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Part One:  “All women are bitches, why don’t they like me?”

So, since I am doing that whole lets take my mind off shit cause I am a goddamn burn out at the moment, I went out and read some blogs this evening.  As y’all know, I read Hugo’s blog, but damn if some of the comments at his place do not crack my shit up and make me laugh at (rather than weep for) humanity.  Without fail, at least once a week, the whole PUA (pick up artist) culture will be mentioned and all that stuff- the whole Nice Guys or Lonely Guys or whatever blah kinda guys who just seem to have no luck with the ladies, and thusly, some read books or pay gurus or whatever to hopefully increase their odds with women.  Now, I have actually read the holy bible of  PUA-dome, “The Game”  and learned a fair amount about some of this shit.  And actually, some of the advice in it is not bad.  There is discussion on how a dude can improve his self-confidence, take better care of himself, so on so forth, hell, yer basic self-help shit that might actually be useful.  Then there is the other stuff.  And well, the dudes who buy into some of it.  And frankly y’all, it makes my head spin.  You read some of this stuff and its like gee, no wonder you are lonely, and ya sure as hell ain’t nice, and when ya got that attitude about women-all of ’em- its no fuckin’ wonder you’re dating yer hand.   True enough, there may be sometimes where being a nice guy isn’t gonna get ya far.  Like when yer really a bitter whining douchebag claiming to be a nice guy, or only nice to hot chicks who may in fact actually BE outta your league, or when you figure being nice is some sorta strategy game to land yourself a woman.   I mean, a pretty basic theory would stand to be- if ya fuckin’ hate women even though ya think they are good lookin’ and would like to fuck them?  Ya ain’t nice, and most people, even us evil bitches who are so mean to all those lonely nice guys, well, if its thinly veiled to fuckin’ obvious that you think we are shit?  Chances are, we’re not gonna figure you are worth a damn second glance, let alone a relationship.  Not sure how that is some great mystery to some of these fellas really.  And sure enough, I may be a far cry from the typical modern gal in the current dating scene, but Jesus H. Christ and all his associates, I don’t reckon being a whiny, needy, bitter, petulant woman-hating jackwagon is something too many gals are gonna find an attractive quality.  Hell, I may be a slightly insane burn out, but I ain’t an idiot- nor are most women really- and douchebag is not a big selling point in the pursuit of romance! 

As for all the “Well, chicks only dig the alpha bad boy blah blah blah types”  you know what?  There may actually be truth to this.  Hell, it’s a subject I have beaten worse- the whole white knight bad boy so on so forth shit- than a dead horse.  And true enough, I have seen a lot of women a lot of dudes would prolly like to date go for some dudes who are Bad News, but you know what these fellas have going for ’em that Our Poor Beset Upon Lonely “nice” Guys don’t?  They tend to be confident, and often straight-forward, and they Do Not Fucking Whine.  THERE IT IS, RIGHT THERE.  THAT is the ATTRACTION.  They are not whiners!  Not being a goddamn whiner is a stunningly, amazingly, intoxicatingly attractive quality in a man!  And it is totally NOT the exclusive domain of “bad boys” either!  Plenty of men of all kinds have women in their lives and good love lives and girl friends and wives and sex and all that stuff because they are the anthesis of these so-called Lonely Nice Guys…and NOT whiners!  There ya go, great mystery of the world solved!  *

Part Two: Are you a Preacher or an Engager?

This one also comes from being out in blogland.  It seems there are two types of bloggers out there: Preachers and Engagers.  I have sorta come to the conclusion while I might read blogs written by Preachers, I don’t like their style.  Sure, they might post good shit, but that’s kinda what they do for the most part:  Post something- like it’s proof evident from upon high, then walk away and do not engage, discuss, defend, debate, or even just joke around when discussion occurs on their blog.  It’s like they have passed down the holy word to the masses and well, time to move on, cause their shit is irrefutable solid and not up for discussion.  This tends to make Ren a Grumpy Burn Out.  The other kinda blogger is an engager; someone who will post shit, then actually engage / discuss/ debate/ talk with the folk who comment on it.  They may not change their minds, but they are open to discussion, dissent, and conversation.  This kinda blogger I far prefer, and hell, it is supposed to be a social media kinda thing, yeah?  I mean sure, one can do shit their own way and by their own rules on their own blog- but I far prefer discussions over preaching, and try to be a more engager type of blogger myself.  Preaching after all, is for church.

* The exception to this is the chicks who TOTALLY go for the whiny tortured oh the world is so cruel heroin addict goth type artsy dudes-but them boys generally ain’t considered alpha or manly or any of that other PUA shit by anyone, even the girls who go for ’em….they are like the male versions of Damsels in Distress!