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Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

So yeah, I went there via Hugo’s to see the wound licking and whining.  I admit it.  Blah blah blah.  Read the comments…so, now, to answer the burning question:  No, I am not Liz.  In fact, I gottta comment from Liz in my pending folder I ain’t yet decided to publish or not, because well, she asked me a lot, and I mean a lot, of personal shit about being a sex worker that stuck me, creepiest freak around, as….creeepy.  Above and beyond the oh so personally violating college question and shit.  AND, well, since according to Rad Fem Legend, I am a completely arrogant, unhinged narcissist and sociopath, if I WAS gonna go “chat” with Meghan, I’d use my own damn screen name, and I am sure I would be moderated, and, actually, I do not go to rad fem blogs and comment unless it’s been said its okay for me to do so: so yeah, that’s like one Rad Fem blog total?  I long ago realized it was fuckin’ futile to try and discuss with these people on their own damn turf-‘ cause ya get gangbanged, the bad kind, with no kiss no lube and no reach around – that is IF you make it outta moderation in tact.  So, no…it’s not me.   Hell Meghan, Liz didn’t even call ya Cupcake, Cupcake and was WAY fuckin’ more polite than I ever woulda been to your pretentious patronizing ass!  So, there you go.

BUT, in case Liz is still reading here: Try this on for some answers-

NO, it is unlikely the two sides can ally to help women who want out of the sex industry out because it is real fuckin’ hard to work with anyone who makes a damn national pastime outta dehumanizing, patronizing and basically being douchebags to you- and that’s what a lotta rad fems DO to sex workers and their advocates.  Even if it is in the name of a better thing or whatever, well, a lot of folk simply will not work with other folk who treat ’em like fuckin’ garbage left in the sun to rot.   Even if this side tries, we get shit on, so, why keep trying?  It’s like smashing yer head into a dashboard repeatedly.

The Reason They Distort and Misuse the Facts is because they will do fuckin’ anything: lie, slander, tap dance, move goal posts, spin, whine, threaten (and I mean the real deal- not that shit Meghan was whining about) and all kinds of shady shit to champion their precious righteousness.  Plain and simple.  They don’t give a fuck about actual facts or bullshit bias in their crap reasearch so long as they can make it or spin it to say what they want…and they will never fuckin’ own up to it cause they are fanatics with a cause and the cause matters more than the actual truth.  Admitting it is bullshit would take guts (lacking), and thinking (lacking), and reconsidering of their tactics (lacking).  See, they won’t just engage and actually answer up to little old meany cursing hot head me- they won’t fuckin’ do it with anyone.

So, there ya go, Liz.  Hope yer satisfied.