Hey y’all!

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, I actually do have some things to blog about, like meeting Ms.Cervantes in DC this weekend for lunch, and other misc. stuff, and oh yeah, got another shot in my spine today (ew), but yeah, that shot thing not leaving me all that inclined to blog much right now, so whatever I might post is gonna have to wait a bit- but figured I would just pop on to my own dang blog to say “Hey y’all!”

  1. kingschwarz says:

    Ms. Cervantes – the author of “Donna Quixote”? Do tell us more, after you recuperate of course.

  2. Roy Kay says:

    Looking forward to your posts.

    Meanwhile, getting a couple needles pokes into my prostate Friday. Still looks like I;m getting the better deal.

  3. You none-southerners do not know the proper comebacks for “hey yall”, I see:

    “Hey right back!”

    “Hey yourself!” –which you may recall from “To Kill a Mockingbird” –when Jem and Scout meet Dill (PS: little Dill was Truman Capote, in case you didn’t know)

    “Hey yeah!” which kinda crunk-morphed into “Hey yaaaa” …

    Hey yourself! is my favorite: Hey yourself, Ren! πŸ˜€

    • kingschwarz says:

      We do not often hear “Hey y’all” in New Orleans, excepting from our visitors from the North (anywhere above Baton Rouge).

      Our most popular greetings:
      1. “Where y’at!” (full formal salutation: “Where y’at, ya motha!”)
      2. “How you doin? (pronounced “dewrin”)
      3. “How’s ya mom n’ them?”

      • rootietoot says:

        re #3-here it’s “how ymama’n’em-like one word.
        And if youknow the person really welland haven’t seen them in like…10 minutes, it’s “Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyy! (squeal) which gets awkward in grocery stores and you’re going the same route up opposite directions in the aisle.

        • kingschwarz says:

          Indeed the pronunciation is more like “Howzyamomanem” but I separated the words in my comment above so the phrase resembled English rather than Swahili syntax.

          We do not seem to go for the protracted squealing in New Orleans (pre-teen girls excepted), perhaps because it is too hot and humid to do anything for very long.

          • rootietoot says:

            well, and you’re a man so squealing would be…well…not really acceptable. Women only do it if they’re under 40 (or try to be) and blonde (or try to be)

            • kingschwarz says:

              There is male squealing from time to time in New Orleans. One occasion would be the Southern Decadence festival (this year’s colors: fuchsia pink, silver and black) and another is the Running of the Bulls (you get chased by roller derby girls wearing horned helmets).

  4. chamblee54 says:

    Days like this are what archives are for. There is probably a good story in your files that could use a repeat performance.

  5. rachel cervantes says:

    Ren, it was a pleasure to spend time with you. The offspring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, if only I could persuade you to pole-dance………….. πŸ™‚

    • Ren says:

      LOL my pole dancin’ is on hold til the spine is fixed! It was great to meet y’all, and I DO have a post coming, I promise, but horse needle to spine plus DAAAAMN good painkillers make for…

      ohhh…. Loook….SHINY!

      • rachel cervantes says:

        Pole dancing on hold..how about skinny dipping in the ocean? C’mon, woman, I’m leaving you in the dust here!

        Both the kids and I got a kick out of meeting you. I’m just wondering how long it will take to recover from this particular trip. πŸ˜‰

      • Joan Kelly says:

        aw, I’m simultaneously happy for and envious of you both, that you got to meet. You’re both among the bloggers I’d most like to have coffee or dinner or lunch or hell a walk around Manhattan at dusk with (doesn’t that sound romantic? I can’t help myself from flirting with straight women but I’m all talk, no action, so you’d be safe).

        Ren I hope you feel better soon (and/or keep feeling that mmmmmmm from the good painkillers [finally!]). My fingers are sore (as is my *everything* come to think of it), since I tore down and transported to the dumpster my old desk and assembled my new one (wow do certain little screwdrivers and their screws require a lot of painful persistence!) last night. Yesterday was the one week anniversary (and no, I’m not crazy-cat-lady enough to count “anniversaries” as an ongoing thing, it just is still fresh and hit me, because of the day) of my last full day with Hercules, my youngest cat. He had accidentally lodged himself behind that old desk while I was in the shower that day (nothing was broke or hurt, he was just so sick and equilibrium so fucked that he didn’t seem to understand the concept of backing out of where he was, so he just stayed there, poor fucking guy). I broke the desk, freeing him, and couldn’t take seeing it (that desk) every day anymore, so last night was “get this shit the fuck outta here” time. I love that Staples had a $99 desk for me that I liked the look of (and it’s good, now that it’s all assembled and I can see how it really feels/fits), so am grateful that the desk-torment is over.

