there is something wrong with humanity

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

..when a post about my cat gets as much interest as my post about the Fed profiling people based on their goddang tattoos…..

just sayin’.  

wait till I really start to make folk think, people don’t seem to like that shit.


  1. dead_vladimir says:

    in their defense..Sharon is cool

  2. rootietoot says:

    For a lot of folk (me included) it’s easier to comment on something fluffy. It’s not a matter of not thinking, but a matter (well, for me anyway) of not wanting to put oneself in a position to get shot at.

  3. Roy Kay says:

    I’m just not a cat person. So, that apparently makes me the savior of mankind!

    Got any other planets you want salvaged?

  4. kingschwarz says:

    The national security state has been with us since at least the late 1940’s. All three branches of government accede to it, and no popular movement has mounted a serious threat to it. Perhaps we the people need to take a lesson from cats in unremitting resistance to authority.

  5. xena says:

    I saw that one a few days ago. Just haven’t gotten around to commenting. I have a toit now. It might even be a round one 😉

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