Why I don’t talk politics and humans of all kinds vex me….

Posted: July 12, 2011 in "Those People", Humans, Pain, Personal

(and other assorted ramblings)

So, to start- some real life shit:  That second shot that hurt like the Devil?  It also worked.  I would say after two of ’em, my back is about 60% better than it was.  It still really hurts when it really hurts- but it really hurts less and overall is not so much of a downer.  I figure one, maybe two more, and it will prolly be as good as it gets.  The real annoyance now is- when I bother to take anything when it really hurts?  Well, painkillers do their job but damn to they cause havoc on the guts.  I prolly have lost 5-10 pounds simply because I have a hard time eating and keeping things down, or if a I do, well…er…then they don’t wanna process and leave the body as they should.  And fuck it,yeah, I am one of those people who is aware of what my body looks like and what my weight is- but kinda in the opposite way a lot of folk are.  For me, ideally in both form and function, I do best when I am between 100-110 pounds.  My normal balanced weight seems to be about 103.  I think I might, with my boots on and loaded pockets, weight about 95 right now.  Not thrilled, and being somewhat wiry and bony by nature- well, it don’t look right and I can tell. 

Aside from the physical shit, got other shit going on too.  Way more drama than I like at all.  One of my best friends, who I care about a whole lot and would do pretty much anything for- right now all we seem to do is fight and upset/piss each other off and its such a fucked up situation and its gotta change- but not sure how to pull that off and not sure if it can even be fixed/salvaged/whatever.  A couple of my other really good friends are all pissed off at eachother…one is freakin’ others out because they are a stressed out ball of misery who is personally bringing everyone down feeling wise, and via interaction with others always managing to come off wrong and like a self-important micromanaging jerk-but then very upset and complainy about situations of their own doing- and the others…either hair trigger tempers and no idea how to phrase shit civilized or soo shy they ain’t ever gonna talk about shit that is bothering ’em to anyone’s face.  Drama and angst all around which I don’t want or need at all for a variety of reasons- from I hate a lot of this drama or folk I like hurting and well, truly, these days this sorta thing truly doesn’t help me health wise at all.   But my friends are my friends, and even when I wanna choke them- I have their backs.  Scorpio Loyalty can be a damn killer.

Okay, moving on….while often it is prolly evident in a lot of what I do choose to talk about- from guns to drugs to the sex biz to a lot of other shit- I don’t ever actually blog about politics, in general or my own.  I mean, I have said I am a libertarian and I am- which hey, means automatic shitting on intentional or not….I love her to death but while reading over at Daisy’s she had a comment about thinking someone must have money and privilege and be a libertarian, and how you had to have 2 degrees to even be let in….which sure enough, I do in fact have 2 degrees (but you know, never saw a requirement for that when becoming one) and well, yeah, not so much with the other privilege or money.  In real life, a lot of my friends are right leaning or full on Republicans- many are libertarians like me, and yep, some are democrats of the most liberal sort.  My family?  ALL Republicans but ONE aunt  (none are rich however!) Here in blog land?  Most of my readers (not all, but most) well, tend to be very liberal- more so than I for certain- but yeah, sure enough, here in the Wide World of Blog; libertarians- all of ’em- get shit on and are assumed to be arrogant idiot wanna be intelligent big word using cold blooded snobs who are rolling in the good things of life and selfish as hell…

Hummm.   Cold blood maybe, and arrogant sometimes, but that other stuff?  Not so much.  Hell, I am a ton more conservative than a whole lotta people who apparently read and like this blog.  I mean heck- I don’t trust the government, or the legal system, and I think a shit ton of the social programs we have now in place to help people suck eggs and are abused by those using them.  I have a very…interesting….and prolly not popular…opinion on immigration.  I am pro-death penalty and harsher consequences for violent criminals.  And I puke every time I hear the words “gun control”.  I suspect there are folk out there who assume I have read “the Turner Diaries”  (Which I will say, I have not. )  Yet I think gay folk should be able to get married like het people, I think drugs should be legal, sex work decriminalized, I do not care what two of age and consenting people do in their bedrooms, our school system sucks, and everyone should be able to get medical care…. So yeah, being a libertarian ain’t about being an over educated wealthy better than thou snot.  It just fits best with my own personal politics, which are right leaning in some ways and very lefty in others.  And just like everyone I have reasons and experiences that have formed my thoughts on this. 

