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Okay, so I guess today is a good day, being the 4th and all, because I am gonna jump right on in with two things the US is sorta known for:  Freedom of Speech, and killing people.  How is that? 

Well, I was out there reading blogs while dealin with one of those horrible summer colds, you know, where freedom of speech rings, and it seems as if the latest hardcore rad fem poster girl for all the evil and horrible sexism in the world is Casey Anthony, a woman who is on trial in FL (death penalty case) for murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee (who, oddly enough, is rarely called by name by the rad fems, which I find interesting, as she too was female).  Now, I am not even gonna talk about whether or not I think Casey Anthony is guilty or not.  And I will say that the media and those court tv people (ugh, Nancy Grace- she’s such a hand wringing asshole) are real quick to point out that Casey is conventionally attractive and trash her for it, as well as point out she seems unemotional and call her a sociopath….which rad fems would never do and it just has them so up in arms, cause you know, they would never trash someone they did not know about their looks or call them sociopaths  (uh, wait, strike that, they would, and have, hey, I would know!)  but yep, Casey Anthony is the post girl of the week.  They are all on about how she is a woman, so just everyone assumes shes guilty (and what, they never, ever, ever without knowing shit about a case or whathave you just assume men accused of crimes are guilty of em, right? Right?) and how there are an inordinate amount of women on death row for murder of family members as compared to men.  Nevermind that women on death row, period, constitute a mere tiny fraction of death row inmates…period.  Truth is, people are far less likely to send women to death row for ANY crime, period.  But hey, poster girl of the week, so let’s ignore that. 

They have also been on and on about how well, Casey was abused.  Maybe she was, and maybe she wasn’t.  It’s very likely she was even, and that is horrible, yet, it ain’t like Casey Anthony has oh, not lied a whole lot.  Its not like she is trying to mount a defense that will get her acquitted or anything- and if she was abused, its not like she’s accused of  murdering her abusers.  No.  She is accused of murdering a 2 year old girl.  You know, someone with zero chance of fighting back, or defending herself, or any other such thing- a person who stood no chance against anyone of the mind to do her harm, and not only someone unable to fight back, but someone unable to ever even have a chance to ask for help.   If Anthony is guilty? Well, hey, I think she should get a seat in Florida’s very famous electric chair.  I never claimed to be anti-death penalty after all, and I am not even of that mind because Anthony was a mother.  I’d feel the same fucking way about anyone who murdered a two year old or any other human who had no chance of fighting back, defending themselves, or getting help.

And really, the whole fucking thing- this poster girling of Anthony, just stuns me.  The people who are defending the snot out of her would instantly condemn and say guilty as charged to ANY man accused of the same crimes,  the same people who are so pissed off at the media for bashing her looks, life style, and mentality do the same fucking thing to whomever when it suits them, and there is like zero mention….ZERO….at all, of the fact that the VICTIM of this crime- reguardless of who did it- was, oh, a two year old girl…

I mean,WTF, really???