My favorite Holiday is on the Horizon…

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Personal

Ah yes, Halloween.  Come on, a creep like me?  I dig Halloween.  This years costume?  Why yes, FMA’s Envy….mean, hard to determine gender, vicious, nuts about family, great hair?  Its a good pick for me.  I am even preparing, gettin’ my Halloween groove on- gonna decorate the house, got plans to do some of my legendary pumpkins (the Denver Bronco Logo, the werewolf, and the pirate ship are past best efforts…gonna go for broke this year), I have watched Seasons 1-5 of Supernatural in the last week  (ah, Cas, how I do so love Cas…and John, and Dean, and Bobby, and the CAR.  Sammy is…ok) gonna buy season 6 here soon (not as good, but still), and ahhh, yes….Sunday will be the day of Zombies, as I tune in for AMC’s season 1 marathon of Walking Dead before the Season 2 primere  (gory, even for me, but good, and well…Daryl Dixon).

I fuckin’ LOVE halloween, y’all, from the old myths to the Catholic Co-op to EVERYTHING about it…


Even *I* do not get why women who would generally never do so choose to dress like Nurse/Cop/Army/Cowboy themed strippers do so  on Halloween.  Hell, if ya like the look, rock it more than once a year…and on Halloween, be….disturbing!  Hell, if there is ONE night a year ya give the dark side some airtime, that should be it….

If yer gonna do Halloween, be scary or yer own inner demons…much more fun that way!

(cept Rootie, Rootie should be Annie Oakley)



  1. dead_vladimir says:

    My favorite holiday is arbor day

  2. rootietoot says:

    Totally Annie Oakley. When I was a teen, I’d borrow Dad’s scuzziest lab coat (the one with Dr. Rootie’sDad on it), and an assortment of plastinated horse guts (loops and loops of small intestine, a lung,a kidney). I’d paint my face greenish, frizz up the hair, and look crazed. For some reason, no one would come near me. Srsly, the guts weren’t that smelly…not much, really.

  3. Love Halloween! In the worst way. Love all those horror movie marathons!

  4. Roy Kay says:

    Not into gore and don’t have that much dark side, especially that I care to flaunt. If I were really inclined to kill someone, I certainly wouldn’t advertise the fact.

    I just go for the more mirthful or creative things. The nearest thing I have to a costume is a vaguely Saracen Pirate one.

  5. Halloween for me, followed by Christmas. Doctor Who fans will be the only ones to understand my costume this year, otherwise I’ll just look like a pirate wearing a black turtleneck and slacks. But pretty much as this lady here:

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