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So, I reek of cordite….I like that smell…

Vlad and I hit the range today at lunch time, with the Glock in that photo down bellow….


I have to admit, most of the nice center mass groupings are Vlad’s, however, apparently I have a gift for shooting paper targets in the neck/face/ears/shoulders…a lot.

Either way, I think we killed ’em, and it was a very fun way to spend the lunch hour.  We went to an indoor range, which was pretty nice and surprisingly crowded in the middle of the afternoon (Class going on on one range, so all the non-class shooters were on  the other), lots of dudes there, in everything from jeans to business attire, doing some lunch time shooting.  I was the only female.  One guy down a few lanes was shooting this loud ass honkin’ shotgun, and the guys next to us were shooting an AR-15.  Twas a bit noisy but still a ton of fun, though I did have a hot casing decide to jump down the front of my shirt, which was a  bit rude of it!  Oh, and my safety glasses?  They are pink, y’all.  Hahahahaha.

In any event, it was a VERY fun time, so thanks Vlad!  (Owner of said Glock…)

And seein’ as its been awhile since I shot a non 9mm, I think I did pretty dang good!