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Moving on…Watch out, I am gettin’ Biblical…

No, I do not mean the movie “The Magnificent Seven”, which hey, would be a good topic, but I am rather stealing the title as it was used in “Supernatural” to discuss something else.  A topic of much speculation by everything from scholars to religious leaders, subject of countless artistic, literary and media depictions  (personal favorites being Full Metal Alchemists and that Truly Creepy movie with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt…”Se7en”)…..ah yes, lets dig on in with The Seven Deadly Sins.

So yeah, last night after reading some truly over the top morally superior comments elsewhere from those kinds of christians who make the good ones look bad- you know, from the sorts of holy and god-fearing folk who have apparently forgotten “do unto others” and “judge not lest ye be judged” or well, just figure that sort of holy advice given unto humanity doesn’t apply to them- yeah, well, I went to bed where I could not sleep right away because my back sucks eggs in hell, and I got to thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins and such.  Now, aside from loving depictions of ’em in everything from TV to comics, I also think having doses of Seven Deadly is not necessarily bad for a person, all things in moderation and all, but yeah, I could not sleep so I got to thinking about the Seven Deadlies and how they fall in order for me.., and well, I am bored and don’t have much else on my mind to write about at the moment, so I’ll share.

Wrath:  Um, yeah, far and away Wrath is the one I suffer from the most.  Sometimes it serves as a good motivator, but yep, sometimes just being full o’ wrath for no reason does get old.   I once had someone ask me if I had always been so angry.  And I honestly stopped and thought about it.  And the answer?  Yep, I sorta always have.  Me and Wrath there?  We are totally on a first name bases so yeah, without question, my number one of the Seven.

Envy:  Yep, I have this one in spades too, and I figure it probably comes from growing up without much, but yes, Envy I got.  I don’t much envy other people for who they are, but more for what they have…I totally fail at that “thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods” shit.  Heck, I envy people for having everything from straight teeth to time and money for cool vacations to nice houses to cool guns.  So yeah, while Wrath is king, Envy is up there too.

Greed:  This would prolly be my number three.  I kinda figure it goes hand in hand with the whole Envy being number two thing.    I am not exceptionally greedy, like I am sorta exceptionally wrathful and envious, but yeah, I have my moments.  And it is not even for the worldy goods kinda stuff, but like….If I am asleep, I refuse to get up first, or if someone gets ME something like a new video game or, hell, a box of snickers bars, I am REAL reluctant to share until I have had my fill of it, or if I have a free day, I only wanna do what I wanna do…things like that.

Pride:  Now see, Pride is a tricky one, because I think in moderation, Pride is totally not a bad thing.  If Pride falls into an area where it is self-confidence and knowledge that you do various things well, then I think it is good.  If it edges over into flat-out arrogance and the thought that one is better at everything than others, then it is not good.  There is a line there, and one that not all folk- even me included sometimes- manage to stay on one side of.    But, I will admit, in the most basic sense, I do have a sense of Pride and I do take Pride in things I do well.  Like, I am Proud to be the Leader in my CoX group and have to most high level toons.  I am Proud that at age 39 and even with some pretty screwy medical stuff, I have a flat stomach.  I am Proud that I was the One to be first in my family to get through college-in four years- with two degrees…..shit like that.  Is it bad?  I guess it could be. 

Lust:  Some of y’all prolly expected this one to be higher on my list, and a few years back, it might have been, but well, things change.  Now, can I still want to fall madly into bed with someone cause I find them physically attractive?  Yep, I sure can, but it really is more like a passing thought than something that is harbored deep down in my heart or whatever, and I guess in an over all sense, already having the Greed and Envy thing up there sorta covers some of my Lust things too- in the wider sense, like, I have Lust for a nicer house, not so much for things like sex and physical awesomeness in the sack with people.  So, I have some, sure, but it ain’t top three levels.

Gluttony:  This is not a big one for me.  Do I over indulge in things sometimes?  Sure…but not often, and when I do, it is not out of a desire to do so but more often by mistake. I am not the person who orders the large whatever when I really only need the small one to fill my stomach, I do not buy more than what I will use or need, I am not by nature a wasteful person at all, and thus, I don’t really ever see the point of being truly gluttonous intentionally….ever. 

Sloth:  I actually do not suffer from this one- willingly- often at all.  I’m not a particularly lazy person ever, and the fact that I currently due to medical shit have to be sorta lazy is driving me batshit insane.  Sloth is not something I have issues with at all, or really feel I have much at all in that Seven Deadly way.  Being forced into inactivity by medical shit is not the same thing as willingly indulging in it- so yeah, Sloth and Me?  We’re not buddies.  Do I in any sorta health sometimes have a lazy day?  Sure, but that’s usually because I have been busting my ass for however many days prior to that lazy one. 

So there you have it:  Ren’s Ranked Seven Deadly Sins.  Who knows, maybe I will do the Virtues next….and well….there’s mine….what about y’all?


* and yes, for a Jew, I do know a lot about this stuff, in fact, I am extremely familiar with Catholicism- I went to a Catholic School even and have lots of Catholic friends and family…