But yeah, that shit in mind there- it stuns me how So Many People will judgement call ya and think you are what you aren’t when you mention your politics.  Hell, Daisy knows I’m a cracker who, well, embraces the crackerness and is not exactly swimmin’ in the privilege and shit- but I am also a libertarian- so…eh, stereotypes piss me the fuck off in general I guess, and humans vex me.  I also don’t get judging a person solely by their politics.  Hell, two of my good friends. brothers, who grew up poor and wild in Buffalo NY have grown up and become Tea Party types- I shit you not.  Do I agree with them politically?  Uh no.  Do I still like them and enjoy their company and have fun with them- even when we do argue politics?  Hell yeah.  They are good hard working fellas who are funny and always willing to lend a hand if needed and I have known them for years….so the fact that they are heavy duty church going types who think Palin is awesome is not gonna change my overall opinion of them. 

And since I am already off on politics and humans and such, I am just gonna go ahead and say it.  Politically Correct and stuff:  SNerk.  Okay, a while back I heard some celebrity (who is a giant hypocrite) say the Last Bastion of Acceptable Making Fun of was fat people.  This is bullshit.  Yes, fat people get made fun of an it is wrong, but by in large people are becoming more sensitive to overweight people and their feelings.  Just as now it is unacceptable and can have serious ramifications to be openly racist, or anti gay, or religiously intolerant, or grossly sexist, or all of those other PC things, it is also becoming unbecoming to be fat phobic.  Tolerance of all people, in all shapes and sizes and of all colors and religions is- well, hell, turn on your TV- its a hot topic and forefront social issue.  However, there is still one Group of People it is totally good, funny, fine entertainment, edgy and cool to make fun of.  And that group is “those people” -ala my tag.  Poor white folk, hillbillies, hicks, rednecks, white trash, whatever.  It is still Totally Okay and Awesome to make fun and assume about them as often as much and as loudly as You Like.  You can hit them with everything!  Accusations of racism, low intelligence, crime, drug usage, inbreeding, violence, bad fashion sense, bad accents, low morals, lack of ambition and productivity, utter lack of character, and being a few steps behind on the evolutionary ladder.  All of that is fair game, funny, and all good in whole lot of peoples books.  People who would never, for a variety of reasons – from knowing it is wrong to fearing it would get their asses beaten- never ever ever throw out a racist epitaph, make a rude gay joke, call someone an unkind religious slur, fat bash, or any of that other stuff will still, gladly and thinking it is funny, trash on “those people”.  So, the two-face hypocrite celebrity who said this, and anyone else who agrees with her are either stupid or being willfully ignorant  (and see, it would be okay for someone to call my cracker ass ignorant, cause well, I’m one of those people!) because the simple fact is- while all other isms are unsavory and not politically correct, classism and stereotypes and hate is still totally acceptable, funny and fine- so long as it is thrown at the Right People.

  1. kingschwarz says:

    Sorry to hear about your problems with health and friends. Maybe a week at the beach or in the mountains is called for? Does not solve anything of course, but sometimes taking a break is just what we need. I wish medical insurance were enlightened enough to subsidize it.

    I hope you will blog more about politics, both your own and in general. Like you, I align with conservatives in many ways but with leftists in others. There are few similar voices in blogland and the commentary universe, and we need to hear more from you.

    About libertarianism: it is the political philosophy I find most compatible, though I do not define myself as a libertarian (because sometimes people need to be told what to do) or as anything else. I do view libertarianism as a much-needed corrective to the encroachments of the state.

    You speak of popular assumptions about libertarianism and its relationship to money, privilege and education. You and Daisy may be interested in the conclusions of the Pew Research Center’s demographic study in 2004. It found that libertarians tend to:

    generate high incomes
    have college degrees
    identify themselves as secular
    originate from the west

    So at least some of the popular assumptions you adduce have a basis in fact, or at least in empirical research. Of course we should be careful not to assume that these findings apply in part or in whole to any particular libertarian.

    Other findings were counterintuitive. According to Pew, 50 percent of libertarians leaned toward Republican philosophies, while 41 percent aligned more closely with Democratic views. I am surprised that the gap is only 9 percentage points.

