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Posted: September 24, 2011 in Television

Television.  Yep, I watch it.  My favorite shows currently are “Breaking Bad”, “Top Shot”,  and “Sons of Anarchy”….and well, I do love Investigation Discovery…the whole channel.

But anyway, I found myself catching up on AMC’s “Breaking Bad” today, which really is a phenomenal show.  Walter White, Chem Teacher with Cancer goes criminal?  Yep, good stuff.  Giancarlo Espisito (or however ya spell it) has been an excellent addition to the cast- I mean, there is one slick, smart dude who knows how to carry a grudge and patiently wait for revenge, but as the show has gone on, I have come to the conclusion that Walt – who we feel bad for or like early on- is a selfish fuckin’ asshole, his wife ain’t much better, and Jesse Pinkman, who initially comes off as an obnoxious moron…RULES.  Which, speaking of Jesse Pinkman…

On the recommendation of some of my friends, I watched that show “Weeds” off of Netflix, which is a Shotime effort, and the story centers around House Mom Nancy Botwin who goes into the pot selling (then growing) business after her husband dies young and unexpectedly.  It was one of those ones I had to force myself through for really about an entire season before I got into it or even liked it at all, and stopped watching it as soon as she ended up preggers (several seasons later) by the Mexican Drug lord…by then, even my suspension of disbelief was shot…and frankly, unlike “Breaking Bad” where there are some non-assholes in the character line up…in “Weeds” everyone is a prick.  They are these annoying cookie cutter bullshit Cali types and just…ugh.  Hell, I wanted bad shit to happen to all the characters…where as with Jesse- – I am rooting for him- even if he thinks he is a bad guy.

So, I have decided, politically un-correct or sexist or whatever the hell else ever, I want AMC and Shotime to do a cross over, where Jesse Pinkman traverses over to “Weeds”-land and…kicks the snot out of Nancy Botwin…is that so wrong?

“Yay Science!”

  1. dead_vladimir says:

    well Nancy is cute…but yeah i never understood the attraction of Weeds or why we were supposed to like anyone on the show


    And Giancarlo Esposito rocks- highly underrated actor

    • Ren says:

      He really is pretty good, and can do all kinds of stuff, been what I call a Law and Order NPC many times, and as Gus…wow, just wow. He is ONE intense dude, WITH reason, and I like how he is such a fanatic perfectionist. I like Mike and Hank too, and Marie has grown on me a bit. Didn’t like her at first, but yeah.

      But Jesse wins for best scene in an NA meeting….EVER!

  2. Amber Rhea says:

    I like Breaking Bad too, but I’ve pretty much always thought Walt was a selfish, lying asshole. I couldn’t stand Jesse at first, but like you, I now think he is awesome. I like Skyler for the most part and wonder why she puts up with Walt’s BS. I do, however, find the entire premise of the show to be a bit unbelievable.. he goes directly to cooking meth as a way to make money? I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem real to me. But I’ve been able to suspend disbelief enough to keep watching it!

    I also watch Weeds and the first season was REALLY hard to get through. The next few were entertaining, but once she got in w/ th eMexican drug lord… yeah, REALLY hard to suspend disbelief at that point. I still watch it though, mainly out of habit.

  3. rootietoot says:

    I watched Weeds for a while, but quickly became weary of the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on her face and that whole ‘but I’m just a housewife trying to do the best I can’ schtick. Nowadays it’s the standard crime shows (CSI et al, NCIS because day-um, Jethro’s purty) and whatever I can get via Netflix. I am an entire year behind on SoA and Supernatural (for the car, of course) so don’t tell me what happens.

  4. antiprincess says:

    what I love about Weeds is that it totally exploits Special White Lady Magic. I keep expecting it to run out, but then being a Special White Lady saves her! again! and then it fails again, and each time she loses a little more, but then swings back up! again! I think there’s a bigger commentary on white/het/class privilege woven into the show that gets lost in the “oh, look, mommy’s a pot dealer” thing.

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