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Posted: July 23, 2011 in Assholes, Humans

Okay, so, been poking around in blogland today- here and there as it were- and nobody has kicked my brain topic wise, but the over all feel of shit I have taken a look at today has…hence, see title of post.  Now, I will say frankly, that despite my actual dislike of them-in any flavor, color, or gender- I know a lot about various extremists.  I would even guess anyone who has lived/lives in the South who ISN’T one has looked into it a bit, cause you are gonna get accused of being one regardless.  Thusly, admittedly, what I know most about is white extremist groups.  Hell, I talked a guy outta Norse Tattoo he wanted because I was pretty dang sure this fellow did NOT want to be mistaken for “one of those guys”.  But in looking around, hell, you ain’t gotta go to extremist sites to see extremist shit, because all you need to do to find it is look at any hardcore rad fem or MRA site and BOOM, plenty of it, right there.  And sometimes the stuff both are saying makes sense (just like any extremist site).  Any extremist can and WILL find proof of shit that will back up what they say.  It’s actually NOT that hard really.  I mean a rad fem can say that women are far and away more often victims of sexually based crimes than men, and far more often those who commit such crimes are men, and they would be right.  MRA sorts can say that men are far and away more often victims of paternity laws which are skewed in womens favor, and they would be right.  And a sorta tit for tat can be engaged in endlessly….slut shaming vs trauma in wars, DV vs Police Brutality, so on, endlessly….everyone does in fact have a leg to stand on with regards to their views...just like white extremists, or black extremists or christian, jew or muslim extremists…they can, with fact, back their shit up. 

What makes them extremists, however, and what fucks their shit up, is that they tend to apply it to everybody.  All men.  All women.  All non-white folk.  All white folk.  All non (insert religion here) folk.  All of ’em.  Period.  There is no room for exceptions to THEIR RULE when, well, MOST people ARE exceptions to it.  I mean, all men are sexual predators?  Actually, the real unbiased proof suggests all men aren’t.  All women seek to control men’s sexuality?  In fact, no, most women don’t.  All white folk are racist?  Humm, considering Obama is President, I think maybe that ain’t really the case.  All black folk are violent thugs?  Uh, no, in fact, most of them are not.  All muslims want to blow stuff up?  Uh, no, most of them don’t.  All Christians want to forcibly bring everyone else into the fold?  Um, no, not really- and even amid the Christian Religions, there is a ton of variety (come on, I dare ya to tell a staunch Baptist and a staunch Catholic they are exactly the same…)  all Jews support Israel and secretly are working to bring the world under a Zionist State?  Goddamn, where is my memo! Ernest, did YOU get a memo?  Oh, wait, I’m not ALL jew, so, maybe I didn’t get one….I’ll call my dad and see if his arrived in the mail yet…I mean, he’s been lookin’ for it for the last 70 years, right?  And they all predict stuff…kinda like folk of a certain age, hell, generations from mine back through my parents, really, say anyone between late 30’s and 70’s even, depending on what side of the Iron Curtian they lived on, were kinda convinced everyone on the other side of it wanted ’em dead, in the big Cold War cap vs com drama that had many of us diving under our desks in school for air-raid and nuke drills.  Guess what?  I reckon, and fact will actually prove, that most folk on either side of that curtain, cap or com, had no desire to hurt/kill/go to war with/nuke anyone.   But every extremist NEEDS a boogy man, and unfortunately they are not too hard to find.  Every rad fem can find a violent rapist or serial killer of women, every MRA can find an abusive mother, every white hate monger can find a gang banger, every black extremist looking for a horrible racist can find a Grand Wizard, and every major religion has some less than stellar moments and figures…there are plenty of examples out there that back up an extremist view….

But they are never the majority.  They are a minority used to paint the rest of whatever group the extremist hates.  A simple fact is, by chemical make up and biology- we ARE pretty much all the same.  So hating on someone for a chromosome difference, a skin color difference, a regional difference, a religious difference- when so much else is exactly the same…it’s extreme, and actual proof?  It won’t ever be on your side.    I mean, at least here in America, you can hate whoever you want…I will admit I dislike rich classist assholes a whole lot…but I cannot actually prove they are baseline different from me or out to get me, so proof ain’t on my side either- and my dislike is prolly irrational on many levels….but at least I admit it.  And they are not a majority….

In fact, I think if hardcore haters of any type said I hate men who sexually assault women, or women who cheat men, or violent gangsters, or racist asshats, or terrorists, or aggressive religious sorts, so on…no one would think of them as hardcore haters at all, but people who dislike violent lying hate and fear mongering jerkwads….

Eh, something to ponder anyway…