    Less surprising, libertarians are 50 percent more likely to be found among the younger populace, with 33 percent being 18 to 24 years of age. I did not expect, however, that these young libertarians were more likely to identify as Catholics than the general population.

    I have plenty to say about about class prejudice and white trash – especially since my parents have rusticated themselves to West Virginia – but I have gone on long enough. Hope your appetite returns soon and your friends recover their usual charming selves.

  2. rootietoot says:

    Southerners. Bad guys in the movies? Southerners. Dumb comic relief? Southern. Now, my family is Old Money Texas Landowner/Oil Industry and I’m libertarian. My husband’s is West Virginia Hillbilly and South Georgia sharecropper and he’s Republican. I love Daisy to death but yes, the stereotypes (even tho I probably am one) are irritating. *I* am not Old Money Texas, I’m a housewife married to a chemist/engineer/manager who worked his way through college against tremendous odds. On the surface, with my Reformed Presbyterian ways and golf-course house (oo I do sound privileged) I look like a Sarah Palin Republican, but…I’m fine with gay marriage, think prostitution and drugs should be legal, and as much as I hate the idea of easy-access abortions, I do think it’s important that they be legal and accessible…far better a clean and clinical one than some jackleg back room one. So here I am a religious Libertarian, simply because I dislike less about the Libertarian ideas than I do about Republican or Democrat. And come to my golf course house, it’s 45 years old, has cracks in the drywall and the pine trees are heaving the bricks on the patio.

  3. rootietoot says:

    And another thing…I’m glad your back is improving! I agree with KS that a bit of time might serve well. I was ready to commit acts of vigorous aggression, then spent a few days with a friend far enough away that i wasn’t tempted to do boring chores, and it made all the difference. Come to S’boro. There’s a very comfortable high backed rocking chair that works well on sciatica, a fridge full of cokes, a good cook who always needs a new victi…er…audience, and about every episode of South Park on Netflix.

  4. I read this rant right after I got testy at Feministe over Jill’s rather self-righteous take-down of Nancy Grace. Excuse me, Nancy Grace ain’t no worse than the rest of them, but she IS a redneck from Macon, GA. And I wrote that if she was Greta Van Sustern, she could do the exact same thing and nobody would say shit about her. 😉

    I believe that too.

    • I don’t mind libertarians, I even vote for Ron Paul in the primaries to draw the GOP to the left, as I have written on my blog. Most of my friends classify themselves as libertarians.

      My primary political concern at present, is our collective social-service safety net (Social Security, medicare, SSI, local health departments, etc) and that is the MAIN thing that keeps me on the left. Because I don’t hear the right or the libertarians address how we will take care of the most vulnerable in our society. And we have to. We just have to.

      • kingschwarz says:

        Daisy, you have put your finger on the chief weakness in the small-government, libertarian position: that it omits taking into account the most vulnerable (and others in need). I believe that the state actually does a very poor job of taking care of the vulnerable. Almost any New Orleanian can testify to that. On the other hand, civil society – friends, family and neighbors; community groups and neighborhood associations; congregations and communities of all faiths; nonprofit and service organizations; small businesses and cooperatives etc. – actually do the most effective and committed caring for those in need. Libertarians and other small government advocates need to articulate this reality and to demonstrate how their governing philosophy will not only curtail the state but also empower civil society.

        • Ren says:

          RE; Helping those in need- I am actually a believer, BUT the way things are now? The system is soooo dang abused all the time it is sickening- and I do not believe at all in an endless free handout. No, I am not one of those hardcore “by the bootstraps” sorts, but yeah- if one is going to be aided by the government and private individuals and so on- something needs to be done to make that aid an investiment.

          Just this week there was a story on our news here about a woman in DC who was collecting welfare for herself and 3 kids. SHE was driving around in a shiny new SUV and getting her hair and nails done weekly and had nice clothes- he had her kids locked in the basement and near starved to death and they’d not been in school for almost half a year- and yeah- shes out there treating herself with the welfare money and her kids are locked downstairs in 100 degree heat and neglected….she is of course facing criminal charges, but yeah- people who are buying cars and getting fake nails and oh, NOT trying to get an education or a job or taking care of their families who are being helped?

          Fuck them, they are useless and deserve NOTHING from anyone!

