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So, they are killing my game.  As of early Saturday AM, est, city of heroes/villains will be no more.  This saddens me, but like a true die hard fan, I am going to grind it out till the bloody end starting tomorrow.  Much red bull, some booze, smokes, and junk food, oh yeah.  I can understand the economic and business aspects of NC Soft nuking it, but that doesn’t make me like it any better.  To put it pretty honestly, that game helped me out a lot when I was dealing with some shit…medical mostly.  Post burn, post burn surgery, back shit, its not like I could go out and DO stuff, but I COULD play CoX, so, I did, a lot, and it took my mind off things, not to mention, in its own way, inspired some of the best actually Not Game Based Writing I have ever done.  Man, I am gonna miss it, and I am not really sure if there is another similar game I want to even play.  I have lots of folks asking me to do Star Wars, and man, it LOOKS cool and is well done, but I am a comic geek, not a Star Wars Geek.


Anyway, tomorrow and friday, I will be staying on till the bloody end.  Fuck you NC Soft, but thanks for the memories.




T-DAY Apocalypse!

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Humans, Personal, Uncategorized

I do it every year, even if I think its a stupid holiday.  I do it because regardless, I get my friends and fam over here, we eat, drink, are merry….last year I had lost a bet and was supposed to wear a skirt, so being me, I cooked and served in combat boots, an army spec. ops sweater, and…a kilt.  My hair looked amazing thou, very Law and Order.    For me, it is about good friends, family, food, football, and well, enjoyment.  All other shit aside.  I cook, the men clean  :).

But I DO like to think about what I am thankful for, and ya know, I have some things.  Infernal Spine aside, I am healthy.  For the most part, more than many.  I HAVE good friends, and an AMAZING family.  I am thankful for my artistic abilities, and the roof over my head, and my mean streak.  I am thankful I love music and love to be thankful that my parents introduced me to everything from MoTown to Country Western.  I am thankful Chicago Exists, same goes for West VA.

I EVEN took the chainsaw outta my kitchen this year….


Posted: November 18, 2012 in Personal

I am 41!  I say it loud, and proud, and all that shit that goes with the first two.  The top song on the charts the month and year I was born was….

heheh, I bet HE was a Scorpio TOO!

I am honestly, in some ways, looking forward to a really good year.  There will be shit, but, shut your mouth!


Kim, glad to see you back, I’ve missed you!


Happy B-Day to me, I SHOULD wish for world peace….but for some reason, a 1968 GTO sounds better to me!




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We begin, now with a song…which I know most of you hate, unless it is cool and Rootie likes it, or it is old school, a Daisy loves it….

Well, there is this little industrial metal band, old skool, that I love, and this song, really, says much for me.  In fact….see title of post, song sorta says it all!

I got badly burned, badly, in 2008, which many of you know, those who don’t, woo, in color, then I screwed up my back, which, still has issues, last resort is surgery, and I say bring it on, better than this.  I MISS being able to MOVE.  But, my response, at everyone and anything, has always been, as the song says “To laugh in the face of condemnation”.  I am still laughing.

I have taken the hits for all I have ever done, still am.  Real jobs, hah, like I have a resume for that, physically, hello, fire.  But the one thing my amazingly nihilist self has?  Hope.  Not in any sort of afterworld sense (pfft, useless, there is no afterworld), but in the NOW.

Did some drawings lately, they ain’t bad, nature and muscle cars.  Realize come sat I am 41, and staring down more surgery of the non happy kind, and you know, I am GOOD with that.  Such Is Life, SO Be it.

Heh, can an angry nihilist be Zen?

And that is a taste of things to come.

And oh yes, I WAS their  scarecrow for a long time, no more, now, I am for me.

The Universe must be aligned…

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Sports

I am first place in all my football pools.  This is good.  Despite the freakin’ NY Giants.  I will say Eli’s brother Peyton looks GOOD in Bronco Orange though…

It is amusing to me however, the AFC is like….Meh.  All the good divisional battles are NFC this year.


and I say…watch out for ‘da Bears.

Thank God, the election is OVER

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Politics

Which means no more political television ads.  Woohoo!

Yes, I went and voted, and unlike most of the United States, it seems I picked a good time to do it!  2pm baby, waited all of…ten minutes??  Granted, the polling station is about two blocks from my house which is nice, so if it was busy when I went I could always check back when it wasn’t so busy.  Either way, I didn’t have to wait, or come back, so yay!

But, with the election now over, I am gonna discuss WHY I don’t discuss politics, by in large, with other humans.  Certain humans- like my dyed in the wool Republican Mother or Rather Moderate Parole officer Shen or Mr. E (independent)  or various other pretty close friends, yeah, I will discuss politics.  In a very guarded brief sort of way.  And I will certainly listen to other people talk politics, but in general?  Yeah, not so much.  The reason why?  Well, one, I was raised being told it was rude to ask people who they voted for, but more than that?

With a lot of folk, if you do not happen to agree with their political choices, they tend to be nasty.   I mean like rude, vicious, uncivilized, insulting and downright mean kinda nasty.  And this is not a trait exclusive to either side of the political fence.  There are people like that on both the right and left side.  I have encountered both Republicans and Democrats like this, no question…ultra conservative asshats and ultra liberal jackwagons abound.  It is, in short, its own form of voter/political intimidation.  It is one thing to question someones choices in politics and engage in a reasonable conversation about those things, it is another to berate, insult, and degrade someone for their political choices, and far more often than not people lean towards the later.  Which is why I do not often discuss politics, especially with people who have proven to be rude hot-heads about it.  Hell, I have close friends all over the political spectrum, from the very very liberal to the far, far right and truth be told, I can EVEN have them all in the same room UNTIL the subject of conversation becomes politics, because then, its like people who were having a great time shooting pool or playing cards are suddenly arch enemies and calling one another idiots.   I don’t make or discard friends on the basis of their politics, never have, never would.  I feel like if I excluded people from my life because they were Democrat, or Republican, or Green or Socialist or anything DIFFERENT than me, well, not only would I be down some friends & family, it would be like excluding them because they happened to be Christian, or Jew, or Atheist, or Buddhist, or …so on.  People who actually agree with me on everything scare the crap outta me more than people who don’t, truth be told.

That said, I do laugh that almost every four years, Mr. E and I cancel each other out at the voting booth.  We had a whole ONE Va candidate in common this year- which is legendary!  (Do not ask me who I voted for, it is MY policy not to discuss such things publicly.)

And yes, For the Win, an entire day of ESPN with no political adds!!!