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Posted: November 14, 2012 in Personal

We begin, now with a song…which I know most of you hate, unless it is cool and Rootie likes it, or it is old school, a Daisy loves it….

Well, there is this little industrial metal band, old skool, that I love, and this song, really, says much for me.  In fact….see title of post, song sorta says it all!

I got badly burned, badly, in 2008, which many of you know, those who don’t, woo, in color, then I screwed up my back, which, still has issues, last resort is surgery, and I say bring it on, better than this.  I MISS being able to MOVE.  But, my response, at everyone and anything, has always been, as the song says “To laugh in the face of condemnation”.  I am still laughing.

I have taken the hits for all I have ever done, still am.  Real jobs, hah, like I have a resume for that, physically, hello, fire.  But the one thing my amazingly nihilist self has?  Hope.  Not in any sort of afterworld sense (pfft, useless, there is no afterworld), but in the NOW.

Did some drawings lately, they ain’t bad, nature and muscle cars.  Realize come sat I am 41, and staring down more surgery of the non happy kind, and you know, I am GOOD with that.  Such Is Life, SO Be it.

Heh, can an angry nihilist be Zen?

And that is a taste of things to come.

And oh yes, I WAS their  scarecrow for a long time, no more, now, I am for me.