blast from the past!!!

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Art, Rants, Sex Work, Slut Shaming & Whorephobia, The Hardline According to Ren, women, WTF???

hell yeah!

and yes its me, and yes any art in it i drew and yes the six armed Kali naga drawing is my back tattoo and yes, i  did make her look scrawny like me!!!!  And yes, I look vastly different with red, black and blonde hair… blonde bad, red or black okay, even black and pink and white dreads!  And do not ask about my Agent Smith obsession, just…don’t!

  1. Amber Rhea says:

    Ah the good ol’ days of blogging… 😉 (tongue firmly in cheek)
    Sex 2.0 seems like so long ago!

  2. June Cleaver with a gun, FTW. 😀

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