Headed to one of them Occupy “whereever” events?

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Assholes, Humans, WTF???

You might wanna take a cattle prod…

So yeah, been out and about reading about Occupy Wall Street and other assorted Occupy events, and frankly y’all, sounds like my idea of hell…a bunch of loud, dirty (often apparently drunk/high) radicals and hippies screamin’ and yellin’ and beating on drums at all hours and yep, according to reports from NY to CA, pissing on the general citizens lawns and embezzeling money from themselves (ah, the irony!) and well, basically a buncha stupid shit but, along with all that joy, there have been reports from various “Occupy” events in places like Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, ect., that some of the women at these events have been groped, sexually assaulted, and raped, oh, and some girls too…and then the organizers of these events are encouraging these women NOT to report it to the cops, cause well, cops are BAD and how will THAT make the “occupy” people look?  And hey, they are being nice and making condoms, special “occupy” ones even, so why do these women gotta go ruin the fun and the groups rep???   After all, what’s more romantic and special then screwing some dirty, stinking, been shittin’ and peeing in the park (or on a citizens doorstep) possibily drunk and or drug enjoying protester in yer tent in a rat-infested socialist/anarchist/feminist/anything other than capitalist make-shift commune?  Nuthin’!  Am I right?  (Rolls eyes extensively).  Hell, I even like camping, but come on- and generally when I do so- my horrible camping jokes aside- I don’t worry about getting raped, grabbed, or wakin’ up to find some dude I don’t know in my tent sniffing my feet…(ahem, yep, it happened to someone at Occupy Vancouver).

And what’s kinda funny to me, in that sick twisted way of mine- as I pop around bloganistan, I see Very Few mentions of this BS on feminist or lefty blogs…plenty of handy phamplets and Go Get ‘Em advice and encouragement, but only a few things like “holy shit these folk are living in squalid conditions, threatening violence, beating each other up and oh yeah, raping women and girls”…

WTF people, really now?  Hating on Wall Street or not likin’ cops or politicians or whatever, yeah, I can see that…pretending like this shit ain’t happening?  Really?  Are ya fuckin’ kidding me? 

Hell, my advice, if yer headed to one  these things and don’t like my previous Girl, Get  a Gun advice, at least look into a cattle prod…

I’ll be here with my firearms and hot water and shower and bed, waiting for the Zombies before I go all survivalist….

  1. Ren, you linked to Breitbart. Do I need to elaborate?

    Occupy Wall Street has been getting the sort of press that was notably absent from coverage of the Tea Party. And still is. The Republicans are freaking out that this is taking hold and the hostility is getting worse. It’s funny how the Repubs suddenly care about women and sexual assault when the offenders are not them.

    • Ren says:

      Gin, I linked to people with information about the topic. Point is, a woman in Cleveland says she was raped. A girl in Texas (yes, girl) says she was having sex with much older men (plural). In Baltimore, they have in fact asked women who have been wronged NOT to go to the police….how is this a GOOD thing? How is this something that is NOT making your skin crawl? Heck, if ya don’t like my links and want more diverse info…google works.

      I don’t think I’ve seen a rape/child rape report come out of a Tea Party gathering, and whether or not Republicans care, I find it troubling when I hear that women, who have just as much reason and right to protest ANYTHING as men are being victimized in places they should be valued and have a voice.

      I’m also not a big fan of threatening reporters and police officers with violence or using average Jane/Joe’s lawn as a bathroom. Hell, I get livid when people let their DOGS poop in my yard- I’d be less happy if a human did it.

  2. That’s been true for at least ten years. Special Forces takes shots and picks them carefully. That’s the key to winning battles.

  3. rootietoot says:

    My husband, the Captain of Industry, opined that the people in those protests are there because they aren’t the kinds of people he’d hire in the first place, and perhaps if they developed as much enthusiasm for…y’know…WORK as they had for protest, they’d actually be too busy…y’know…WORKING to be peeing on people’s lawns.

    • The protesting I don’t have a problem with. I probably agree with less extreme versions of most of the things they’re saying anyway. The Real World Experiment In Communal Decision Making? That, I have a big problem with.

    • Yeah. All those millions of people—of which only a fraction are represented at Occupy Wall Street—-are unfit to hire. Sure.