          • kingschwarz says:

            I would say that the system itself is the problem. We have constructed centralized social welfare bureaucracies whose primary interest is perpetuating themselves rather than fostering their clients’ progress towards self-sufficiency. The result: multiple generations of welfare dependency. Lest you and I be accused of racism, let us clarify that the majority of welfare recipients are white.

            Stories about the kind of “welfare queen” you mention always incite the taxpaying public – and for reason – but the real welfare queens (and kings) are the bureaucrats who year after year batten on civil-service salaries and benefits for administering this dysfunctional system. Even bigger welfare cheats are the Wall Street bankers who got bailouts, but that is another topic.

            When caring for people in need is handled at the community level, there is greatly reduced probability of cheating. The neighbors know who is spending money their money on luxuries rather than their kids. Congregations, community groups etc. tend to be vigilant stewards of charitable dollars. They also have the best track record for helping people towards self-sufficiency.

            • rootietoot says:

              A long time ago, I had a friend who’s husband was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to quit work due to his job(truck driver) not being compatible with 4xweek chemo and radiation treatments. His wife had to change hers so she could drive him the 100 miles to the treatment, which meant a severe pay cut, and they had to go on welfare, however, the only way they could get the assistance was if they sold their newish car (-paid for, not making payments on) and bought one at least 10 yrs old, only they needed a dependable car to get them to the medical center 100 miles away 4x/wk. It wasn’t a case of frivolous spending, but genuine NEED. These are the people welfare (in my mine) was intended for. I remember her being in tears and so frustrated by the whole thing. She said “I don’t want to do this forever, I just need a little bit of help NOW, until he’s better or dies…that’s all!”

              • rootietoot says:

                This was Alabama state assistance, not Federal.

              • kingschwarz says:

                This does not read like a brief for government’s role in social welfare. A family forced to sell its car in order to qualify for assistance. People in tears and feeling. By contrast, let me tell you about “Helping Hands,” a civil-society cancer care initiative we have launched in New Orleans. Some public-spirited oncologists here have identified head and neck cancers as a huge issue in poor and working-class communities here. The oncologists linked up with a consortium of neighborhood clinics and community, faith and other grassroots groups to offer free screenings and treatment. To qualify, you just have to show up – which is made easy by mobile units at parks and local events – and nobody is going to compel you to sell your car or abase yourself in any way at the feet of welfare bureaucrats. I would like to see more resources supporting initiatives like “Helping Hands” – which of course is being done on a shoestring and almost complete dependence on volunteerism – and fewer resources left in the grubby and fumbling hands of the state.

                • kingschwarz says:

                  Make that “feeling frustrated” in the third sentence immediately above. Your friend’s story is so upsetting – and typical – that I cannot type straight.

    • Ren says:

      Nancy Grace is a hang wringing twit and I cannot stand her.

      • Ren says:

        hand wringing even…redneck or not, macon ga or not, that woman has NO business hosting a legal show so long as we live in an innocent until proven guilty society.

        • rootietoot says:

          I agree, her snap judgements about guilt bug the hell out of me. But then our culture loves to do that, just look at the Casey Anthony trial. The woman was convicted in public opinion from the very beginning. I don’t know if she was guilty or not, I wasn’t at the trial. I agree with my several attorney friends that it’s better to aquit a guilty person than send an innocent one to jail. sorry for the detour there…

      • Me and Mr Daisy argue about whether she means it or not, or whether its just shit-stirring for ratings. I think she’s basically genuine; he thinks its all manufactured outrage.

      • Roy Kay says:

        I solidly concur on Nancy Grace. Seems like a Fox knock off more than anything I would have hoped to find on CNN. At the moment she is doing all she can in the face of the Anthony verdict to protect her brand.

        Meanwhile, I sure wish Goldwater had been elected in ’64. And Reagan was a lot better in ’68 than he was in ’80. Remarkably, I LIKE the Tea Party. They aren’t Libertarians and are as iffy on civili liberties as everyone else, but the more they disrupt the establishment the better. The question is who might we get to disrupt them in their turn.

  5. Kristen J. says:

    Funny thing is that you and I agree on pretty much all of the practical what.shit.needs.to.be.done stuff. And most people label me a pinko commie. So eh, I think its a matter of perspective rather than a fundamental difference in opinion. The labels create more conflict than their worth. I wish we could ditch them and focus on solutions to problems.

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