So, because people have asked…

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Politics

Why isn’t Ren blogging about SOPA and screaming her head off in protest?

Um, because Ren doesn’t oppose SOPA.  Shocking?  Well, it shouldn’t be.  At all.  Really…think on that for a moment before bitting my head off.  Why would *I* oppose it?


  1. rootietoot says:

    Because all good liberals oppose stuff lik….uh…


  2. I didn’t have any expectation one way or the other, but since you asked:

    Because it’s an unparalleled attack on free speech, designed to put the power of censorship of the internet in the hands of multinational corporations, and shut down ordinary folks’ dissenting voices, without the need for pesky little things like evidence or a trial or things like that.

    • dead_vladimir says:

      except it’s not a blatant attack on free speech. Sure it has the possibility to misused that way, but prima facie it is not about free speech. I think that is mostly a covered blind for the real issue here, and that is the burden of effort to monitoring copy right infringement.For sites such as youtube, the expense would heavily affect their profit model (and non profits aka Wikipedia may become financially unviable due to the burdensome cost)if they had to bear the expense of monitoring user posted content for violation. They feel that they should bear zero responsibility or at least zero cost; putting the burden on copyright holders to police and monitor infringement and privacy. The free speech i think for them is a smoke screen issue. Is it possible it could be used to stifle free speech? yes. But that is not why the majority of people who oppose it, oppose it.

      Now that said, SOPA is still a piece of shit, It is using a nuke to deal with a termite infection. Sure the termites are gone and the rest of down town is uninhabitable for the next century, and for that reason alone it should be stopped, and something else created. Mostly because I don’t trust any government with nukes literal or figurative.

      A good case of the example of the nuke would be, Comcast blocking off all access to Livejournal because someone posted a bit of copy right material in one blog. On the other hand a site such as youtube who’s primary existence is the sharing of video clips sure as heck should be held accountable if they don’t have a means to police and prevent copyrighted material going up. Will that slow down the process? Will youtube need to charge users or more for advertising? Most likely yes, but human convienence does not trump the rule of law. Simply because we want free and easy internet doesn’t mean we get to trample over ownership, intellectual property etc.
      Think of the reverse, (and while it is easy to villify movie studios, recording labels etc, they do invest in creating a product);why should the burden be on the owners to make sure the other site is not violating the law for profit at their expense?

      I think a more common sense rule would be if a site exists where the potential for copy right infringement is small or the harm to other users not engaging in the violation (say a site like live journal); the burden should be as it is now, the cease and desist letter and legal action later if it persists.
      On the other hand, sites like Youtube, bit torrent exchanges, where the potential for abuse is wide spread and let us face it, it’s just not potential it is mainly wide spread – there should be a faster more effective means of resolving. While I do not think comcast should be able to block off all it’s users access to a website wit no recourse, on the other hand in a way if we don’t allow them some recourse we are forcing them to be an unwilling accomplice to theft (and in their case good chance against properties they own).
      I would say in those cases, if the offended party can prove that the offending provider site did not have reasonable standards to prevent or monitor, they should be financially liable and yes, they should potentially be delisted (and perhaps criminal violations if the offenders are found to flagrantly encourage it or not monitor it as to drive up business).
      Of course as i said the SOPA is a nuke and so this should not be a FIAT power (and definitely not a power of the FCC here in the US_i would say it would require a trial (civil) even though it just generates more litigation in this country)>

  3. What Dead Vlad said, it over-reaches badly. If I want to review a movie and I quote the movie–or like I did yesterday, use YouTube clips, they can stop that as a copyright violation. That is ridiculous, I am HELPING advertise their movie. not hurting it.

    This would inhibit political speech severely–if I quote a presidential speech and say it sucks, my blog can be taken down for the same reason. And don’t kid yourself, that is exactly what is at stake.

    If you aren’t political or do not do cultural criticism, I guess you’d be in the clear, but most bloggers do something like that, at some point. And some of us do it *all* the time.

    I voted for Ron Paul in the primary because as I said on the radio, our entire political process is at stake, when the right to criticize politicians itself can be expunged by the powerful. He was the only candidate who came out against it with real gusto. As usual.

  4. xena says:

    I don’t know if pulling down a blog is such an attack on freedom, Daisy. Is it just me, or has this generation of Slacktivists lost something in their virtual worlds? Remember when there was no internet and people–oh, talked to each other? Read books? Knew how to spell? Created a charity because the deed is good, and not just a good way to build more profit through a good corporate image?