      There are five jobs for every person. How, again, are they supposed to find work? Hm? And peeing on peoples’ lawns? I can tell exactly what channel you watch.

      • Ren says:

        ABC, CNN, the NY Times and the Oakland Sun have all actually covered “living conditions” at occupy sites. Apparently the one in Oakland was so horrible they had rat infestations and had to clear out the whole place.

        • Ha! I had a rat call through my window when I lived in Oakland… that is OAKLAND! LOL

          • Ren says:

            Um rats everywhere, really, but a rat in yer window is NOT an infestation now, is it?

            • Oakland has these dirty hills (ravines), wrapped in weeds, especially in North Oakland near Berkeley. The city lets the ravines GO (they are technically nobody’s property and nobody’s responsibility) and then the hippies all try to compost, people dump trash, etc etc … and yes, you sure do have infestations. I used to see rat-families and rat-babies when I went down this huge cement stairway (it was awesome) which took you two streets lower, a short cut I took to the mall I worked in, near the 41st street BART station. I don’t know the name of the mall now, if it still exists… the mall anchor (where I worked) was Woolworth’s, now out of business.

      • rootietoot says:

        Really? 5 jobs for every person? how do you figure that?

      • And I can tell who has health insurance and doesn’t have to worry about money.

    • Some of us lost our fucking jobs because we are female, 54, working at the same job for 7 years and had accrued vacation time and sick leave and higher hourly wages. They can fire me and give the job to some kid at half the wages, and phase out the benefits. Which is EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID.

      Send me hubby’s number, I’ll be glad to drive to Statesboro for a few days, sleep on your floor, in your basement, whatever, and build the fucking Taj Mahal. I can work rings around you, him, Ren, anybody on this thread, in fact, most people. And especially, I can work rings around the kid they got to replace me, who is already gone and moved on to another job since I was laid off! I WAS THERE SEVEN YEARS AND WAS SICK ONLY THREE MOTHERFUCKING TIMES! And that is what I get for it.

      Please DO NOT piss me off about this.

      And when you go to an Occupy meeting in THESE parts (not fucking New York), people go around and tell this same story again and again and again. Outsourcing, outsourcing, fear of no health insurance, went broke on medical bills (Rootie, didn’t you have a hip replacement? Why didn’t you go broke from it? One of the people in my Occupy group certainly did!), outsourcing, kid got sick and medical bills piled up, outsourcing, business made umpteen million last year in pure profit but cannot afford to pay health insurance (PS: in seven years, I didn’t have any health insurance either, BTW, I used my husbands), etc etc etc etc These are true stories. We are not making this up, it is happening to HARD WORKING PEOPLE. Does your husband actually look at people and decide if they/we appear to be hard working enough? I will put my working abilities up against ANYBODY. Including him.

      Peeing on lawns my ass.

      • Ren says:

        Okay, time for everyone to chill the heck out. PLENTY of folk talking here have debt, have bills, have job issues, even though they can and do work…hard even. I know as well as anyone how hard it can be to get/keep a job or have people WILLING to even give you a shot if you have medical issues, sketchy work history, so on, so forth…

        But you can sure as hell bet yer ass and a snake skin pair of boots the anger people have at the gov, the banks, The World does NOT justify rape or telling people not to report it….


        NO ONE HERE, not even the Goddamn SO CALLED FEMINISTS, have said SHIT, WORD ONE, TYPED A SINGLE FUCKING WORD about oh, gee, that whole rape/sexual assault thing because OH MY, evol Ren said bad things about OWS.

        Fucking Priceless, really.

        Nice to see rape matters when CERTAIN people do it, but hey, not so much if its goin’ on at some political thing various folk think is dandy.

        WTF is wrong with y’all, seriously?

        • Well, as I said on my blog, *I* have been sexually harassed by a man at Occupy, who followed me all the way to the state capital and made weird references to my radio show (so he does listen to it, too)… and I am 54 years old. I thought that shit was all over with… ha! I forgot, it isn’t about ME, its about HIS POWER.

          We are currently co-existing, but I stand ready to kick his ass at any time. Next time he asks me if I want anal sex, I will put a boot in his ass and say, LIKE THIS?

          Not kidding. Ready to snap in 3… 2…

          • I knew starting a radio show would put me in somebody’s cross-hairs, but I thought it would be conservatives, not horny guys… I actually IMAGINED (ha!) that I would finally be safe from men acting like this, at my age.

