Posted: October 27, 2011 in Awesome, The Funny

  1. xena says:


    After reading that flamewar on the OWS posts, I’m giggling my face off at this. THIS is the problem with way left ideologies. A person just CAN’T side with Twisty McRadfem AND First Nations causes AND the differently abled AND the Teah Party. If I didn’t know better I’d swear the key points of contention among all of those camps were all created by the very same Rich White Doodz who are exploiting every last one of us. Way to keep us all bickering so we don’t see how they’re controlling us. “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”.

    Maybe folks do things differently outside of Anishinaabe territory, but I also found it a little puzzling that someone who grew up on such a terrible Res (Relocation camp or whatever you want to call it) would side with somebody like Twisty, and then argue semantics when she gets called out on principle. Sorry, Bad Plantation Owner (Twisty) gets a gold medal in the Oppression Olympics. Lack of a degree in First Nations History and Culture (Daisy) doesn’t even qualify for a bronze.

    But I promised myself I wouldn’t join this squabble. I might have to leave my Ojibwe hair behind and accept a one way ticket to Ireland. Maybe I could send my fingernails to Sweden? My busted tooth to Russia? Or would I be allowed to choose which place of origin I prefer? I hear the Isle of Skye is beautiful this time of year. Then again, so is Cornwall, England. 😛

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