Ah, the awesome, it burns! In a GOOD way!

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Movies, Television

So, for years, people  (at least three of them: Gin, Vlad & Me) have been asking “Just once, can we get a movie where the hicks are the GOOD guys and the pretty/urbane/privileged sorts are the cannibal/wierdo/inbred/psycho freaks?”  And for eons untold we have been denied.  Plenty of flicks- from “Deliverance” to “Wrong Turn” have it the other way around, but just once, can we not see the reverse?

Now, in television, we have already seen a bit of this- case in point:  Daryl Dixon on Walking Dead.  Who is not a particularly cuddly fellow; he starts off as hostile/back woods/racist/volatile as they come…but, for those who have watched the show…well, the  Zombie Apocalypse has caused Daryl to rethink a few things, evolve in some ways.  We can see he has developed some respect and even, well, not sure Daryl likes anyone, but he seems to not hate Glen (the Korean-American character) and just last night in the Season 2 Opener, he saved T-Dog (a black character) twice, and we have seen him working with both of them well- a few times…so actual Good Guy potential for Mr. Dixon…and face it, when the Zombies do come, you want that guy on your side.  He might be highstrung and lack in social skills, but dude knows how to waste some Zombies…

However, while Daryl is one of my two favs on “Walking Dead” (the other is Glen), he does fall prey to so many of the typical stereotypes of characters of his ilk.  And hell, admittedly, I have a couple stories filled with characters who fall prey to those same stereotypes- big time.  And while there is hope for Daryl (after all,the  Zombie Apocalypse will change a person), I still found myself searching for THAT movie/show, the one where, well, yeah, the hicks are not the bad guys and the non-hicks are….

And guess what?  It’s out there!  On Friday Vlad, who had been thrilled when he found it, introduced me to “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”.  About 10 minutes into it I emailed Gin, who then also watched it (fuck yeah, on demand kicks ass)…and why yes, in “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”, our wishes were granted! A film of the black comedy ilk, this flick is…well…just awesome.  Everything a cheesy yet funny black comedy spoofing fun at horror movies and set in West Virginia should be, but with the awesome twist that the hicks are not the evil, psycho, cannibal freaks but well, just some guys who get thrown into a crazy weekend in the woods where they are the victims of some crazy, psycho….college kids.  And while it has some violence and gore…well, “Walking Dead” makes it look like a cartoon in that aspect, hell “Supernatural” is way more gross.  I absolutely recommend “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” to everyone, but especially Rootie…

See this movie.  If you like it half as much as I did, its worth the rental fee!

And will inspire you to take care of your bowling fingers!

  1. Screw that, man, I’m tapping my foot impatiently waiting for it to come out on DVD. You bet your ass I’m buying this. Can you imagine what the special features are like?!

  2. rootietoot says:

    *puts it on the list*
    It sounds awesome, especially since Terry Himself is a South Georgia/West Virginia gun totin’ hybrid.

  3. On my list. You know I love me some zombies! I haven’t watched “Walking Dead” yet though.

    • Ren says:

      It’s pretty dang good…

      • So I watched it and I have to say, Darryl and Glen are the only two characters on there I’d trust with my life. Rick “The Hero” is a distant third. And everyone else is far too stupid to actually survive the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, without the help of Hollywood writers. Seriously. Frying fish at night when y’all KNOW smells and sounds attract the Walkers like flies to honey?

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