        All of which is to say, oh hey, number one, I can fucking type replies to you here now without it being the snail speed that was driving me batshit crazy for the last month! and two, my posting (and approving and responding to comments) has been shit, for the last couple of weeks,at my own place. On top of cat-dying-drama, now typing is hurting my whiny-ass fingers, so I can only imagine needle-in-spine, good painkillers or no, having an effect on one’s ability to post. Glad you checked in here though and glad to hear you a) met the super lovable Rachel and b) seem to be as comfortable as one can get in your condition, thanks to modern medicine’s help. I had been wondering how you were. (Just because I’m not participating at my own place or anywhere else sometimes, doesn’t mean I’m not checking on as many people’s blogs as possible, who I care about.)

        Pardon the mush (I’m on headache medication – the Hercules stress [grief doesn’t necessarily stress me out, but his painful short-lived sick time did) and getting my period did a fine job inducing migraines again, but thankfully they’re not as horrible as they sometimes can be) – but love to you and Rachel both, and hope to meet you both some day myself. xoxo and please forgive the overshare!

        • rachel cervantes says:

          Joan, we three MUST get together. How do you feel about Chicago?

          In fact, I dusted off the old blog long enough to rant a moment or two. Felt kind of good now that I don’t feel a need to respond to anyone who annoys me. πŸ™‚

          And you know I can’t resist flirting with gay women but I’m all talk. I’d scare myself if I weren’t. Feel better, Joan. Love always, R.

  6. I have been “moderated” out of a blog today (comment censored), for wishing someone well after their surgery. Really, that’s all I said. I have to admit: this is a first.

    When people turn against you in Blogdonia, they take it real seriously don’t they? Damn. (They also deleted *all* my guest posts off of Feministe.)

    I think this is the last “feminist” blog I am allowed to comment on, Ren! Well, Joan’s too. Thanks yall, for not exiling me to the depths!

    And I still dunno what I said to piss everybody off. I think if I was young, middle class and good looking, they would still talk to me. Then again, if I was young, middle class and good looking, my opinions would probably match theirs better and they wouldn’t be so mad at me in the first place…

    • rachel cervantes says:

      Blogdom sucks.

    • Joan Kelly says:

      Daisy, I know that you and I have had disagreements (no doubt will again, or so I hope, since it will be a natural outgrowth of us continuing to know each other, considering who we are, and I’d like to keep knowing you), and I’m going to say this too, as someone who loves you and fights with you sometimes – sometimes you have our (as in we both have it so I know) Irish temper go off in a way where I understand people being all “for Christ’s sake, Daisy,” and/or “delete.” Other times, I honestly don’t think you realize why someone (me included at times) takes issue with something you’ve said.

      But it does tear the rag off the fucking bush that someone would moderate you and/or delete all your former guest posts and/or ban you from a blog (especially Feministe, of all allows-all-manner-of-horseshit places [not saying your posts were horseshit, saying they’ve got some nerve deleting previous guest posts of yours when they let pro-pimp, pro-heroin, kink-cheerleading shit fly unabated] [also, just because I disagree with people who’ve written the posts I just referenced, doesn’t mean I think THEY shouldn’t have been allowed to write them or that they should be deleted now – just saying Feministe is Hypocrisy Central, period] for wishing someone well post-surgery. (?!)

      Honestly – and I won’t stir shit here by saying flat-out who, but I am not going to pretend like I don’t know who is the main engine behind shit like this – but it’s seriously the case now that if a certain faction and/or head-of-faction type blogger doesn’t like you or doesn’t think you are a good enough “ally”, then they will demand that you be banned/shunned, lest those who don’t ban/shun you find themselves under the same gun. So Feministe, and whoever else, are not only hypocrites, they are cowards.

      And I’m low blog sugar now, so babbling for no good reason. I will just say this – I only was able to get it up tonight for chiming in here because of fuzzy-chatty brain. On the whole, I say YA-FUCKING-HOO that places that don’t want you or me or whoever, won’t “have” us there. What fun is it, never mind stimulating or growth-enhancing or just plain worth-the-time, to hang out places or with people who are that weak in character? I’m happier spending my time talking to folks who have spines and senses of humor, whether we see ANYTHING the same or not. xoxo

  7. Going to Firehouse subs, where I will eat a gigantic cheese sub and drown my sorrows. After that, cupcakes. So there, Blogdonia!

  8. Just stopping by to say Ren You are still the Goddess. Love you and miss you!

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