always liked this one

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


Some of you are waiting for me to say something, maybe even roar.  It may happen.

  1. […] This was curious, since the no profanity policy at this blog has been relaxed for a long time. Renegade Evolution is still in the blogging business, although she is less prolific than before. Her motto is […]

  2. xena says:

    Here’s something that might get you talking. It sure pissed me off. I have to watch my mouth on that blog, tho. I get the impression they’re looking for some excuse to bar me bc my opinions aren’t in line with the rest of the hoity-toity bobbleheads over there. Just the other day, some woman got right sarcastic about my stance on NOT using the homeless as slave labour. I called her, politely on her opinion and the moderator tried to call ME a bully. Bah!

    So now they’re on about this big radfem conference in California that claims to be a seminar to ‘teach’ people how to advocate to stop porn. What a load of shit.

    • Ren says:

      ive been there, done that, lost years off my life bitching about it, you cannot stop zealots.

      • xena says:

        Maybe not. But we can at least inform the students that are about to get soaked for their hardearned cash that said zealots are a bunch of profit driven liars.

        I know you’ve had problems with people like this before. Feministphilosophers gets about a million hits/year.(That’s not an exaggeration–bells&whistles go with every millionth hit on that site.) So I thought I’d ask before I do anything that might accidentally invite unsavoury types over here. May I link your October 28 post? Gail Dines is one of the speakers at the conference.

  3. xena says:

    I’m a U2 fan, too.

  4. joankelly6000 says:

    Feh, I came here to finally click on that link and it says the content is not available in my country!

    Also, my typing here comes out at the opposite speed of light, and I don’t know why or how to change it, but it is so frustrating that it’s what makes me email you instead of comment here.


  5. Beste says:

    All I get is this msg

    “This video contains content from UMG. It is not available in your country.
    Sorry about that.”

    This is the first time I’ve got a msg like this from youtube.

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