            Obviously, forgot my own feminist theory. Never again!

  4. Ren says:

    AS AN ASIDE: This is not so much a POLITICS entry, its an entry about humans and what is happening to them, namely female ones, at these events, and how they are being treated WHEN it happens to them…

  5. Maybe we are dirty and crazy, but nothing is as bad as $800 million to Goldman Sachs. When I mess up MY finances, I certainly don’t get bailed out. Fuck them, and yes, I will take to the streets and say so.

    I am getting tired of people criticizing me for that…since I lost my job, I got nothing else to do but hang around on blogs, collect unemployment and hold signs and scream. In fact, that seems true for lots of us, so maybe they should have thought of that before sending all those jobs to China and Mexico and thus, sending us all out into the streets angry and resentful, hm?

    Around here, we are tightly controlled, no camping after 10pm, so no overnight drumming and partying is happening. Women are involved in the planning and organizing (raises hand) and that seems to set a tone for the events. But still, I have also been sexually harassed and told that story on my blog…

    as I pop around bloganistan, I see Very Few mentions of this BS on feminist or lefty blogs

    ….so while you were popping around, I guess you missed mine. (I SHOULD be used to being ignored by now, but its still disturbing.) Its all right there.

    Anyway, local people DO read my blog, so telling the story made a difference, and things have since shaped up. For now. I am still ready to name names if I have to, and he knows it. He doesn’t want to be googled as a pig forever, and I stand ready to make that happen. Blogging has its uses. I know, every woman doesn’t have a blog, but I think he knows I will report anything I hear about him **FROM ANYONE**… I seem to have neutralized the asshole (who even stalked me in Columbia!) at the present time. But I am still on my guard, and I shouldn’t HAVE to be.

    Jesus Christ, I am 54 years old, you’d think some day I would get a fucking break.

    • Ren says:

      Hey Daisy, did I ever ONCE tell you not to protest, be pissed off, or write about it? Humm? Nah, think not, never said ANY such thing….I also never said NO ONE was talking about it, but very few were…..oddly enough, this post WASN’T an attack on you, personally, or anything of the sort.

  6. And now a veteran might die. Lesson: come home from Iraq, and get shot by cops in Oakland for exercising free speech. God bless America!


    This has escalated, Ren… it is very, very emotional now.

    • Ren says:

      Yep, it has escalated. And it is horrible that man was assaulted. Just as its horrible that Other People, Men and Women, have been assaulted. By not only the police, but by people attending these events. Its also no good when the police ARE the ones being assaulted.

      At it does look like the aggression is going both ways http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2049137/Occupy-Wall-Street-Violence-erupts-police-clash-protesters.html

      But pretending that the protestors are not engaging in violence against not only the police, but each other (the women raped in Cleveland, the guy who pulled a knife on other protestors in Oakland and was summarily bashed in the skull, and that dude in Cali proclaiming – on film no less- that Violence Will be Necessary – so on) is…willfully dishonest. Period.

      And yep, sure enough, I am stewing and grinding my teeth because amid all these posts about OWS…it seems there are very, very few that mention a 14 year old in Dallas being sexually abused and a woman in cleveland being raped and the Occupy folk telling women to shut up about. Willfully dishonest again.. How…revolutionary and good for humanity!

      • What happens in the big cities is not indicative of what is happening around the country. As I said, we have been informed we will be arrested for even trying to camp outside overnight, much less set up a “tent city occupation”… this is still the south.

        What I think is happening (not reported of course) is that homeless people are taking over some of the camps, as they did in Asheville, NC:

        Conflicts between the groups turned violent Saturday when a 39-year-old homeless man, Gary Masingo, wandered into the camp intoxicated and caused a disturbance, police Lt. Wally Welch said. He was assaulted by an Occupy member, but declined to press charges, police said. Masingo was charged with being intoxicated and disruptive, and was assaulted by an Occupy Asheville member, police said. but the protester wasn’t arrested because Masingo didn’t want to press charges.

