Yes, but can she still rage?

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The answer is yes.

I can.

Truth be told, I am in anger management classes now, which is NOT all bad.  I mean, I have temper and explosive rage monements that never end well, so yeah.

First thing they wanted to know…what Am I Angry At?  The answer is easy:  Everything.  Its not so off for me to say I hate everyone and everything, except the Comedian, cause HE got it… but they wanted know…so wanna know what I hate?

I hate that the American Dream is a lie.
I hate I was told with two degrees I could make it.
I hate I was told that society values women for more than how they look, how they breed, and how well they stay lesser than men
I hate boredom
I hate people who do not take me seriously
I hate people not me getting them and them not getting me
I hate when I say leave me alone people don’t
I hate my weaknesses
I hate being “type cast”
I hate my spine
I hate people falling in love with me
I hate that some folk do not get that hate, humor, and rage is all I have, and all I have ever had.  ANYTHING amazing I have ever done has not been because I WANTED TO do it, it has been because “I WILL SHOW THEM”

and I HATE people calling or thinking me stupid.  Point flat out is you do NOT get to be as fucked up as me without having some brains.  Take it.

Oh, and I HATE HATE HATE, they are KILLING city of, so….

  1. I hate that people mistake my irritation for anger or rage. Believe you me, there’s a difference between me irritated and me in a rage. Very, very few people have ever seen me truly angry.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re back. Full of rage or not, you’re interesting and I dig reading your posts.

  2. rootietoot says:

    I’m glad you’re back, too. I hope you find some contentment and peace.
    I hate that people take my typical quiet demeanor as weakness and think they can steamroll me, because that means I have to go through the effort of reciprocity, and I’d rather be sewing.

  3. Am I still in your spam filter or was it just too long?

  4. Strike Three… Am I still in your spam filter or was my comment too long?

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