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Generation X is sick of your Bullshit…

Okay, fine then, a Rant…

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Humans, Rants

So, I pissed some people off by writing about sexual assaults at OWS events.  Which still has me shaking my head and saying WTF, but hey, what can you do, and true enough, I was not speaking in glowing terms about the protesters or the conditions in which they are currently living…how horrible of me, even though the conditions have been described as less than pleasant and well, folk like this guy don’t tend to make me think real highly of them- nor do reports of rape, child rape, and victims being told not to say anything…so sue me, hate my guts, whatever, I fail to give a fuck because holy shit, when things like that are happening, I am not the one being willfully ignorant.

And I don’t normally get too political in my blogging here.  I, in general, try to avoid it like the plague, because I’ve seen and learned that talking politics with people whom you do not agree?  Fastest way in the world to turn everyone into a buncha screaming morons who simply cannot agree to disagree, and anything and everything about that other person is immediately forgotten because they don’t have the same politics.  Which is…well, sad and stupid IMHO.  I can like a person and not think lesser of them if they have different politics than me- but that ain’t a universal trait.  But oh well.  I’m a libertarian, that is known.  I am even a more right leaning libertarian than makes some folk comfortable; that too is probably known or suspected.  And yep, as you may have guessed…I *myself* am not into or supportive of OWS.  Do I think folk have a right to protest?  Yep.  Do I think they have a right and a reason to be pissed off?  Yep.  Do I support fully their right to free speech and to assemble and protest?  Absolutely.  I do.  They can have at it.  But I also think the second they get violent, or threatening, or endanger/harm/harass other people who are not on the same page as them (or in some cases are on the same page) well, then their rights do not outweigh anyone else’s.  And I sure as shit think some of these folks would have learned a thing or two from history: You swing on a cop, you better expect you’re gonna get hit too, media darlings of the moment or not.  You rush and damage police and city vehicles, expect you might get hurt when they try to move those things.  You piss off enough people, be it by your politics, the mess you are making in their cities, or yes, by shitting on their lawns, you might expect they are gonna get pissed off right back.  And maybe, just maybe, if you engage in violence of any kind or are afiliated with those who do or who advocate it (see second link), people might be violent back.   Unfortunate?  Yeah.  True?  Yeah.  As I have said before, if I had these folk camped out in my neighborhood and one of ’em decided to use my front yard as a toilet, there might be violence.  There would definitely be a call to the police.  And that is something I think the OWS folk and their supporters are forgetting…

Their actions?  They aren’t just affecting the cops or making the banks and politicians take notice.  They are affecting other people, you know, working and middle class folk like themselves who also got screwed, who also have debt, who also are worried as hell about the economy and their futures.  People who, for whatever reasons, have not joined the OWS crew and merely want to find/work/do their jobs, get a good nights sleep, take care of their families, keep their towns, cities, neighborhoods, streets as nice and safe and peaceful as possible.  YEAH, THOSE PEOPLE.  They are also being affected.  And they are also getting pissed off.  I can promise you, promise, that if I lived right next door to one of these OWS sites, I would probably be pissed as hell at these folks by now.  The noise, the hassle, the mess, the cops everywhere, yeah, I’d be real thrilled with all that right out my front door…especially when I am not a banker, a rich person, some fat cat business person, a politician, or anything other than another human being with debt and worries who got screwed just like a huge majority of Americans.  

And am I the only one out there thinking to myself “This shit never ends well?”  I can’t be really, can I?  When this sort of thing does succeed, well, it ends in war.  When it doesn’t?  It ends in Kent State/Tiananmen Square.  Hell, violence is already happening at these events between protesters and police, amid the protesters themselves, and if not already, soon enough it will be happening between protesters and non-police/non-protesters who have simply had enough.  And frankly, sorry, these protesters?  From what I have seen…I don’t have a real high opinion.  They got no more screwed than a lot of other people, seemingly have no respect for those other people who got screwed but have chosen not to protest but rather get up, take care of their business, and pay off their unfair and often undeserved debt, or have concerns and obligations which are More Important to themselves, their families, and their well-beings than, oh, protesting.  Hell, simple fact is, some people can’t afford to be protesters, and some have no desire to be socialists, or anarchists, or whatever else- or affiliated with them.  That doesn’t mean they got any less screwed over, just like the protesters.  And yeah, I think some of those people, the non-OWS ones?  They are sick, tired, pissed off, and annoyed as well.  And at this point, in thinking person mode I wonder…well, what happens when you have pissed off sick and tired protesters, pissed off sick and tired cops, pissed off sick and tired non-protesters, non-cops, all of whom who have been screwed over?  Nothing good.  And usually violent nothing good.

But you can only push people so far.  And IMHO, it is never smart to push people who are more heavily armed and better trained than you Too Far, or people who have done Nothing To You whom you are infringing upon Too Far, and when you do so?  You are a fucking idiot to think they will not push back.  Thusly, anyone who pushes- be it a cop you chuck something at or Joe/Jane Citizen who you are sleep depriving and messing up their property or treating them like crap in the name of politics- should be aware you might get pushed back.  And that is not a freakin’ excuse, it’s human nature.  Period.

When things get pushed, things get broken.  After all, revolution is never fun and games now, is it?




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