade someone for their political choices, and far more often than not people lean towards the later.  Which is why I do not often discuss politics, especially with people who have proven to be rude hot-heads about it.  Hell, I have close friends all over the political spectrum, from the very very liberal to the far, far right and truth be told, I can EVEN have them all in the same room UNTIL the subject of conversation becomes politics, because then, its like people who were having a great time shooting pool or playing cards are suddenly arch enemies and calling one another idiots.   I don’t make or discard friends on the basis of their politics, never have, never would.  I feel like if I excluded people from my life because they were Democrat, or Republican, or Green or Socialist or anything DIFFERENT than me, well, not only would I be down some friends & family, it would be like excluding them because they happened to be Christian, or Jew, or Atheist, or Buddhist, or …so on.  People who actually agree with me on everything scare the crap outta me more than people who don’t, truth be told.

That said, I do laugh that almost every four years, Mr. E and I cancel each other out at the voting booth.  We had a whole ONE Va candidate in common this year- which is legendary!  (Do not ask me who I voted for, it is MY policy not to discuss such things publicly.)

And yes, For the Win, an entire day of ESPN with no political adds!!!

Yes, but can she still rage?

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The answer is yes.

I can.

Truth be told, I am in anger management classes now, which is NOT all bad.  I mean, I have temper and explosive rage monements that never end well, so yeah.

First thing they wanted to know…what Am I Angry At?  The answer is easy:  Everything.  Its not so off for me to say I hate everyone and everything, except the Comedian, cause HE got it… but they wanted know…so wanna know what I hate?

I hate that the American Dream is a lie.
I hate I was told with two degrees I could make it.
I hate I was told that society values women for more than how they look, how they breed, and how well they stay lesser than men
I hate boredom
I hate people who do not take me seriously
I hate people not me getting them and them not getting me
I hate when I say leave me alone people don’t
I hate my weaknesses
I hate being “type cast”
I hate my spine
I hate people falling in love with me
I hate that some folk do not get that hate, humor, and rage is all I have, and all I have ever had.  ANYTHING amazing I have ever done has not been because I WANTED TO do it, it has been because “I WILL SHOW THEM”

and I HATE people calling or thinking me stupid.  Point flat out is you do NOT get to be as fucked up as me without having some brains.  Take it.

Oh, and I HATE HATE HATE, they are KILLING city of, so….

My strange journey….

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Blogging, Personal

So I am back now I guess, yeah?

I have learned some things about life, and myself, and people.  Some good, some bad, some in between.

Life?  Its never what you expect….its not a game, or a journey, or anything but  a mission.  We all have a mission.  Its great if we can figure it out before we die.

Me?  I am one angry woman.   Scary full of fury.  But as much as I am a a furious bitch with a hellfire temper, well, hate…not the impersonal kind, but the personal kind, which used to be so easy for me, is getting harder.  I made a hobby out of driving, burning, murderous hate, heck, it kept me alive.  I will say honestly, I thought of myself for a long time as a monster, I would be the everything horrible everyone thought me to be, and I did prove myself to be very adept at that, I was GOOD at it, and I will even admit, I liked it…but I am not sure I am really That Thing Anymore.  I still have a Bite and Smirk, but….that’s is all a part of me for sure, but it is not ALL of me.

People and I…that is the hard one.  My brain works a bit different, and I am always fascinated, not always nicely so, about how others work.  I have done very very nasty things not only trying to see how they work, but trying to see how I am different or could make me be the same….there IS a reason I like Sylar so much.  But I am finally starting to realize….okay, so I am off, its not anyone’s fault, persay, I just am.  I may never get it, ever.   But I don’t need to get others, and really, others don’t need to get me…we’re all still here , right?  I WANT to know, but it doesn’t matter if I ever really do, right?

I reckon that is a start.

Welcome to my latest evolution.

I am No Longer a Sex Worker, and have no desire to ever go back to it, but believe it is a far more complex issue than anyone will ever know unless they’ve done it.

Still a gamer, though they are killing City Of

Still like my guns.

Still love gumbo, and Sylar, and the Comedian, and Dean Winchester, and Tucker & Dale….

and I leave you with this….


i so did always love this song, imagine that?

back from life

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back from the dead….


I guess maybe I should explain my absence, but really, what is there to explain?  I don’t sleep like a normal person, I don’t relate to people like a normal person.  When most  folk die, they are going to heaven or hell, I’d really prefer Chicago….and flat out….

I don’t blend with my fellow human too well.  I get that now.  Sure, I can be funny, charismatic, backs against the wall kinda gal…ultra loyal and caring about my family and friends…


But that does not mean I GET a lot of it.  I really WANT to, but….


Heh, Rootie, the Sylar you made me moved off the shelf and back on my desk today.  I liked him because…. I just want to know how it works, and if I know that, I can understand.


Oct 15  Monday….nearly a week with no sleep, and NOT by choice.


Heheheh, welcome to my world.  I have Sylar days, and I have Peter days…

well then….

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


I may be back……

Um, yep

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Blogging


Sharon, my cat, says it best.  Am I done? Dunno yet.  I am I not done?  Dunno yet


and just what I needed….

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

my back to have a goddamn flare up AND a pipe joint in my house to burst….while I have guests, who I like, who I said I would help them do something tomorrow, but now…plumbing!

list of things to do:  destroy the souls of the contractors who built my house  #1.  #2, blow something right the fuck up ’cause it will make me feel better.

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hugo has a post up, ten things men should know by the time they are 30.  I’m meaner than him.  So here we have it….10 things women should know by the time they are 30- Ren Version…

10:  Unless you can beat the holy living fuck out of the male of the speices or you  gave birth to a male of the speices, never expect they will ever actually respect you in a manner you wish to be respected or treat you equal in a manner you wish to be treated equal.

9:  Women cannot have male friends unless they have women in their lives they actually love and love them back.

8:  It doesn’t matter what you look like, you will always find one thing- at least- about your appearance to hate, and that shit will drive you insane, so take time to look at the things you do like about your appearance.

7:  Diamonds are not a girls best friend, firearms are.

6:  If you cannot change a tire, you are a fucking failure at life even if you have a PhD and while someone might come save you..really?  A tire?  Such things should be mandatory in highschool so learn and teach your sisters!

5:  Live up to no ones expectations but your own, whatever they might be.

4:  Everyone has regrets, do not let yours become your rulers.

3:  Always have three plans for everything, two you can share, one you keep all your own, after all, if the shit hits the fan, that plan may be all you’ve got.

2:   Everyone deserves some happy good and fun, even you.  Never think otherwise.

1:  Its brains and iron that get you through life.  Other things might get you to 30, so cultivate the first two before you get there.