My new favorite bumper sticker…ever.

Posted: December 16, 2011 in The Funny


  1. My mom used to say she wished she had a “Proud Parent of a Convicted Felon” bumper sticker for her car. Me being the felon of course.

  2. ginmar says:

    It looks like something Daryl’s mom would have. Mmm….did you see Norman Reedus on that show that follows TWD?

    • Ren says:

      the talking dead with him on it? Hell yes. Loved how he said after he saw his action figure he decided to go back to the gym lol!

      I want that bumper sticker now…to give to my mom as a present LOL.

      • ginmar says:

        Yeah, that one. Gah, I need to punch something. Do you ever do any boxing? I’m wondering if I should get a punching bag. I’ve got some asshole on Kos basically telling me smugly that I was in favor of the Iraq war and that I ‘thought it was okay.’ Where’s a fucking cross bow when you need one?

        • Ren says:

          I;ve not done any boxing, I hear it’s pretty much the best work out ever though.

          • ginmar says:

            You could pictures on the bag, like Spike did with Angel’s picture in that one ep of Buffy. Then again, I want pictures of Limbaugh on my targets if I ever go to target practice again.

  3. I remain fond of “my kid beat up your honor student”–particularly since it actually happened. :p

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