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Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Back from the dead….


I guess maybe I should explain my absence, but really, what is there to explain?  I don’t sleep like a normal person, I don’t relate to people like a normal person.  When most  folk die, they are going to heaven or hell, I’d really prefer Chicago….and flat out….

I don’t blend with my fellow human too well.  I get that now.  Sure, I can be funny, charismatic, backs against the wall kinda gal…ultra loyal and caring about my family and friends…


But that does not mean I GET a lot of it.  I really WANT to, but….


Heh, Rootie, the Sylar you made me moved off the shelf and back on my desk today.  I liked him because…. I just want to know how it works, and if I know that, I can understand.


Oct 15  Monday….nearly a week with no sleep, and NOT by choice.


Heheheh, welcome to my world.  I have Sylar days, and I have Peter days…

  1. Well I’m glad you’re back from the dead, as you say, and I so fucking relate to everything you said here. I joke that I was raised by robotic wolves – in truth I really was not afforded anything even close to a reasonable approximation of “normal” socialization during my formative years – but I do not think my parents’ choices are the sole reason for why I often feel like…I’m some kind of non-human, who is here observing other humans, and finding them by and large super endearing and even lovable.

    In truth, the times I feel the most “like” other people are when I’m acting out of anger, being an asshole, etc. I wish it were the opposite, and I work on it, but I admit there are times when my half-robotic self just goes with it and is an asshole without fighting to even stop myself. As several people on this blog have no doubt noticed in recent years, ahem.

    Now that I’ve successfully turned my comment about you into a comment about me, my job is done here!


    (p.s. but I really was thrilled to click over here at random just now and see you posting!)

  2. xena says:

    Hey. Lots of us are back from The Dead.

    Netflix has the first 2 seasons up right now, among many, many other classics. I’m rolling in Joss Whedon’s stuff right now. Buffy, Spike, Angel… SQUEE!!

    Welcome back to Hell 😀 Your Imperial Godliness was missed.

  3. zhinxy says:

    I feel odd commenting because I’m merely someone who’s lurked on your blogs for years, maybe commented once or twice – But I’m very, VERY happy to see you post again. *loyal lurker wave*

  4. Eris says:

    yay!! Awesome that you are back!

  5. Fuck let’s see if this works. Tesing, testing, testing. Fucking wordpress.

    I keep meaning to give you a call, and then something distracts me. I’m glad you’re back. I hope you’r eokay and happy and all is well. If not, get your ass in a car or something and we can spend some time scaring my fucking neighbors with bows and arrows. I watched a great documentary about Huns and horseback archery. You’d love it. Sounds like—-maybe I’m reading a bit too much betewen the lines—–like some new (or old) weapons would be just the ticket.

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