This comes from Pheeno, and I love it…

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Awesome

Generation X is sick of your Bullshit…

  1. Right? I read that and all I could think was

    β€œAt the beep, please leave your name, number, and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man’s existential dilemma and we’ll get back to you”

    • rootietoot says:

      Hahahaha!! Awesome!
      I was reading about how The Occupiers were being fed roasted beet salad with organic goat cheese and thought “why does this all sound like an entry in “First World Problems”

      I am NOT saying (let me be clear on this) that there isn’t a problem with the whole Wall Street thing, hedge funds and such. Clearly there is. I *am* saying that the movement has lost it’s credibility me.

      • Wow, I seriously underestimated Statesboro! That’s some occupation for a small town!

        Wait, I am not finding any Occupation in Statesboro, so who are you talking about? Looking at the Savannah page, I don’t see any beet salad references, but then, they do have lots of gourmet-types in Savannah, as well as Charleston. (They probably know how to make/obtain that stuff fairly cheaply, truth be told.) However, in Columbia, Spartanburg and Greenville, we ate American cheese on white bread, you know, those piece of cheese in the plastic wrappers? They keep well in coolers. Also, peanut butter and jelly.

        You aren’t still talking about New York, are you? Believe it or not, Rootie, New York and California are NOT the centers of the world, they just want you to believe that.

        So, let me clarify: we lose credibility with you because some people in New York ate some goat cheese? I see. Well, that certainly makes a lot of sense.

        • Is there a reference to the Occupy movement in Pheeno’s piece, and I just missed it? (reads back) Is trashing the Occupy movement the topic today too? If not, why the drive-by?

          What brings out the gratuitous insults THIS time, Rootie?

          Rootie, are you one of the 1%? I seriously doubt it; you have to have a net worth (as an individual, not a corporation) of $14 million over several years, as well as yearly income of about $500,000 to reach the point where you pay NO taxes.

          If you ARE that rich (few people are), wow, I had no idea… and I now see the reason for the hostility.

        • rootietoot says:

          makes sense to me πŸ™‚ just as much as crowding into a park without permits from the city, holding up cardboard signs with quirky and philosophical statements on them, and camping in pup tents makes.

  2. I guess that makes us even… I was sick of one before she even left my house!

    I am sick of youngsters bitching, when I am the middle-aged person physically falling apart and losing my job (as one of them takes it) …while Nikki Haley simultaneously tries to steal my husband’s pension and leave us permanently impoverished. And I look around and I see Gen X is mostly healthy and strong, zealously monopolizing Blogdonia and enthusiastically CLOSING OUT older people’s perspectives… so I am plenty sick of their bullshit too.

    But as they say, YMMV. Bless her heart.

  3. If they’re using the word Occupy unironically, they’ve lost all credibility for me, period.

    It’s insulting. Salt in an open wound.

  4. Oh and if Gen X is closing out older people’s perspectives, perhaps it’s because we’ve fucking heard it all our lives. Boomers won’t fucking leave and Gen y is already moving up to replace us.

    The economy sucks. The government will join hands with big business and screw you. Gen X has known this since birth. So welcome to the winter of our discontent. It’s about time some of you figured this shit out, so you’ll just have to excuse us if Gen X doesn’t shake your hand.

    • Ageism has been popular since the beginning of time, so I would not expect you to shake my hand in any event. (Its a new reason each generation, but its the same old hostility: Fuck these old people and their needs for medicine! Euthanasia now!)

      If you are smart enough to post at Gizmodo, where I can’t even understand most of what they are talking about, you’ll be fine. I am the one who doesn’t know how to text. πŸ™‚

  5. Pheeno, there is huge white underclass in this country, not that I expect you to care about that… but its a big dirty secret they don’t like to talk about.

    …and a lot of them are starting to come out of the woodwork (finally) since their/our jobs were all sent elsewhere. They are starting to become politically aware… and lots of them are very uneducated and stupid and they going to fuck it up. I can’t judge them, since I was stupid once too. Have you never offended any other radicals with your ignorance?
    (Well, I mean besides me and other old people? You make it very clear that WE don’t count, of course, so pretend we are members of a group that matters to you… have you never used the “wrong language” or had the wrong position? How long have you been political?) Another reason I am participating is that I want to influence the directions their politics goes in and make them more radical. Again, I don’t expect you to understand that, but 40 years ago the Yippies took me in, and taught me everything. I went to Yippie U, or I wouldn’t know shit… and Frantz Fanon is one of those people they made me read. I want to be able to have that conversation with someone else… its called paying it forward.

    • I did not go to college, so Yippie U WAS my education… Occupy U is going to be the university for a lot of the new people coming up… and I want to be one of the teachers. (I know, I am too inferior FOR YOU, but people around here like me).

      BTW: our group facilitator is Efia Nwangaza, a Civil Rights movement veteran:

      we DESIGNED IT that way, on purpose.

      I have to stop posting here… going to the unemployment office!

    • Ren says:


      Those white underclass people you are talking about? Raises Hand. I qualify. I have kinda blogged about that stuff…extensively…here at the GER. And Yep, also a Gen X unemployed type too who may in fact might have died, if not been seriously fucked up, without medical treatment (burns to the tendons can get infected real easy without treatment after all, I mean hell, at my ripe almost age of 40, I have had my fair share of medical hoopla in my life- fortunately, most of it occured as an adult, when married, with insurance, and not as a kid/teenager, where I was not married and lacked insurance).

      But the reason the Gen X’ers who have read that LOVE it? Its not because of OWS, its because its TRUE. It’s been true for us for a long, long time. We’ve been treated like shit, called shit, fed shit, and had most expectations of us be shit…but hey, we knew shit was shitty for a long time and are used to it…yet we keep pluggin’ away even when we get no credit and blamed for/ called everything. FOR ME, that was the appeal of that piece, and it had nothing to do with OWS…and for the record, why yes, my parents, so on, are boomers, and I sure as shit hate to see THEM and those LIKE THEM getting screwed when they do not deserve it.

    • xena says:

      Bah! Told myself I wouldn’t join this kerfuffle but…

      Thanks for the Joe Bageant reference, Daisy. As an aspiring social scientist (forced out of my chance to finish my degree before my 40th birthday, but still an aspiring social scientist) I’m very interested in this. I’ve just added him to my To Read list.

  6. Right, the piece was not about OWS, but Rootie couldn’t resist more insults and mentioned the occupiers, thus derailing the comments… (and did you tell her you did not appreciate that?)
    After our previous interactions I assumed Rootie’s comments were directed to me. (they were)

    You talkin to me? Well, I’m the only one here. .

    And then Pheeno has to pile on, too.

    The “internet culture of the call-out”– that piece I sent you. I am starting to think even the nicest, most decent people get caught up in it.

  7. Ageism might be factor if the numbers weren’t so large. Baby Boomers outnumber Gen X vastly as do the Gen Y’s. You wanna talk about being silenced, get stuck between those two generations and we’ll talk.

  8. And yes, that article is in reference to the Occupiers. That’s why it was written.

    And other people having and sharing disagreeing opinions isn’t a pile on. Grow up.

  9. Did my reply get moderated?

  10. Apparently gone… I’ll type it again. Added to the other thread.

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