Posted: February 14, 2012 in Humans, Personal

And if the fires burn out there’s only fire to blame!



  1. You might like this, he’s Cherokee/Blackfoot and redneck.

  2. I do too…but some I like. His I like because there’s not a lot of redneck rappers with NDN heritage.

  3. These guys are from my neck of the woods.

  4. xena says:

    Hi. I’m still having trouble viewing these clips. I have to look them up on youtube myself and then view them.

    Let’s see if they’ll load from my end.

    Obituary. Redneck Stomp. I don’t mind the instrumental, but their singer deserves a spoof. I’ll put that link in my next comment if this works.

  5. xena says:

    Ok, so the link works. I love these kids. Hope I’m not ruffling any feathers.

  6. xena says:

    Bah. That was an O not a 0:

    I can’t tell if they’re spoofing the band in particular, redneck metal the genre, or rednecks as a group. I think if they were spoofing rednecks they’d be dressed up like those guys in Deliverance or something, no?

    I think the long-haired kid is cute. What a creepy old cougar I am 😛

  7. xena says:

    And this Adorable Little Dude. NOT cute in the same way the other dude is cute. I’m not THAT creepy!

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