T-DAY Apocalypse!

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Humans, Personal, Uncategorized

I do it every year, even if I think its a stupid holiday.  I do it because regardless, I get my friends and fam over here, we eat, drink, are merry….last year I had lost a bet and was supposed to wear a skirt, so being me, I cooked and served in combat boots, an army spec. ops sweater, and…a kilt.  My hair looked amazing thou, very Law and Order.    For me, it is about good friends, family, food, football, and well, enjoyment.  All other shit aside.  I cook, the men clean  :).

But I DO like to think about what I am thankful for, and ya know, I have some things.  Infernal Spine aside, I am healthy.  For the most part, more than many.  I HAVE good friends, and an AMAZING family.  I am thankful for my artistic abilities, and the roof over my head, and my mean streak.  I am thankful I love music and love to be thankful that my parents introduced me to everything from MoTown to Country Western.  I am thankful Chicago Exists, same goes for West VA.

I EVEN took the chainsaw outta my kitchen this year….

  1. rootietoot says:

    I let the men clean, too. This year, we’re having a big ol’ fashioned Barbeque, with smoked stuff and that most Southern of vegetables- Macaroni and cheese. Congratulations on the amazing hair.Honestly, your hair is probably always amazing. I’ve seen it after 8 hours in a car and with a ball cap on.
    Right now, the biggest thing I am thankful for is Terry’s continued employment. After the last 2 years of uncertainty, I am grateful for that.

    • Ren says:

      Rootie, my hair is actually its own life form, I think. And AMEN to Terry still being employed. AND mac an cheese. I was gonna deep fry the turkey but was talked out if that insanity by sane non burned people….

      • rootietoot says:

        Your hair is like Barbie hair. Bigger than her head. We had deep fried turkey last year. The local chicken place makes them for $30. I’d spend more on the peanut oil to fry it than that.

  2. Ren has amazing hair. I had an amazing turkey. It is taking an amazing amount of willpower to not just bite into the whole thing and eat it like a dog. Also, candied sweet potatoes. 🙂

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