Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Castiel sums it up best.  It’s odd, I’ve actually been out there reading and all those things.  Nine D is on about porn, Hugo is doing Hugo things, blah blah blah the world goes on and all I can think of is man, I wanna slap some people upside the head for a billion different reasons.  I’ve been apathetic, which means…Supernatural.  If you watch it, you know how Cas is so outta it when it comes to people?  Yep, that’s me most days, hence, the Cas slamming shots photo.

Im just kinda over a whole ton of shit these days.  People are the same, every day, the same, expecations lead to massive disappointment, people you counted as friends turn to bitter fucking enemies and IF yer lucky, you have some GOOD damn days where its all worth it and you grin and have a good time and all that stuff that IS pretty awesome.


I’ve had some of those days here lately, can’t say that I’ve not.  Good ones.  Where shit is awesome in all ways and for reasons I don’t discuss in public.  Then there are days that take all that awesome and kinda throw it in the shitter and leave you feeling like Cas and wishing you had his tolerance…

I’m just feelin’ amazingly outta touch and not like most humans today, and amazingly…apathetic.

I’ve never done well with Apathy.  I’m just not real sure what is even worth fighting for anymore aside from the sheer love of fighting.


  1. Oh Cas. I miss that angel. That sexy, sexy angel.

    And yeah, I’ve learned some things about people I thought were friends. Not as open-minded or diverse or understanding as they like to pretend they are and sure as hell didn’t like it when I called them on their shit. Ah well, garbage out. Sheer love of fighting, that sounds pretty legit.

    Uh, for some reason I still had your old blog on my Google Reader. Someone else has taken the url over and writes about British gardens.

  2. Deb says:

    I’ve noticed some people really really hate you disagreeing with them. like if you get in an arguement with friends about Obama or contreceptives or birth control or whatever some people will be like omg I thought yuou were my friend!!! and its like so what if we disagree with this! its not a betrayle just because we disagree over something! ok,if you don’t think women should take birth control your an asshole or if your against agency in general…but it sucks when people are like what you like Obama or you like guns we can’t be friends anymore:( I’ve noticed women do this much more then men do for some reason

  3. Deb says:

    Cas is also one of my favorite characters and it really annoys me how they pretty much assasionated his character! /me still fuming about Bobby and Ellen as well

    • Agreed! I’m actually hoping that this entire season will end in one of those cliche “It was all just a dream!” endings. Cuz this shit is not cool. I want Cas and Bobby back!

  4. Deb says:

    Word! I also don’t like the fact that Bobby didn’t just move on and is doomed to ghost crazy and non existence. The Showrunner Sara Gremble(SP?) is leaving and the next season will have a new person…maybe it will get better?

    • What’s so odd about Sera Gamble’s run is that she wrote (along with Kripke) one of the best (in my opinion) episodes in the best (again, my opinion) season of Supernatural, season 3’s “Jus In Bello”. Clearly, writing doesn’t translate to showrunning. I hope it does get better and if it does, that they will end it after next season with the mother of all apocalypses. I’ve very half-heartedly kept up with this season though my resolve COMPLETELY dissolved after Bobby was killed off. Apparently he’s been brought back all ghosty? Nope. I want Bobby back in original form. They’re all acting like idjits! lol

  5. Deb says:

    Agreed Sara Gamble is a good writer, but made a lot of bad decisions on the show!

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