So, Gratz to

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Sports

The Giants, 49ers, and Ravens…


but not to the Pats…I cannot forgive that kind of public humilation!  Gahhh whine.  I even painted my dang nails orange and blue, but alas, not enough Mojo!

So I am rooting for the Giants now.  I like Eli.  AVENGE ME, ELI!!!!

  1. Anthony says:

    One minute and 80 yards away, and the Giants would have had to go south next week. Damn you to hell, Gregg Williams.

    Oh, well..congrats to the winners..and a moment of silence for St. Timmy. Arguably, the best H-back to play QB in Broncos’ history.

  2. Joan Kelly says:

    oh but the Patriots were who I learned to love football from, watching and cursing with my favorite cousins from Boston! So as much as they may have annoyed you, they can’t be *all* bad…

  3. rootietoot says:

    I am fond of Mannings.

  4. Rooting for a Harbaugh SuperBowl

  5. Jill Brenneman says:

    Pats are destined to be Super Bowl Champions. It is the natural order of the universe

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