        From: http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20111027/NEWS/310270029/Occupy-Asheville-protester-Homeless-took-over-our-camp-

        Due to the economy, there are SO many homeless now, they have become a force of their own to be reckoned with… but keep in mind that this kind of incident may be the genesis of the stories you are hearing about. The cops seem to think anyone in the vicinity is an Occupier, and that simply is not true… lots of people are drawn to the hoopla for reasons of their own, including people have no political interest in anything; I have noticed that already.

        don’t believe the hype

  7. http://complex-brown.tumblr.com/post/11275788186/black-out-at-occupy-philadelphia-we-had-a-black

    “We had a Black Out! at Occupy Philadelphia. Why?

    Saturday, two sisters were called N(word redacted)s by two of the volunteers at Occupy Philadelphia at the cell-phone charging stations. They were also told to go back to Africa, and that each white man should own a slave. When the sista’s called security, security asked them to leave the premises because they thought they were apart of the UHURU movement. Even if they were a part of that movement, they should not have been asked to leave. Especially without any mention of their verbal and spiritual abuse.”

  8. As they conveniently forget that to many on the rest of the planet and even some in their own country- they are also the 1%.

  9. Just please stop comparing us plucky Occupiers, working against all odds here in the south, to the big cities.

    We are us, not them.

    I think I will just keep copying and pasting that, since nobody is paying any fucking attention.

  10. I’m not comparing you to anyone but other ignorant white people who toss out the word Occupy without one damn thought to the Indigenous. And even if this “movement” of white folks pissed at having a taste of a POC’s world works, our reservations will still be 3rd world shit holes.

    While we get Fish and Game wardens taking our rape reports, and go back to shit housing with dirt floors, we’ll just cry a river for you.

    Make no mistake, you ARE an Occupier. You are a colonizer and everything you have, all of it, is because of genocide. Your right to protest? Yeah, came at our expense so fucking enjoy it. That government you’re protesting? It’s an illegal, invading government. Your house is sitting on stolen land. That food you eat is grown on stolen land. But the real problem is that you’re being compared to the wrong people. How terrible for you.

    • I see “Occupy” as a war term… Occupied France, Occupied Japan, etc. And we are making war on them as surely as they are making war on us.

      Of course its an illegal government. No argument from me. Do you know who you are talking to?

      I don’t own a house.

      The real problem is that in 10 years, maybe sooner, I will be living on the street. Me and a lot of people. Yes, that will be terrible, if and when it happens.

      What else would you have us do? Ideas welcome! Elections mean nothing. Obama is a tool.

      I am occupying for the same reason I am on the radio: I have run out of options.

      What would you suggest, under the circumstances?

    • Excuse me, did you really live in a house with a dirt floor or is that rhetoric? Because I have.

  11. Taking leave of this thread.

    Look, my livelihood, OUR livelihood is at stake, and this is not academic for me. I cannot discuss this rationally.

    Lots of people are not intelligent enough (not raised by financially-savvy people and came from poverty) to know how to handle finances in these complicated times (not that we’ve had much to manage, of course). We did not go into the big money-making occupations, so I guess that means we are not worthy of “respect” or a reasonable wage.

    Guess what? Some teachers, cops, firefighters, librarians, road-construction personnel, public-health nurses, etc… actually went into public service because they believed in what they were doing…REALLY! They actually wanted to serve the people, rather than make money hand-over-fist. They made an agreement DECADES ago, that they would make SHIT money, in exchange for benefits like health insurance. And one of those benefits, promised A LONG TIME AGO BY CONTRACT, is a (pretty goddamn modest) pension. And now the governor wants to take it away. While SC Republicans like David Thomas vote themselves LARGE PENSIONS:


    And while Nikki Haley spends $175,000 (that we know of, so far) to take herself and 20 aides to Paris and Germany. (this early article: http://www2.wspa.com/news/2011/sep/05/4/haleys-trip-paris-cost-taxpayers-127000-ar-2365733/

    says 127,000 but the meter has gone up since that article was published) She also likes to use the governor’s mansion as a Motel 6 for her cronies… I don’t like paying Newt Gingrich’s meals, when he is able to pay a half-million to Tiffany’s http://daisysdeadair.blogspot.com/2011/10/republicans-use-sc-governors-mansion-as.html

    But she wants to cut pensions, while spending like a goddamn QUEEN on HERSELF. In fact, most SC politicians (Republicans AND Democrats) take very good care of themselves, at our expense. They vote themselves junkets and perks, and take them away from the cops and the teachers.

