Things that amuse me…

Posted: November 11, 2011 in The Funny

My cat.

Trolls showing up on two year old posts and makin’ idiots of themselves.

Fixing a leaky hot tub in cold weather.



On that note, while my actual b-day isn’t until the 18th, I am gonna start the festivities early.  Got folk from out of town who have shown up for the early antics that precede the big day, so it’s likely I will be not around here for a bit….

  1. xena says:

    🙂 Happy birthday.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Happy Birthday! Virginia is close enough to The Deep South that, like all proper (please understand that I am NOT accusing you of being Proper, simply giving you permission) Southern Ladies (nor am I necessarily calling you A Lady),you are allowed to start counting backwards on your birthdays now.

    • Ren says:

      I got carded. Good enough.

    • xena says:

      Proper Southern Ladies get to age backwards after 40. Sounds Divine.

      My landlady just started the same old crap everybody I use the H word in front of has been doing since I first got de-housed. Following me into the bathroom to make sure I’m not drinking the cleaning products, leaving ‘bait’ like rubbing alcohol and cough syrup all over the house for me, jumping up&down about how I’d been there 2 weeks and still didn’t have a job. Whining about how I *GASP!* sit around drinking coffee until 11am and telling me I’m crazy and lazy and need to be punished with more homelessness and blahblah. Looks like I’m back to the skids December 1st.

      I just had a little discussion about a Thought Experiment from a philosophy class 3 years ago. The question was: If you were Neo, and Morpheus gave you the red pill/blue pill option, which would you choose? Well, I was shocked at the response. Everybody raised their hands for the blue pill. Everybody but me.

      Now that I’ve spent close to 2 and a half years out of The Matrix, off the grid and I’m FUCKING COLD and my back is starting to cause me grief from the fighting and sleeping on concrete and carrying 50 lbs. of luggage everywhere, I’m seriously thinking about taking back that statement. I want a blue pill now. I want to plug my spine into some Rich White Dood who wants to suck out my brain and call me His Bitch and fuck me badly in the name of [insert hypocritical religious stuff here]. I want to sell out to the Church of Overpriced Pink Things That Promise To Make Him Love Me More. I want to drum up support for some Republican Whackjob, so I can embezzle enough money to eat. I want a stupid frilly bonnet and somebody to call me ‘pet’ DAMMIT! Anything, ANYTHING if I could just stop shivering for more than a few hours.

      Proper Southern Lady aging backwards sounds peachy. I might even learn to like church if I could sing in a choir. Never been to Heaven but I kinda like the music…

      Then I get a mental image of the type of guy who might be fool enough to try to dress me up in a stupid bonnet and call me his pet. This is one of the things in life that truly amuse me 😉

  3. mmmmmmmm Jensen Ackles.

  4. rachel cervantes says:

    Mine’s a few days after yours. We should have a joint birthday celebration some time. That could be fun, huh?

  5. Happy early birthday Ren!

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