I think I have caught the Signess…

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Guns

Or would that be “down with the signess?”

First off, this blog post is the maiden blog post using my shiny new computer!  Ah yes, after having used one that was held together with duct tape, threats and prayers for way too long, mercy was extended and Vlad got me a new pc for my b-day, which arrived Friday, and…Woot!  It’s shiny black and works good and I can play games on it and watch videos and stuff without lag and…just, well, its cool.  I can put the old one out to pasture now and will no longer have to swear at it endlessly.

Anyway, after a Thanksgiving where I sorta ended up feeling WAY overworked- what with makin’ all the food and shit, and underpaid…hey, all that food costs money…and a Friday where I felt like crap because, uh, I ate A LOT and my stomach was NOT pleased, well, come Saturday Vlad introduced me to his shiny new Sig Sauer p220 in .45  …. even let me shoot it…

…and can I say I love that gun in a biscuits and gravy kinda way?  Hah, there is a reason my favorite fictional character I write uses a Sig…and now I know why!  It’s a NICE gun.  I have been infected with the Signess.  Virtually no kick -even at .45!  Also actually fits in my hand, which being small is a thing. It’s got real good out of the box accuracy, and well, it just rocks.  Admittedly Vlad shot it WAY better than me (he did real good), but I do like the gun…a lot…tis very, very nice.   I’d kinda been eyeballing a Sig p238, but after shooting the p220, I dunno…

Unless I win the lotto, then this is on the list…

I will always have my unsavory fascination with AK47’s, and Glocks are nice…but I think Sig has vaulted into my top three and grabbed the top position…

  1. dead_vladimir says:

    umm technically its a flat black nitron finish, not shiny at all

  2. rootietoot says:

    Sigs are VERY nice! Like a BMW or something! If I weren’t so old school and stuff I’d want one, too.

    And congrats on the new computer:)

    • Ren says:

      I shot a Sig Something Something many moons ago, a 9mm not a 45, and it was real nice too, I remembered it being a fine gun, and it seems that the p220 45 is JUST as nice and well, smooth. I really did like it a lot…and now I know why I wrote that Rictor was partial to Sig Sauers lol. They are that keen!

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