You see this shit? It’s mine!

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Sharon

So yeah, my cat amuses me.  I had need to wash a bathroom rug, and then I threw it over the handle bars of the exercise bike which has sat unused since I hurt my back.  My cat Sharon has decided this is the greatest fuckin’ thing since wet cat food and toys with ‘nip in ’em.  She has claimed both items, and the claws serve as a warning when one gets too close….more than the couch, or her favorite chair, or her favorite window, or her cat bed, or the back of my desk chair- THIS is the New Domain, and woe be tied the idjit that dare try and mess with the new domain!

An ugly old bathroom rug and exercise equipment makes for a happy hair ball- and frankly, I needed stupid cat amusement today….

Hey, don’t touch the rug!

  1. black cat ruling the home? OF COURSE! hope you wouldnt expect anything else.

  2. kingschwarz says:

    Black cats = good luck. Sharon looks very glossy and beautiful by the way. And I cannot think of a better use for an exercise bicycle than as a feline perch. But if she ever goes on line and comes across your phrase “stupid cat amusement” you will be in serious trouble.

  3. Yay for happy cat. Has rug and handlebars. Intellect not required.

  4. Gaina says:

    From the moment you let them in your house, cats assume ownership of everything! :D.
    My cat introduced me to his new friend today Wouldn’t it be great if humans followed there example?

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