It works in reverse too…

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Art, Assholes, Humans, Television

So, yes then…

I watch a great deal of tv, even Spike.  A show I watch on Spike is “Ink Master”, for while I dislike Dave Navaro as a person, I like the art, I like tattoos, so on.  Well, tonite, they sent home one of the most solid, consistent, and IMHO, top contender artists, Jamie D.  Why, in part, do I think they sent Jamie D home?

Well, while he has been tattooing for 17 years….he has no tattoos.  And dresses really straight.



That there is Jamie D.  He looks more like a lawyer, yeah?  Maybe an accountant?  This eve, before sending him packing, the judges ripped on him for NOT having ink.  I even get the “never trust a skinny chef” har har thing, but…

Really?  People who have ink get judged all the time, and there they are judging him for NOT having any, despite him being a very, very talented dude.  He even stated yes, he wants tattoos, but is very picky and is waiting for the RIGHT design and the right ARTIST, and faulting him for that?  REALLY?  The man can do some killer tattoos.  Sending him home?  Yeah, I think part of the reason was?

His inkless skin.  And that ain’t right.  So yeah, that shit, it works in reverse.


  1. Kim says:

    Hmmmmm. One the one hand, I see his point: his body is a clean canvas and he’s knowledgeable about tattooing — at this point, he can do ANYTHING and once he starts marking up that “canvas,” options start dwindling. I can see how that could be crippling, esp if he’s hyper-picky, OCD, etc. On the other hand, yeah, the “skinny chef” thing. Wish I had seen the show!

  2. I love the girl who was second-runner-up…the one with the blue streak in her hair? Forget her name, but I just loved her work! Especially the large lantern, one of the three she did at the end.

    The “pet tattoo” challenge was my favorite show so far; that pink dog tattoo was amazing!

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