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well, as ya know, I went shooting and had mad fun on Friday, thing that is kinda …odd/funny, is after that I was hangin’ with Vlad and I got to talking about my grandfather…that one…with the numbers on his arm, who always had my back and got a kick outta the blacksheep.  Late that very same night?  Well, hell, early am my time…he died.    Granted, he had seen hell and wandered out, was 97, had been very ill,  and I damn well think he was good and ready, but yeah, still.  I think he is glad the whole thing, the pain in the last few years, all that, is done.  But its rough for those of us still here.  And hell, I’m a nihilist.  I don’t believe in better places, but I do believe in good lives and ends to pain.


So yeah, here’s to you, Alexi Viktor….and yeah, I am drinkin’ vodka and..well, you always liked it, Coors, in yer honor!  You made a huge difference in my life, and I won’t ever forget that!  And even AS a nihilist, in my head and heart, you live on.  Brave, Kind, Funny, Generous….all the good things.  You taught me a lot!