    This is unjust and this is wrong. I go on the radio and say so, I protest and say so, I do not eat fucking goat cheese while I do it. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT SOME US REALLY DO FEEL UNDER SIEGE. We are not kids smoking dope and playing drums and having a good time. To us, this is SERIOUS. I do not know WHAT ELSE to do. The elections are bought and paid for, we have no recourse. Democracy is bullshit.

    I do not expect you to RESPECT that, Ren and Rootie, but respect goes both ways. you can at least acknowledge that we have a right and THE DUTY to protest.., what ELSE can we fucking do? You think we should do NOTHING in that case? I’m sorry I can’t do that.

    And I realize, rich people will NEVER understand how frightening it is. Their imaginations fail them when it comes to empathy with the poor. They don’t care if the poor work their whole lives for something and then get it stolen by lying asshole politicians. They sure do take public schools and fire departments and roads and the DMV and libraries for granted though!!! But really, Rootie, PRETEND your house is on fire and PRETEND all the services for fire depts were cut, as Rick Perry cut $23 million for fire departments in Texas, and the place promptly went up in flames, since they did not have the personnel to fight it. Those wildfires out of control? Should be laid directly at Rick Perry’s feet. And you know, Bastrop is uncomfortably CLOSE TO WHERE MY DAUGHTER AND GRANDCHILDREN live, so that is about ME TOO.

    And after they breathe in smoke their whole lives, cut their pensions too.

    Sorry, I can’t deal with this rationally. Carry on, keep making fun of those goat-cheese-eaters in the big cities, as us poor rednecks protest here in the south… we aren’t important enough to mention anyway. And as you erase us, you weaken our efforts, you take a side.

    You take a side.

    DD out.

    PS: Catch my radio show tomorrow, you can listen anytime, you don’t have to get up at an unGodly hour on Saturday like I do.
    9am on Saturday, streams live: http://www.wfisradio.com/

    • Ren says:

      Been away from my blog since late last nite/early morning, just rescued this one from Mod (lots of links will land it there, wordpress is dicey like that)

    • Ren says:

      Daisy: I think you should do whatever you feel compelled to do, and when I have i EVER told someone NOT to exercise free speech?




      ALso, you are guns blazing about the issue and my stance on the “Occupiers”, yet consistantly say “im not like the (goatcheese) people”… IF you are not like them, then it is not YOU and those LIKE you I am snarking on. There are plenty of people with legit gripe who are protesting All Kinds ofThings In various ways- I got zero problem with that. If you are one of those sorts….um, my posts here? Not about you and those sorts….they are about those people you Do Not Want to Be Lumped In With.

  12. My other comment is in moderation.

  13. I’ve lived on a dirt poor Rez Daisy, how bout YOU? No running water, no fucking food that wasn’t expired and the nearest doctor was 50 miles away. Try getting care when you have to WALK that.

    Fucking colonizers, I swear. Even the poorest most homeless white person has it better, but my god don’t dare point out their Privilege. Then you’re just a lyin Injun.

    What would I have you do? Hand this country back to it’s rightful people, that’s a good start. Our Tribal governments beat anything you can come up with, hands down.

    Short of that, you’re a colonizer on stolen land. Your problems are your own creation and they ALL stem from genocide.

  14. “I see “Occupy” as a war term”

    Of course you do. Never mind that the Indigenous find it to be a slap in the face, what matters is how YOU see it.

  15. DEAR OCCUPY: Stop asking Indigenous Peoples to “join you”. Humble yourselves and acknowledge that Indigenous Peoples have been waiting for you to join US in the struggle against imperialism, colonialism and their bastard child capitalism, for a very, very long time. Check your privilege please. Thanks…..Barbara Low


  16. […] anyway, here’s the link at Ren’s, and this post is not to jump into ANY of the arguing that went on in the comments (I haven’t read them all and am not disparaging anyone’s contribution there), just to say that I appreciate that SOMEFUCKINGBODY gives a shit that this is going on. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  17. Mary Sunshine says:

    Just to say ^5 to Pheenobarbidoll.

    And to say that rape happens everywhere where there are males in groups. Or alone with female children. Or … Or …

  18. […] end justifies the means, and we should turn a blind eye to rape by those who otherwise you know  – have some really sound political views. You can say that the fact you’re  gay and Anjem Choudhary is an objectionable fool means we […]

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