    I like your blog, and wouldn’t want to see it taken down. But there are copious amounts of garbage out there. If they put a standard in place with only 2 guidelines for removal: that it was written by somebody who didn’t finish the 10th grade, and that it offended more than 50 people, I bet they could take out half the crap on the net. And frankly, I wouldn’t miss it. What I do miss are standards of journalistic integrity. As late as 10 years ago, I used to be able to pick up a newspaper, look at any article and be 90% certain that it was written by somebody with the specialized knowledge and critical thinking skills required to make that kind of commentary. I could usually be about 60% certain that the info in any story wasn’t maliciously misreported. Cross referencing against 3 or 4 other sources usually took care of most of the rest of the uncertainty. Nowadays, with FauxNews, ManBoobz, LynchingsRus, etc. I don’t know wtf I’m reading. I’m so busy filtering bullshit, I don’t have time to appreciate what the authors are telling me anymore.

    Proof you say? Scroll through Hugo’s commenters and link on their names to some of the crap the Doodly Doodz blog about. Compared to that, you, Ren, and hell– Ren’s frikkin Sock Puppet Guy all deserve Pulitzers.

    Provided my proof reader is competent and not stupidly biased, I would gladly outsource the job of Bullshit Detector if that would allow me to process all this shit more quickly.

    • Yeah, you have reminded me of what happened locally during the Bob Jones Univ rape-cover-up scandal… the mainstream media did not cover it until WE covered it. Then they could cover it as “an internet uproar over BJU” and did not have to take active responsibility, the cowards!

      The bloggers are covering the stories, instead of the people who SHOULD be, who actually get PAID to do this… what’s wrong with *this* picture?

      But SOPA is an issue there, too… BJU goes around attempting to bust anybody who mentions them anywhere online, rather like the Scientologists do. Would SOPA give BJU and the Church of Scientology the power to limit criticisms? In the sense that we would be forbidden from quoting from them, it certainly would.

      A BJU faculty member leaked an audio of a faculty meeting at BJU, where they were chuckling that anybody would give a shit about these rape accusations, chortle chortle, and next thing you know, it was on YouTube and they were flipping out over it. (tee hee!) Now they have issued this big statement that whoever tapes a faculty meeting will be instantly dismissed. Imagine if they had SOPA on their side? Their assistant pastors could then rape whomever they please, which they DID do before the internet (when this happened).

      But yeah, I know what you mean. I named my blog “Dead air” partly because I didn’t know if I would really have anything to say… (“Dead air” is a broadcast term for “broadcasting nothing) It turned out that I did! 🙂

      Bullshit detector indeed–you should have read the highly sanitized version of the Bob Jones stuff that was finally printed. They kissed BJU ass all over the place, while being forced to admit that YES, their board member assisted in the cover-up of one found GUILTY of raping a child. That “guilty” verdict really was hard for them to print… they kind of slipped it in late in the story.


      • xena says:

        Well, the Scientologists tend to attract the kinds of freaks&weirdos that eliminate the need for good investigative reporting. One of their tweaked out paranoid spokespeople–namely Kirstie Alley–appears on a talk show, and anybody with a drop of common sense thinks of one word and one word only. PFFT!! Those people don’t need outsiders to make fools of them, if you know what I’m sayin.

        As for BJU, I’ve never heard of them. I’ll take my Bullshit Filters into Netghanistan and get back to you in a few hours when I know what I’m talking about 🙂

  5. xena says:

    Oh, and to answer Ren’s question: Why is she not opposing SOPA? Her brand of Libertarianism,of course. The right to keep her stuff, sell her stuff, arm her stuff, protect her stuff trumps somebody else’s right to talk about her stuff without her permission.

    Right? Go ahead and flesh that out if you’d like. I’m about to pick up the Kymlicka I wasn’t able to finish when the shit hit the fan at school last year, thanks to sitting around watching PBS when my internet went down. I watched a good lecture on Locke last night. (Nothing better to do in this frikkin blizzard 😦 ) I learned something about that tricky little word “inalienable” that makes some of these debates about stuff ownership and self ownership even more interesting.

    I’m always interested in people’s concepts of “freedom”. What does that mean to you, Ren? Anybody else?

  6. xena says:

    OHHH… THAT Jones! Paula Corbin. Fuck. The same reasoning as my Scientology PFFTT! statement applies here. Didn’t those of us with a little common sense know THAT was coming? With Republican rants about Democrats’ sex scandals, it’s usually a case of “3 fingers pointing back at yourself”. Our conservatives did a lot of that when they were the Opposition. Harper’s boys are absurdly obsessed with substance abuse. Go figure–several of them have been popped with DUI and one had to resign over possession of cocaine charges.

