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But let me preface with…

Now see, there is a story behind this firearm.  It’s the saga of a fellow born in the State of New York…lots of things are cool about New York, and lots of folk think NY is the shit.  Most New Yorkers themselves will tell ya just how cool they are…if yer of the mind to ask ’em, and sometimes even if yer not.  I have even been to NY, various parts of it, several times, and you know, it doesn’t suck.  I’ll even say I think many-a-New Yorker get a bad rap.  They aren’t rude so much as..abrupt.  But anyway, one thing about New York?  Really tough gun laws.  Like seriously.  And well, folk up there apparently have an attitude, not a good kind, about folk who…well…like their fire arms  So, the guy, who always had an interest in guns, didn’t go so much with that interest.  Various reasons I am sure, but yeah, no so much with the getting of firearms.  Until, that is, he moved to Virginia.  A state with far more…ahem…reasonable gun laws.  Not crazy lax like, oh, Arkansas (hey, there IS a reason my fiction is based…there), but yes, people in Va do in fact hold dear the right to own firearms.  And this fella, having moved to a state where the love of the  gun is more appreciated and far less frowned upon, well, he ain’t a gun nut, not yet, but yep, he has indulged the whim to, oh, get himself some guns.

And some for other people too, like that neat thing up top, for oh, some freak he knows who also appreciates fire arms.

Which is most excellent IMHO.

But see, yeah, you can throw the gun enthusiast into NY, even make ’em born there, but once they get out… they’ll find their dang enthusiasim…

and others who share it of course!