    Wish I had the gall to go hook up with some Xtian hypocrite to help me jump on Bill for a few minutes. I could make $850 000 too. Actually, 10 mos until the next election and they’ve already started that crap with President O. I guess he would be the one I’d have to jump for my million. Inflation, you know 😛 (Of course I’m joking! He’s kinda sexy–I like smart guys–but NEVER in the spotlight with a married public figure! Nobody’s that sexy!)

    But if SOPA has the power to silence critics of people like Jones, then doesn’t that power also apply in reverse? What about the mythologies presented on FauxNewsy sites? I’ve seen more plausible storylines on StarTrek for pity’s sake. Ann Coulter screaming about how she could nuke Canada, and my favourite Colbert spoof–the fiasco with President Obama’s birth certificate. I loved how they compared that overstretched argument to Trump’s combover, complete with mad photoshopping. LMAO!

    I’d love to see SOPA put the lying, racist hypocrites at FoxNews right out of business. And I’m sure they know that many people feel that way. Checks and balances, my dear Daisy. The right hand washes the left, and vice versa.

  7. xena says:

    Besides, I think the regulations only apply to copyrighted material. As long as you’re quoting the politician himself, and stating your commentary in your own words, there’s no copyright infringement. You may have to be a little more careful about using clips and posting links, but I’m sure the guidelines can’t be that unreasonable. And if they take down your blog, just put up another one. That’s the biggest flaw with this whole thing. They’re not nuking termite mounds. They’re pouring water on sandcastles.

    Pardon me for quoting the Wachowski brothers, but you can’t kill an idea.

  8. Nooo, I mean the school. BJU is a fundamentalist Baptist school, really a cult. But they have been very influential in this area of the state; all of our local politicians have connections to the school, Jim DeMint recently gave a “chapel address” –Lindsey Graham has an honorary degree.

    Some people put “school” in quotes, since they don’t teach evolution or anything else that really happened in history.

    Hold your nose!

    After I wrote this, the local rag FINALLY deigned to say something. growf!

    The good news–this is the first primary election that the candidates DID NOT visit BJU (ever since Ronald Reagan did)–so this means they are losing their political influence in the mainstream GOP here in SC.

    • xena says:

      Yes, Daisy. Dood who founded the school is (was?) married to Paula Corbin Jones.

      Lemme double check those google entries I glanced at yesterday. I admit I spent a couple of minutes at that, not a couple of hours. I get a little ahead of myself when I’m looking for dirty politicking patterns. Same when I’m looking for poetic justice.

      I’ll read your stuff, too. ttfn.

  9. xena says:

    Bah. Six Degrees of Cracker Nation. It looks like every creepy Republican who ever launched a campaign on quasi-Quiverfull misogyny and racist BS has ties to that frikkin ‘university’. Crank up the theme song from Deliverance and put those fuckers in a Newfie firing squad formation. Tell them it’s time for target practice.

    (Check out the RCMP on the back of a Canadian $50 bill if you want to know what a Newfie firing squad is 😉 )

    I lost the link that mentioned Paula Corbin Jones. If I wasn’t completely off with the connection, she would have been married to the 3rd? BJ. No matter. I’ve had more than enough ickiness for one day.

    Keep up the good work, no matter how much fear mongering about shutting you down reaches your comments section. People like those Jonesers (Yeah. As in a twitchy, lying addict who would kill for a hit) should not be allowed to brainwash the voters. I’ve been wondering for years how it’s possible that 47% of Americans could possibly believe that evolution could not have happened. Now I know. Bring ’em down, my dear Daisy, bring ’em down. Separation of Church and State MUST not be fucked with. Don’t even get me started…

    Like I said, if they shut you down, just open up somewhere else. Water on sandcastles, a thousand people in Guy Fawkes masks, etc. The ruling assholes will NEVER silence the masses. Before the internet, before the printing press, before cuneiform, before Lucifer, before Zeus, Cronos and Uranus, even before human speech, there was a pissed off chimp who got chased out of his troop by a much bigger alpha male. He came back with his own troop and waged war with rocks and hairy fists.

    It’s in our nature to fight back when we’re being bullied. There aren’t enough of them to silence all of us. And understanding points like this within a program of study specializing in anthro& evolution, it becomes obvious that this is the reason the fundamentalists are so afraid of science.

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